Under what conditions would you commit incest?

And who would it be with?

At what time of the day?

Which location?

And would there be protection?


The fuck is wrong with you?

Your mom…
In her butt…
$3 Condoms…
Your bed…

Final Destination.

If she’s hot enough and we both don’t know we’re related.


Yo, OP, stop watching Flowers In The Attic…


This thread has potential. I’m assuming the Eye of Sauron is on standby.

This raises a philosophical question: is it still incest if neither party is aware of it?

I’d fuck my beautiful 6 year old sister in a high sunny hill in the middle of spring where all the village can see us.

It is objectively.
It isn’t subjectively.

I’ll just leave this here:


What bullshit question.

If this thread yields (due) infractions, op should become a troll professor.

in the “Would you fuck your step mom” thread years ago all of you said yes if it was Britney Spears.

Anyways to answer OP yes but only if my sister was Natalie Portman or Jaden Smith.

It was a love between two cousins that the world thought was wrong, but it was the world that was wrong.

As long as you don’t know it you get a free pass.

any day of the week ending with the letter Y

  1. dont care

  2. also don’t care

  3. I fucked a chick in the ass on the front lawn of a presbyterian church, so I’m gonna roll with “dont care” again

  4. hasn’t stopped me yet

take those answers however u wish

by definition, yes. There was a case where a bro and sis, separated by adoption, met each other and fucked a ton and then got engaged, and then eventually found out they were bro and sis. Didn’t really stop them at that point, and it was mentioned that they would have been attracted to each other on a biological scale (they would have smelled each other and been turned on due to the smell of familiarity)


ps-my motto is ‘any hole is a goal’