Under Night In-Birth: From the makers of Melty Blood

i really wish type-moon would get the genius idea of making a Fate/uc vs Melty Blood game.
you know, inspired by the success of tatsunoko vs capcom, possible success of marvel vs capcom3, etc…

my dream of a fate vs melty game involves the 2D gameplay of melty, the superb graphics of fate, and the most interesting characters from both novels coming together.

i think that is my most wanted and desired game.
but it’ll never happen:(


I read the title and immediately thought Yakitate. Best anime ever.

New fighting game from MBAACC creators

Hello Srk,
(if this was already posted, my bad XD)

I"m not really into MBAACC, but I thought the people who played it may like to know a new fighter is in the works :=0! enjoy =o

A screen shot has shown up of the cast of characters they currently have in mind
that can be found here http://d.hatena.ne.jp/images/diary/F/French-Bread/2010-07-07.jpg
these characters are not final*

and if you can read Japanese , here’s the site ??? - ???

u late

oh was there a post of this already?


I swear SRK’s search algorithm is so bad, or maybe Google general search is just way better.

Nah, they’ll release this on PS3/X360…when PS4/X720 are already the common console.

yea i searched this and totally didn’t see it anywhere o.o

news possibly related to this game
New Game From Melty Blood Team Coming Next Week (andriasang.com, 01.31.2011)

Yeah, caught this much on FrenchBread’s twitter earlier today. As FB has been the provider of my favorite new FG series in the last decade, I can’t wait. I wonder if this means we can expect more at AOU, too.

Thx Hecatom! hype train is ready to go.

The character designs featured way back were pretty interesting, even if they were only initial ones. Hopefully we get new info in the next few weeks.

I wonder what game mechanics (if any) they’ll recycle from the Melty Blood series. Shield and Guard Bunker? Circuit Spark? Perhaps multiple grooves? Reverse Beat is quite a nice mechanic, I hope they keep something similar in…

…Of course, it could just be completely different. XD I am looking forward to it though, more fighting games can only mean good things, no? ^_^;;;


I would actually be kinda hype for a game by the Melty Blood crew, but without the Melty Blood characters. Interesting stuff.

Wow I can’t believe I forgot about this news. 2011 is truly THE year of the fighters. :tup:

I’m hyped

^^^^^Same Here.

Like I said, I believe the FB twitter had it correct when they called for 2011 being a “2D Fighter Sengoku Jidai (Warring States)” period. :lol:

lets see
mk9 (wich i dont know if we should count it since i guess that they talked about japanese fg)

kofxiii (too old but meh)

2011 arcade games:
fb new game
koihime musou
tekken tag
chaos code
akatsuki 2

big bang beat 2

so far we have 13 games (not counting the announced ones for 2012 (sfxt &txsf)), lets see if there will be more :looney:

Also “it seems” that Big Bang Beat 2 is coming this year but who knows…