Under Night In-Birth: From the makers of Melty Blood

UPDATE: 12/05/2011 - Updated with Hecatom post from Dustloop, originally started by me (Hayama) with the concept art on French Bread blog.

Site Updated revealing 2 New chars

Merkava and Vatista
their abbilities are

Merkava: Jormungand
Vatista: Restriction
thanks to soWL for translating them


Site Updated revealing 2 more chars
Orie (Female), Gordeau (Male)
also revealed the abilities of each char so far, if those would have an impact on the hameplay its still to be seen

Hyde: Void Red
Linne: Speedster
Waldstein: Hekatonkheires
Carmine: Blood Spike
Orie: Thanatos
Gordeau: Devourer
thanks to soWL for translating them

Old Stuff
Under Night In-Birth (アンダーナイト インヴァース)

what do we know?
concept art of the roster

posted here:
近況その1 - パン工場「裏」

Official Site

  • 100% original characters
  • Development started after Current Code launch
  • 30% to 40% completed
  • Four characters confirmed with names: 3 men (Hyde, Carmine and Waldstein) and 1 woman (Linne)
  • 4 buttons
  • Expected release at the end of the year.
  • An exhibition is planned for the Amusement Maker Show in September.
  • 1280x720 HD resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Type Moon is not related (as far as we know)

And lastly there’ll be a full report in Arcadia.



2nd 4Gamer Article


google translate wasnt a good help :confused:

The humongous character all the way to the left looks like Berserker from F/UC. New Fate game, maybe?

Doesn’t look that way at all, seems like a generic huge guy. None of the other characters resemble anything from Fate. It really seemed like that French Bread wanted to make something completely original instead of being based off something else.

Well, to say the least? It’s a bit late for this to be another one of FB’s “April Fool’s Gags”. :lol:

In any case, count me interested. Especially if it’s a new, wholly original IP, and not yet another fighting game based off of some other Adult Visual Novel series or whatever. :lol:

That seems to be the case this time around, I don’t recognize anyone out of those characters. Either way I’m extremely hyped now :smiley:

meh, I don’t play Fate, but, Berserker always seemed like generic huge guy to me, this one just happened to have similar skin tone/long hair (or maybe it’s some kinda oblong head adornment?), whatevs.

If they’re going for an original game with no source material, hopefully they make a original systems, opposed to half assed versions of the Melty systems, kinda like a certain other series that half assed it’s predecessor’s systems.

wondering if they are moving to the hd wagoon, or at least hi res sprites

It would seem so from the characters we can see if we assume thats in-game art :tup:

Now i can confirm: Yes, is the new French Bread fighting game (according to Game Nyarth) but it seems that French Bread has started to work on the game just some days ago after they finished MBAA Current Code, there is a loooong way to go and maybe the characters will change.

Well either way, at least we have confirmation now and something to get hyped about. Thanks Hayama

There is literally no reason to wear corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses if you don’t play video games in HD.

They’re also still recruiting for more people to help with sprite work. Whatever this is, I’m hoping we might see something by AOU next year.

im gonna laugh if this turns like a “watered” version of MB like the trend of the other new fighting games :rofl:

Please don’t jinx things.

rapidfire on all buttons

Nah, 2A will be full body invul.

Wonder which they’ll release it on; ps2, dreamcast, gamecube, origional xbox or arcade only…:wink:

I hope the characters and animation don’t disappoint

Don’t know about you but I still trust developers who are not Capcom.