Uncrouchable Super

I know that regular oil dive can be uncrouchable if timed right on wake-up. I also just saw that super is can be the same, but is it worth going for? Regular is a bit tricky to time anyway, is it worth riskin all your meter?

Is it even possible? I can’t pull it off. :confused:

I was trying in training mode, because that would lead to some crazy, high stakes guessing games on wake-up.

But, I couldn’t do it either.

If someone can, let us know.

It is 100% possible. The timing on it is a little tricky but easy once you get to know it. Basically you have to do it a little earlier than you would with wake up oil dive. Ironically if you keep the timing the same than you can catch characters like Honda and Blanka on wake up. It’s weird but cool. This should be done from what I know so far on the same characters that you can land wake up oil dive on. This works well ESPECIALLY against Zangief on wake up.

yea it’s possible but i dunno how effective it would be. For example, I’m testing it out on Honda. It works when I hold down and when I’m neutral. The problem is I can buttslam, headbutt, hold jump, and backdash out of it. I just blew all my meter and I’m about to get punished.

If u activate a super while the player is still getting up, can’t you just DP motion during the animation and shoryuken out? Basically any character with a DP style move has a free pass. I’ll test it out against Zangief now.

Okay, so weird thing. There is an interesting setup:

Crouch RH -> whiff F+MK -> Super

And, it’s uncrouchable!

It even works on Blanka, even though uncrouchable setups don’t usually work on Blanka.

The Bad News: it’s only uncrouchable when the opponent holds DOWN.

If the opponent holds DOWN-BACK (which they’ll probably be doing anyways), it whiffs!

So, if you set the training dummy on crouch w/ no block, the setup works. If you set the dummy to crouch w/ auto block, the setup doesn’t work.

The plot thickens…

Hopefully, there’s a set-up that gets people who hold both DOWN and DOWN-BACK, otherwise it’ll be worthless…

But, you can delay it and it’s invincible (if you use LK). So if they reversal and you call their bluff, you win. It’s a high-stake guessing game…assuming they don’t hit a reversal crouching normal on wakeup (which can sometimes be trickier than it seems)…

but some reversals go through hakan, like buttslam and blanka balls. Don’t get me wrong, you have no idea how badly I want to use super in this capacity, but I just don’t know. I’ll test it out in real games though and see what people do.

did anyone test it on out when having the person crouch and jab on wake up? Cammy’s hooligan(much like hakans super) throw has an unblockable setup on wake up but only works if the opponent tries to crouch but it doesnt work if the person crouch and jabs. Im going to be so pissed if guy and hakan get uncrouchables and cammys doesnt.

crouch jab stops the super.

Yeah, crouching normals avoid the super.

And, for me, holding DOWN-BACK avoids the super, too.

Holding DOWN gets hit by the super.

Did anyone have a set-up where specifically holding DOWN-BACK gets grabbed, too?

The super doesnt work normally considering it comes out on frame 19, not 4 like LK or 20 something for hk.

So yeah. mess around with that. olol

From what I’ve experimented I don’t allow Hakan to get in my opponents jab range. I have to keep them within the edges of my grab range when I do super and jabs on wake up wiff.

It’s not about the jab whiffing or hitting.

Doing any crouching normal allows them to not get grabbed at all, because it puts them immediately into a crouching state on frame 1.

Hakan’s Super and his Oil Dives cannot grab people in crouching states. So, if the opponent does a crouching jab on the very first frame after they wake-up, super will not grab them. It doesn’t matter if the jab actually hits or not.

Yeah, I’ve already found a set-up that works (see above) That’s no longer the issue. The issue is that it only works when the opponent holds DOWN, but not when they hold DOWN-BACK.

If that’s true for all Super setups, then this is totally worthless.

I do recall a super setup being posted for a Hakan ditto. I think it was like… Slide (hit) > fadc > neutral jump > super. Don’t quote me on that, but it was something similar to that. And as far as I recall it was done vs a down back.

Well, but that would never work using meter for the fadc. Just in training mode, that’s right though lone dragon. Was tryin it out earlier, it’s fun :smiley: but probably wouldn’t work reliably on anyone

Even though holding down-back makes you smaller sooner, I still don’t get why super won’t connect. The grab hitbox on it is fucking HUGE, way larger than regular dive.

It’s placed differently though… Maybe that has something to do with it? Hell, I dunno.

Uhh, of course I wouldn’t recommend it, but It’s showing its possible… Which is kind of, you know, the point.

That being said I wish i could find that video.

ARGH! Capcom trolled us!

The answer is in those images you posted. The long yellow bar without an outline represents the range at which the opponent’s guard animation is activated, right?

Well, the super (for some reason) has that bar, while Oil Dive doesn’t.

This means that super activates the opponent’s guard animation, while oil dive doesn’t (even though, they’re both grabs, LOL).

This is important because DOWN-BACK guard animation makes you crouch on the first frame just like a crouching normal would.

So, if you hold DOWN-BACK during Super, apparently you go into crouching guard animation right after wake up, and you bypass that mandatory standing frame.

But, if you hold DOWN-BACK during a regular Oil Dive, it doesn’t force you into guard animation (since it doesn’t have the yellow bar), and you are still forced to stand for one frame after wakeup.

I wonder why they did that. Why the heck should a grab activate an opponent’s guard animation?

I’m thinking they probably realized how potentially broken it would be so they just aranged it that way. Just a guess. I’ve been trying to find a proper setup for his super (aside from post FA crumple stun) for awhile now and no dice. The title of the thread really got my hopes up until I realized you guys had run into the same road blocks that I have lol

yea the only way i been able to use the super is as a counter. but this only works on the not so good players that just throw out supers and ultras.