Unblockable Funny Face Crusher resets: level 3 and 4/5

Here’s the condensed version, if you don’t want to read the whole explanation/look at the notations:

With proper hitstun decay in the corner (which is different for levels 3 and 4), The normally hard knockdown for Tools of Survival M becomes a very close to the ground flip out that makes for an inescapable Funny Face Crusher Reset for the majority of the cast, regardless of if they tech forward, backwards, or not at all. Similar resets can be made with Standing M regardless of hitstun decay, but they are more situational.

Table of Contents
1 Video Demonstration
2 Why the reset works
3 Level 3 VS Level 4 and Standing M versus Tools M
4 Solo Combos.
5 Assist Combos
6 Looping the reset
7 Characters it does and doesn’t work on

1 Video Demonstration

**TheCape **put together an excellent video showing the basics for the reset and some of the options. Fantastic way to visually see the concepts of the tech at work from there. Thanks again so much for your help!


2 Why the Reset works.

Tools of Survival M normally wallbounces. If it doesn’t wallbounce, it instead becomes a hard knockdown. With a certain amount of hitstun decay, the person instead flips out very low to the ground. If they tech forward, Frank interferes with their flip (they can’t flip as far because they collide with Frank’s character which limits the movement; Spencer can do a similar thing for his H Jawbreaker) so they get hit by the reset. If they tech backwards they don’t get high enough in the air to avoid the reset, and if they tech neutral they don’t go anywhere (that said the neutral timing is a bit faster than forward/backward, so you have to pay attention).

As for Standing Medium Resets, If an opponent is hit with a meaty standing medium in pretty much any combo beyond one air series, they flip out immediately. With proper timing/spacing, a standing M can be inescapable regardless of tech. This is a combination of them flipping out low to the ground, and Frank being pushed back by the animation of Standing M in both level 3 and 4. However, this is far more sensitive than Tools M resets, and requires better timing. The benefit however is that it’s more accessible and allows resets in situations where a Tools M reset cannot be done.

3 Level 3 vs Level 4 and Standing M (courtesy of TheCape) vs Tools M

There are two major determinants of how to approach/how effective the reset is: level and how you cause them to flip out. Let’s start with Level 3.

Level 3 is the more limited of the two resets in terms of Frank’s tools providing less options (he can’t crossup the opponent after a grounded Tools H OTG, Tools M doesn’t provide as strong of a wallbounce/as much hitstun, etc). However, its strength is that it is easier to get into what setups are available, and also even allows potential to do both Level ups -and- resets at minimum meter usage (See Assist Combos for an example).

Tools M combos aren’t terribly practical for a level 3 Frank. He needs to be close enough to the corner to use the wallbounce in the middle of the combo to get rid of it, and either save his groundbounce until the end of the combo to do the second tools M, or have an assist that leaves them in hitstun long enough after his otgs via roundhouse or camera to link a Tools M at the end of the combo. Situations like these are creatable, but are far more sensitive to than other setups. Also, Tools M in level 3 can only have a certain amount of hitstun decay (roughly 2 air series worth). Any more than that will cause them to flip out too high, and any less will cause a knockdown at the end.

Regardless, here’s an example of a solo combo that works from roughly Midscreen to Corner:

:m::h: :s: Air :m::m: :h::qcf::m: (land) :s: :m::m: :h::s: Tiger Knee :qcf::h::qcf::m:

Standing M Combos are much more straightforward. Any point in a combo when you’ve pushed to the corner and have them in an airborne state near the ground (like after an OTG with Tools H), hit them with a Standing M low to the ground. Where specifically is hard to describe, but you more or less want the broom/chainsaw to land at the halfway point of the character sprite when they fall, not on top of it. If done too high they will tech too high on a back tech and go over your head for a front tech. An easy example is nearly-identical to the tools M reset:

:m::h: :s: Air :m::m: :h::qcf::m: (land) :s: :m::m: :h::s: :qcf::h: :m:

The difference here is that you could omit the first air series/wallbounce if you wanted to, you don’t need the tiger knee Tools H to get them high enough to link the standing M, and this combo has far less stringent requirements on both hitstun decay and wallbounce usage. This allows standing M resets to have other applications where Tools M is impossible, as seen in the combo section.

Level 4 offers readily available setups for both Tools M and Standing M resets. Tools M has different properties in level 4, the higher bounce of Tools H offers more opportunities, and Frank has a greater control of hitstun decay with his multi hitting normals. This allows for reset opportunities on practically all common hitconfirms (though some require assists to do so).

**Tools M **Combos offer far more potential in level 4. For one, Tools M recovers faster than it does in level 3, which allows Frank to link Tools M into itself. This allows Frank to finish a combo with proper hitstun decay with Tools M x2 if he hasn’t used his wallbounce, which gives a significant boost in damage and meter. In addition, level 4 Tools M also has more hitstun than in level 3. Although this means you can’t reset into tools M x2 earlier in combos, the payoff is that most combos that reach the necessary hitstun decay will always work regardless of how much damage is done afterwords. Fruthermore, the damage of these combos + the reset will KO every character in the game and be exceedingly meter-positive.

Here’s an example using a standing M hit confirm + Nova’s assist, Centurion Rush, which always groundbounces:

:m::h: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :qcf: :h: :h: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :a1: :dp: :h: :qcf::m: :qcf::m:.

This combo will build over 2 bars, and the FFC follow-up will build about a bar and a half. The two combos will do over 600k damage each in level 4 (even more in 5) and will KO any character.

Standing M combos work the same way in level 4 as they do in level 3; they can be tacked on at the end of any combo with an opponent in an airborne state, and when properly placed and catch all three techs. For level 4, the advantage of a standing M combo is they can be placed earlier in a combo to reset if needed (whereas Tools M is dependent on hitstun decay). However, it isn’t needed for ending longer combos where you can hit a Tools M, since used/unused wallbounce in level 4 is irrelevant.

A good example of where Standing M is needed in level 4 is situations where you can’t end a combo in Tools M to cause flip out but could with a standing M. Here’s an example using a Air MMS hit confirm (using your groundbounce early) and having Wesker’s OTG assist:

Air :m::m::s: (land) :m::h: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :qcf::m: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :a1: :m:

Your groundbounce is used, so you can’t put it at the end of the combo to use Tools M. If you use a tools M at the end of that combo you have to do it meaty (Wesker’s OTG doesn’t have much hitstun at the end of a combo) and won’t cause a flip. Standing M on the other hand will work since it will be meaty, low to the ground, and cause a flip.

4 Solo combos

There are two basic solo combos for Frank: a standard BnB (with a bit more attention to hitstun decay) and a Giant Swing L combo. Here’s the standard:

:m::h: :s: Air :m::qcf::l: :m: :qcf::m: (land) :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: Tiger Knee :qcf::h::qcf::m:

(Air MMH could also start that combo, as long as you didn’t use S and lose your groundbounce).

Giant Swing L allows you to start with air hitstun at the beginning of the combo, so you don’t need a tools L in the air series to get sufficient decay. It looks like this:

:qcb::l: :m::h: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :qcf::m: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: Tiger Knee :qcf::h::qcf::m:.

Both combos work in level 3 and 4. However, they require you to be midscreen or closer to the corner in order to follow up after the air Tools M.

The biggest reason there aren’t more solo frank combos is that he needs to save his groundbounce until the end in order to prop them up to reset. This limits his combo extension options and reduces how far he can travel. However, this can be made easier via…

5 Assist Combos

Assists open up a wide variety of ways to setup resets for Frank. Whether it’s allowing him to extend a combo without using his groundbounce, propping his opponent into the air at the end of a combo to land Tools M or Standing M, give him reset options he cannot do by himself, or even to allow him to level up -and- reset at the same time, assists can make the reset go from situational to practically universal.

**Most, but not all, characters have some way to aid Frank. **Some however, do not. Taskmaster is a good example: none of his arrows have enough hitstun decay to let Frank OTG via roundhouse or snapshot and extend, and they don’t have Otg/groundbounce/wallbounce properties to let Frank prop up or extend. Other assists, like Nova’s Centurion Rush, open up nearly every reset opportunity imaginable thanks to its long, forced groundbounce.

Given all the different assists/possibilities, it isn’t practical to make an exhaustive list of combos/ways to use an assist (though a list may be made later of characters that have no assists to aid Frank for resetting at a later date).In order to better illustrate these examples, here’s an example using each basic setup with a different assist:

These combos are made for level 4 Tools M resets. Standing M resets would work both in 3 and 4

1 Combo Extension to preserve groundbounce (Using Dormammu Dark Hole)

:m::h: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :a1: :dp: :h: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: Tiger Knee :qcf::h: :qcf::m: :qcf::m:

2 Using Groundbounce to extend, assist to prop up at the end (Using Wesker OTG. Most other OTGs would work as well)

:m::h: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :qcf: :h: :h: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :a1: :qcf::m: :qcf::m:

3 Allowing Resets that are normally impossible (Using Nova’s Centurion Rush )

Note: This combo only works on characters with large enough hitboxes to land the Tools H otg (Hulk, She-Hulk, Sentinel, Nemesis, and for some reason…Viewtiful Joe. there may be others). The forward air throw version works on the whole cast. It also is midscreen/near corner only

Forward Ground Throw :qcf: :h: Air :m: :h: :qcf: :m: :s: Air :m: :h: :s: :a1: :dp: :h: :qcf::m:

4 Leveling up from 1 to 3 and resetting (Using Rocket Raccoon Pendulum A 1 and Nemesis Launcher Slam M A2)

:m::h: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :a1: :qcf: :s: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :a2: :qcf: :s: (level to 3) :m:

Note: Variants of the level 1 to 3 Reset assist can also be done with a wide variety of assists via TACing. Great way to level up Frank AND kill the opponent!

6 Looping the reset

Another interesting property of the reset is that it can be looped into itself with the right assists. For the overwhelming majority of characters, in level 4 the first combo + the FFC followup will kill anybody without using a meter at the end of the FFC followup. Still, this allows you to reset/kill a character if you manage to hit them with a raw FFC (including one off the bench!) While other assists are likely usable, Nova assist is the easiest to do/demonstrate. This variant only works on level 4, because level 3 doesn’t let you dash under the OTG:

:dp: :atk::atk: :qcf::h: (dash under if in the corner) :s: Air :m::m: :h: :qcf::m: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :a1: :dp: :h: :qcf::m: :dp: :atk::atk:

A level 3, corner-to-corner followup into reset also works (and levels from 3 to 4), but it’s very specific. Here’s an example using Rocket Raccoon Pendulum A1 and Nova Centurion Rush A2 (note it’s very similar to the level 1 to 3 reset combo):

:dp: :atk::atk: :qcf::h: :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :a1: (dash) :qcf: :s: (dash) :s: Air :m::m: :h: :s: :a2: (dash) :qcf: :s: (level to 4) :qcf: :m:

7 Who The reset Does and Doesn’t Work On (and how to deal with them):

Unfortunately, the reset doesn’t work on everybody. Characters withaerial mobility such as double jumps and air dashes can escape the FFC’s range. Teleports do not work, as do some airdashes that have startup. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no options against them. In order to be better explore options, the characters are broken down into the following categories: Always works, Double Jump only, Air Dash Only, and Miscellaneous.

the reset Always Works assuming it’s properly executed, regardless of tech, on the following characters:

Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Fist, Nova, Rocket Raccoon, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Taskmaster, Wolverine, X-23, Akuma, Amaterasu, Chris, Felicia, Firebrand, Frank West, Haggar, Hsien-Ko (needs testing), Jill, Nemesis, Phoenix Wright, Ryu, Spencer, Vergil (non-Devil Trigger), Wesker, Zero.

These characters either have no mobility in the air, or mobility that takes too long (airdashes with startup, teleports with startup, etc). Time it properly, free reset.

The following characters only have a Double Jump, which allows them to hop above the funny face crusher on forward/backward techs:

Captain America, Deadpool, Arthur, Strider.

Double jump characters can escape by jumping after a forward/backward tech within a few frames. they also can block during the double jump. However, what comes up must come down. If you know they’ll double jump, you can bait it out and then FFC them when they fall since it’s their only mobility option. Bear in mind though they can call assists/perform actions that keep them in the air longer, so use caution/discretion.

These characters only have an Air Dash, which they can use to escape:

Doctor Doom, Dormammu, Magneto, MODOK, Phoenix, Shuma Gorath, Storm, Thor, Tron.

The air dash only that are two ways (tron and Shuma) have to both Tech forward and air dash to escape. As for the others, either tech and a variety of dashes work.

The disadvantage airdashers have is they cannot block while they air dash, which allows you to readily challenge them with a broom or chainsaw after resetting them. this sets up a 50-50 where they either don’t dash and you FFC them, or they do dash and you air MMS into a combo. (that said FFCing them requires a bit of commitment) Waiting for them to fall is ill-advised since it gives them to use aerial attacks/call assists/fly. While you have an advantage here you should clearly press, make sure to respect their aerial options when necessary (Doom’s Foot Dive, Dormammu’s air S, etc).

Here’s a few Miscellaneous characters:

some have both a jumping and dashing available to them, which makes them harder to pin down:

Vergil (Devil Trigger), Viewtiful Joe, Trish, Dante, C Viper, Chun Li.

other noteworthy characters include:

Sentinel: Double jump, plus a frame 1 aerial invincible hyper (level 1).

Super Skrull: can use Meteor Smash to quickly escape, or his airdash which is up/forward.

Morrigan: airdash, plus a frame 1 aerial invincible hyper (level 3)

Iron Man: His forward/backwards/diagonal airdashes all have startup, which allow him to be reset. His only escape option is an upwards air dash, which has 0 startup. That said, if a person plays Iron Man, knows the reset and the only way to escape it, kudos to them. They earned it.


Giving Frank Touch of Death/strong mixup potential after overcoming his leveling barrier gives him far more potential as a strong, competitive character. I’m hoping with this and other technology to eventually be able to make my Frank West team a viable, tournament able team as opposed to just my “fun” team. If there’s any questions/comments don’t hesitate to ask, and I’ll continue update the thread as needed if more concepts/insights/tech comes to light. Hope this all helps.


Oh my I love all that very much. Can’t wait to try all this myself! Thanks for the nice setup :wink:

Found a way to do level 4 reset without any assists. I added it to the original post.

Greatly appreciated. Now that I have a consistent combo to get him leveled up. I can utilize more Level 3+ tech.

At the end of combos i sometimes do call -Call Akuma (B) Snapshot- to end my combo, they air reset, and i go for the face crusher depending on which they tech. You can def react to which side they tech since they reset alil high in the air atleast i dont seem to have a problem with it. Its a simple reset, but you dont always have to be fancy.

The best part is if i land a hit at lv 1 i can use this reset to possibly reach Lv4 without spending more then 1 meter.

Great stuff man thanks for the tech!

I wouldn’t consider any of these “fancy” really; my goal was to find setups off basic hit confirms. None of them are terribly technical/difficult either; hardest thing is wavedashing after an air tools of Survival M to continue the combo/push to the corner. More importantly, it removes any guesswork; no needing to dash based on tech, and no concerns about hit or miss if they flip too high and/or have air mobility. All the time, every time.

Two things added:

1 There is a way to set the reset up off a Standing medium hit confirm without assists. It’s been added to the opening post, and with that every basic hitconfirm except for Jumping MMS should allow this reset to be done without assists. They certainly make it easier/allow more damage though.

2 I’ve realized a scary implication of this reset, which I’ve added at the end of the page. Since with an assist this can loop into itself, that makes you can also touch of death **off ANY Funny Face Crusher as long as the followup combo pushes to the corner with an assist. **Not only that, but the follow up combo is meter positive, so it’s self-sustaining. This allows for a wider range of touch-of-death situations, and even to DHC into Funny Face Crusher to punish a jump in and kill the subsequent character. Awesome!

This should wrap up all the basic scenarios for the reset, so I’m going to stop testing those and start actually using it in practice/look for other uses of the reset/look for other Tech. I’ll keep updating the post if I find other things/other things are found (and credit will be given subsequently to those who contribute).

I keep messing this reset. I do it too soon and just watch Frank jumping right in front of the enemy (it’s actually kinda funny) but never actually grabbing him. Gotta delay it some :frowning:

On some of the more complicated setups it’ll miss entirely if you time the Tools of Survival M improperly. Start with the ground MHS combo in level 4 with Nova assist and set the CPU to back or neutral tech. Once you’re timing that consistently try forward teching, and when you have it down for that combo try it with a different timing, like a level 3 combo or a level 4 solo. There is different timings for several situations, but the windows for all of them are fairly generous and once you get the hang of it it’s not too bad. (plus they almost all work even with lackluster timing on idle/back techs, the timing is really to ensure you nail the forward tech).

I wasn’t refering to you in anyway lol. I was saying in general, people fall for simple resets.

Learn the spacing for the move, in any reset situation you need to react to which way they tech and respond. Practice the height that it hits perfectly so you can apply it to more situations, and practice reacting to which way an opponent techs, because people don’t always tech the way you want them to.


Hey Zansam, I took the liberty to record an example of this setup (gave you credit for it, of course). Anything you wanna add up to the video?

First off, thanks for that. While I tried to make the notations as clear as I could seeing it visually obviously helps a ton. Nice of you to link the forum post as well so people can see other variants.

Only two things come to mind. One, if you could also record it hitting on a back tech to show that works too (some setups will miss a back tech because they flip out too high) I’d really appreciate that. Two, while I haven’t been able to verify this yet (I’d either need a training partner or just enough raw match experience) in theory this should work on -practically everybody- not just limited mobility characters if you time it properly. The reason Spencer’s unavoidable reset only works on characters with limited mobility is because his air throw’s range is junk. Frank hurls himself pretty high, and has invincibility during the startup and the first two active frames. I’m pretty sure it’d catch double jumpers and airdashers, but again I haven’t had a chance to verify it. If it can really only Skrull (he’s high in the air first frame for meteor smash) and Morrigan/Sentinel (invincible air hypers) should be able to escape.

oh man youre awesome!

How did you get the two ground bounces in one combo? Frank bounced with H Tools and then Nova’s assist bounced. What resets it?

Nova’s Centurion Rush assist -always- ground bounces, regardless of whether or not it’s been used. Deadpool’s assist works in the same manner as well if memory serves. That in conjunction with the height it puts them at by far makes it the best assist for setting up the reset. There are other assists/setups that work (in fact most can work provided you alter your combo a bit) but I’ve found Nova’s to be the easiest.

Forced ground bounce then. Makes sense. Have you found anything that resets from a level 3 standing M? I have been doing some experimenting and have yet to really find anything even though it looks promising. Possibly jumping :qcf::H: then walk back a bit to a standing M?

You know it’s funny, I actually did some work with standing M but didn’t include it because it didn’t seem worth it VS the available level 3 Resets and the greatly superior level 4 resets. You can do near-unavoidable resets with a standing M at a similar level of hitstun decay, but it’s far more fickle. Where you hit them with the M height-wise matters and you have to interfere with their forward tech animation to stop the forward tech (which happens naturally but doesn’t always occur). Even back tech isn’t a guaranteed hit because if you hit them too high or the decay is too high they’ll flip high enough that it’ll whiff (you’ll see the servbot head get right up to the character but it won’t connect). I forgot the exact notations I was using to set it up, but they’d be similar to the tools of Survival M combos without using Tools M. If you have any better luck with it feel free to share, i didn’t test it that extensively but it just didn’t seem worth investing in (especially since looping FFC in level 3 is meter negative/impossible in the corner).

So I did some testing on those standing :m: resets.

Lvl 3:
Finish a standard combo that you have not used a ground bounce on. Jump and do :qcf: :h: upon landing walk backwards and press :m: so the broom hits the opponent while the middle of their body is level with the broom. They will tech out (hitstun decay doesn’t seem to matter if its beyond a standard combo). They tech out and once they reach the peak of the tech, do FFC. Should hit.

Lvl 4/5:
Same as above, but you have more time to wait after jump :qcf::h:

Good way to get the spacing on it is this: Go to the Daily Bugle Stage and put the opponent in the right corner. Frank will want to be standing right where the fence turns to go backwards when you press :m:. You also want the broom (or chainsaw) to hit right about when their body is level with Frank’s waist. It also catches all techs and seems to work at all levels of hitstun decay. I did it with some accumulated 90 hits from a team aerial combo and from just doing the :qcf::h:.

Watching the Final Round Stream and Noel just did two Frank resets with FFC in the corner. Worth looking over the replays I’m sure. It was during his team “ChrisG looks like Jesus”

Neither of them were terribly impressive; Since the Wesker OTG was early in hitstun they flipped pretty high, and you could probably tech forward out of the jab reset he did. Either way, I’m very confident both of those could be escaped with double jumps/air dashes. Characters with limited mobility can be punished by the basic resets in the corner though, especially if you have the reactions to back dash for a forward tech. I figure though “hey, why guess when you can make it guaranteed with a proper setup?”