Unable to attend EVO

I was actually really excited to enter EVO until the week of June came to an end where my grandmother passed away, I was wondering, since I entered the KOF XIII tournament, do I still get the KOF XIII T-shirt and EVO 2012 T-shirt and refunds?

You want the free shirts AND a refund? What? Can you even attend the tournament? You have to pick up the shirts at the tournament.

I could have hadn’t my personal life get involved, I don’t understand why you’re being a dick about it.

I’m not even trying to be a dick about it, but how are you going to get the free thing that’s associated with your registration if you’re trying to back out of being registered?

I would have given this thing 100% and gone to EVO, but when a family member passes away, you have to reset your priority. And I’m only asking simple questions. Sounds like to me you can care less about family.

Now you’re trying to play the family card on me. I’d go to the funeral, ask for a refund, and not ask for a free giveaway because one of my family members died. Anyway, I answered your question. If you can’t make it to the tournament, you don’t get a free shirt anyway because all shirts are handed out at the tournament.

What I was replying was those who entered the KOF XIII tournament get a shirt, but what I wondered was do you still get the shirt for not going?

not to hate pikachu but smoke is right.

your trying to say if you ordered pizza to your place but called 15 min later “a family member just passed away. can you still deliver the pizza and also get a refund?” that would not fly.

my grandma passed away March of this year too. plus Nuki’s grandma passed away yesterday as well so he had to cancel coming to EVO as well. RIP to yours sir.

i dont think they are gonna keep your shirt for you. i expect they will probs end up giving away (or selling) any extras they might end up with. im sure theres gonna be a tonne of people who dont show up etc etc.

i could 100% say they arent going to mail it to you. maybe they might let a friend pick it up for you, but i dont know how in the hell you would go about organising that.

That’s a weird way to put it. Basically what I was referring was I entered the KOF XIII because there would be contestants getting a shirt and also EVO will provide a shirt too (I think). My point is, do you still get those along with a refund for unable to attend? Or one of those 3?

Let’s go through this slowly.

  1. The KoF13 shirt has to be picked up at the event AFAIK. So if you can’t make it, you don’t get any shirts.
  2. What do you want a refund for? Do you want a refund for Venue Fee ~$50 + KoF13 ~$10? So you want KoF refunded to you AND the free shirt? Am I understanding this correctly? Or do you just want your Venue Fee refunded and then you don’t want a refund for KoF13?
  3. If you get your money back, you can still go to the tournament and you won’t get a free shirt because the shirts are only for those who gave their money to the Evo guys.

i think its gonna be one or the other. you cant seriously expect that you will get your money back AND also get the shirt for free. why should they do this for you exactly and nobody else? they dont owe you anything.

its your descision to not go to EVO, and either way you would still have to actually show up to get your shirt in the first place. how were you expecting you would get the shirts anyway if you arent showing up?

why would you get the shirt for nothing? it comes with the package of paying into a tourney. if you get a refund, you arent getting the package anymore.

Okay, so number 1 is cleared, you have to be there to get the shirt, correct?

What about Number 2? Can you get the $50 refund?

And for number 3, what about the EVO t-shirt? Do you get that with the $50 refund?

I’m cleared you can’t get the KOF XIII Shirt. But can you get the EVO 2012 shirt and the refund, that’s my second question. We got 1 cleared, just need to know the other.

again… why would you get the shirt AS WELL as the refund? there is absolutely no reason you should get both. the shirt was part of the deal when you bought in. you get your money back you dont get the shirt anymore. you also would have to pick up the shirt at the venue as well you know. they arent gonna mail them out.

short answer : dont count on getting the shirt.

paying 10$ gives you KOF entry + mai t-shirt

If they refund the 10$, you won’t get mai shirt anymore.

You pay nothing, you get nothing. Sounds fair?

Alright, so no shirts for XIII + EVO.

What about the refund venue + tournament? ($60)

Pretty sure you’re screwed.

i dunno about that. youll have to reply to your confirmation email you got when you registered and ask about that. i got a refund for my competitor pass but that was well over a month ago now.

Unless someone can participate in my spot and get them shirts. Is that even possible?