UMvC3 version 2013: The feedback thread

Hello SRK,

I assume you have all seen this:

In this thread we (as SRK) can gather all feedback in terms of gameplay tweaks/buffs/etc that we would like to see in an update of UMvC3
(Not characters, I’ll do something for that later).

We can bring up and discuss things in a civil manner, I’ll collect to most popular and best ideas and forward them towards Capcom.
Remember when we started the snowball effect on Strider? We can do that again :slight_smile:


- This thread is not for requesting new characters (I’ll do something for that later)

- Be constructive in your feedback, any posts in terms of “Buff Phoenix Wright, cuz he sucks” will be ignored.
Any flaming, trolling, posts with no value will be infracted, I will enforce this hard so don’t come crying afterwards.

- Be realistic in your feedback (I.E. Strider will never see his HP doubled and Haggar will never receive and 8 way air dash)

- You are allowed to discuss ideas, agree or disagree with others, but once again do this in a respectful and constructive way, keep the thread clean.

Also, I need one of you news guys to get this on the SRK front page.

Populair idea’s so far:
(Will rework and/or update later)


  • Add a replay mode
  • Add a hitbox option (Vita version) to training and replay mode
  • Improved netcode
  • Online training mode (Like SFxT)

Overall gameplay system

  • Fix or nerf TAC’s, make them more reactable to counter (colors), they are no risks involving using them

  • Fix Nova DHC glitch

**Characters **

  • Do not nerf the top tier characters, buff the low tier ones

Capcom cast:

**Akuma **

  • Add level 3 hyper: Misogi
  • Slightly more walk speed
  • Soft knockdown or no knockdown at all after Gold Armor break
  • Gold Armor gives dash ability
  • Improve Shield special


  • Give him the ability to shoot horizontally in the air

Chun Li

  • Less recovery on Kikouken
  • More durability on Kikouken projectile


  • Needs small buffs, community divided on how to do it
  • Needs buffs, community divided on how to do it


  • Slight damage buff


  • Build no or less meter when in Astral Vision OR reduce damage on Soul Fist when in Astral Vision


  • More armor on Biohazard Rush
  • Less startup on Fatal Mutation (Level 3)
  • Better Armor duration on his armored normals

Phoenix Wright

  • Improve evidence gathering succes rate


  • Improve Denjin mode
    Strider Hiryu
  • Slight damage increase
  • Improve Legion hyper

**Trish **

  • Projectiles might need buffing, community dived on how to do it

Tron Bonne

  • Needs buffs, community divided on how to do it / revert to vanilla status


  • Lower durability Spiral Swords


  • Improve duration of counter specials
  • Return Rhino Charge counter hyper back to vanilla properties (invincibility frames)


  • Needs slight nerfs, community divided on how to do it

Marvel Cast:

**Dr. Doom **
**- **Hidden Missiles assist: Missiles disappear when Doom is hit OR Less tracking on Hidden Missiles OR Fewer Hidden Missiles

Ghost Rider

  • Needs buffs, community divided on how to do it

Iron Fist

  • Make crouching L a low attack

Iron man
- Increase airdash mobility

  • Improve S launcher


  • Fix HardDrive hyper so the opponent doesn’t fall out
  • Increase Health

- Let her regain either her slide or rapid fire crouching L / revert to vanilla status

Shuma Gorath

  • Needs some buffs, community divided on how to do it

Give Sentinel’s J.M armor or his J.H armor. Can’t really explain, but it would make him much more solid if he had a stronger aerial poke. Also Sent needs his old health level back.

Give Firebrand’s flight faster start-up. It’s one of the slowest in the game and as a high/low centric rushdown character he should have a fast flight.

Give Jill a damage buff. With her ass-tier inputs the girl needs a little love.

Remove that stupid Knockdown Gimmick Arthur has after King’s Armor. Let the armor just pop-off.

Give Arthur a dash.
Buff his shield special move with much faster start-up.

now explain why…

Firstly I think buff mr wright so that the he can’t get 2 bad evidence at the same time because firstly without turn around he does little damage and the reason he’s so low tier is how awkward he is to get to turn around or increase the speed it takes to get evidence.

Fix TACs. If they are able to make a completely new version of Marvel, I would address the infinites and finding a way to remove them. In it’s current state TACs are too good. Another suggestion could be to bring back a feature from the beta where if you break a TAC, you get to combo the opponent off the break.

Or hell, remove them completely.

Major Nerfs to the TAC mechanic to encourage other resets. TACs(+ their baits) are currently the strongest reset in the meta as they lead to meter positive(often building 3-4 bars) TOD while being based on a completely random RPS factor. They are not a good idea.
I suggest
-Making them counterble on reaction- 15-20f window with colors
-removing the HSD part of the TACs

Nerf the durability on spiral swords. Make them 1 high durability point each or medium durability. Another option would be increasing startup/recovery or meter usage.

Buff Hsienko, make her items not random. Increase speed of her dash/backdash, buff gong distance/active frames, and make her Pendlum special cancelable like Taskmaster.

Buff Phoenix Wright. Reduce the randomness of the Evidence mechanic and increase chances of good evidence. Buff normals startup + hitboxes.

Give Iron Fist a chainable low crL, jump cancelable Ms and Hs and a command grab(or increase HKD time on his throws).

Give SheHulk her slide and chainable crL back.

Make gold armor soft knockdown at best instead of being a ticking time bomb.

Remove the ability to OS throw using d/f,u/f,d/b when doing air moves, only back and forward should trigger throws. A lot of these moves are generally too good and give very good unintentional throw OS’s.

Nerf XF2/3 speed/damage boosts and reduce their time limit.

Just remove TACs all together. All they do is give someone a huge advantage if they win a game of rock paper scissors. Ut us a stupid mechanic.

OK. Arthur buffs.

This is going to be really outside the box, but I think we should not focus on his movement (although he needs a dash) but on his keepaway game, and how it is different from Hawkeye.

  1. Give him a new install super, that puts him in underwear form, and gives him the speed boost of XF2 (25% faster) and change the damage taken to 15%.

  2. At the end of every install super make him just return to normal armor, simple as that. No hardknockdown or some shit. Just straight to Silver Armor.

  3. Gold Armor makes his normals bigger, but slower.

  4. Startup of shield is faster.

  5. Dash. It can be as good as Hulk’s, all we need is a hop. It will change Arthur completely.

  6. Make his projectiles build much more meter.

  7. Axe in the air has 7 frames of startup.

  8. Health raised to 1 mil

  9. Walk speed a little faster

  10. Gold Armor loses damage taken reduction.

  11. IF Hidden Missiles goes away when hit make crossbow shoot out three bolts, one going to top corner of screen if shot on the ground and going to bottom corner of the screen if super jump height with crossbow.

  12. Lances, Daggers, and Crossbow pierce.

  13. Magic Swords (back H) has faster startup and stays when Arthur is hit.

OFC I’ll ad some myself:

  • Add replays so we can analyse our matches
  • Add the hitbox feature from the Vita version to training and replay mode

Just wanted the OP to know the link in the first post doesn’t work.

Thanks! It should be fixed now.

Give him a new set of forward air shots. (All of his air shots are angled)

Doctor Doom:
Hiddle Missiles assist needs to disappear when hit.

Doctor Strange:
Grant at minimum a two way air dash, but 8-way air dash would be optimal.

Grant her chainable crouching L and her crouching H slide back.

80k unscaled up grapple needs to be changed to a lower number (such as 40k unscaled), or needs to take regular damage scaling.

Boost his minimum damage scaling from 3 to 5 at minimum, but he should probably receive around 7-10% minimum damage scaling.

Shield Skills start up frame should be increased from 6 to 8 frames. (I love and play Taskmaster but I believe it is too good).

And for what its worth:
Dare Devil
Moon Knight

William Augustus (Dark Void)
Asura (Asura’s Wrath)
Gene (God Hand)
Mundus (Devil May Cry)
Sieg Wahrheit (Chaos Legion)

That’s all I have currently.

System Changes-
[]Adjust X Factor Length and properties
]Fix the TAC system so things like TAC infinite aren’t an issue
[]Fix glitches like Shumas eyeball TAC glitch and the Nova glitch
]Adjust damage scaling values troughout the board
[*]Remove rapid fire lights
Character Changes

]Increase start up on on cr.L to 5 frames fix issue where it whiffs infront of characters for no good reason (ie. Morrigan, Storm), and at least giving him a proper tool for close range since his hammer got nerfed and losing much of it’s value coming from Vanilla to Ultimate.
[]Fix float on acid rain.
]Decreased startup on crystal
]Build 50% less meter on Astral Vision, or not build meter at all. As it is Morrigan with astral vision on and proper support does no let a good chunk of the cast compete after 10 seconds in the match. Her building an entire bar and juggling someone for 70~ of their life isn’t exatly very good either.
[]Shadow Blade assist 2 frames of inv on start up
]Lower Soul Fist damage from 25k to 20k
[]C Viper
]Fix hitbox on St.S so characters dont drop out of launcher
[]Adjust scaling values, since 20% and 30% minimum scaling is just absurd.
[]Remove the silly “glasses” power up and just let him have the effect of him having them off by default
]Decrease frame advantage on st.S to -1
]Make cr.H be affected by HSD
[]Decrease hitbox on st.L
]Deccrease hitboxes on all his normals
[]Lower the durability on spiral swords, as it is it’s a tool that simply shuts down whatever is going down in the neutral and lets him swing things in his favor. And aside from Spencer, Dormammu, Thor and Strange can effectively punish him for using this without using heavy amount of resources like a level 3. (edit: Theres snapbacks, i guess)
]Decrease start up on judgement cut
[]Lower chip on spiral swords
]Increase recovery on spiral swords
]Remove buster cancels.
[]Increase scaling on lightning
]Faster start up on cr.M
[]Dr Doom
]Remove hard knock down on jumping special.
[]Hidden Missiles dissapear if he is hit, as it is this assist let’s you be as reckless as you want to be with the correct characters and the risk/reward is stupidly in the users favor
]Iron Fist
[]Give this man a proper low.
]Or some type of way to fight against jump back, as it is simply holding :uf: limits him severely.
]Rapid fire st/cr.L at 3
]Give this man more health. As it is i don’t believe theres much reason to warrant having him on your team aside from him supporting certain characters. His hitbox is gigantic letting most of the cast instant overhead him, some higher health that was unjustifiedly lowered be good.
[]Fix Hard Drive from dropping characters
[]Make armor work like any other power up super, no reason to get punished for using it. Especially that long knock down.
]Increased chip on his lances
]Increase health to 830k and increase his minimum scaling. With XFactor theoretically getting toned down might aswell make him a stronger point/second
[]Increase start up on Vajra, less knockdown time.
]She Hulk
[]Give back her old slide
[]Not exactly fix up grapple, but lower it from 80k to 40k in longer combos at least. This characters strongest point is his damage. And if you take that away well…he’s not that great.
]Iron Man
[]Fix his launcher. This thing is finicky as it is.
]I’d talk about his air dash, but I’m not exactly qualified to talk about him in this regard.
[*]Give him back his double jump

Why should arthur be punished for using King’s Armor?
Can’t we just do away with the knockdown crap?
Honestly, I think the underwear gimmick is too much considering his mobility.
But I definitely think the armor should just pop-off.

A few miscellaneous changes that come to mind right away, not exactly an extensive list.

-Increase the startup on Vajra assist, or at least make it more vulnerable at the end.

-Something needs to be done with Hidden Missiles. Making them disappear on hit seems a bit drastic but they need to be changed in some way. They’re simply too strong right now.

-Give Vergil increased startup on Spiral Swords. At the moment, SS is basically a perfect shield that can be used to keep him safe on most things. Giving him the capacity to be punished for sword usage would make him a bit more fair.

-Zero needs nerfs. I don’t even really know how you’d nerf him, honestly. A lot of what he has is always going to be very dumb; it’s hard to get rid of his ridiculous incoming mixups and insane damage.

-Similarly, Magneto needs nerfs pretty badly. Yes, he was nerfed between Vanilla and Ultimate, but there’s still a VERY solid argument for Mags being top 5 if not #1 in the game. He’s top in mobility and mixups, has very very good zoning, a good assist, and does a fairly ridiculous amount of damage. Like with Zero, I don’t really know how you’d nerf him without just completely gimping him, but Mags is just too strong at the moment.

That’s really it for nerfs. There are a few characters that feel just a touch too strong right now but overall, I don’t think “Nerf everyone in the top 10!” is a good idea. Nerf a few select things that seem a bit too dominant and leave the rest for buffs.

I couldn’t possibly cover all the buffs in one post but I’ll cover a few characters that immediately come to mind.

-Tron needs a LOT of buffs. Like, a lot a lot. The HSD changes coming from Vanilla were probably what hit her the hardest, she really can’t do many of her old combos. Add to this, the Bandit Boulder buff is almost entirely useless given how it is subject to HSD now. Tron was solid on point in Vanilla because of her high damage output from her loops, as well as her relatively easy confirms off of j.H. The j.H change is somewhat understandable, it didn’t really wreck her, just made her harder, but the HSD absolutely kills her considering she can’t even do her old jump loops. Past this, she needs the ability to XFC from whiffed/blocked Lunch Rush. This glitch has been present since Vanilla and means that a dropped combo is instant death. An un-XFC-able whiffed level 1 is pretty much unheard of other than Tron, and this really needs to be fixed.

-Hsien-Ko is basically a reverse Magneto or Zero. It’s hard to even name a specific buff in particular that you can give Hsien-Ko to fix her problems. I’d say cancel-able pendulum, but with caution, as her mixups might become a bit too good at this point. Decrease the startup of her item toss and her gongs, at the very least, and maybe speed up her painfully useless airdash.

-Ghost Rider is in a pretty bad spot at the moment too. For starters, giving him more than one TAC would probably help at least a bit. The only thing I can think of to make GR a real threat would be to make him more chip-oriented in order to prevent turtling from basically hard countering him and rendering him unable to do anything.

-Shuma really needs his frame data adjusted in general. Give him increased priority on his moves but slightly increase his hurtbox to make him a bit easier to combo. The latter part isn’t because this needs nerfed or anything, just because he still feels pretty buggy in general.

-Let Iron Fist’s launcher hit aerial opponents. Simple buff, would probably not be too much, and would probably help him at least a little bit. Doesn’t even need to be a large vertical hitbox, in order to keep his ground-based emphasis. It just seems a little silly that an enemy who is less than one centimeter off the ground can’t be launched. In general, an air game would help him but would be hard to really add barring making some special move of his air-OK (I don’t know his moves, bear with me). Giving him a launcher that has some value would at least add some dimension to his playstyle.

-Phoenix Wright needs a lot of tweaks and that wouldn’t even be that hard to pull off. Decrease the frequency of bad evidence by a LOT; bad evidence isn’t even a mechanic in the AA series and getting 3 pieces of evidence is hard enough as it is at times. Instead of having two paperwork specials in Trial/Turnabout modes, let Phoenix be able to use Maya in those modes as well. Drastically increase the time for Turnabout mode; there’s no reason that PW should have to jump through hoops to get his special mode for a severely limited time while Frank gets a TAC or a THC and gets his super mode (which is arguably as good at PW’s) permanently. Removing the time limit outright while buffing PW in other areas seems a bit much, but the time should be increased significantly.

-She-Hulk just needs her slide back. She’s just too lackluster right now, at least give her the slide back as another tool. If not this, then give her the old rapid fire cr.L back. Removing one tool or the other was fine, but removing both was too much.

-Make Nemesis’ level 3 a 0-frame startup grab. It’s far too easy to hit him out of it or avoid it outright. I should be terrified of him getting that off on me, not laughing if it actually gets landed on someone.

I’ll be honest, that’s all that comes to mind in terms of OH MY GOD THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN TO MAKE THINGS WORK. There are a lot of characters that are competitive right now, and only a few that feel really outclassed. A few simple buffs would go a long way to make these characters work and have a fighting chance among the rest of the cast.

Granted none of this will probably matter because Capcom will probably reject any changes to UMvC3 given that they seem to despise it. But oh well, a man can dream. :tup:

Everyone might as well C&P their post from the patch thread

I don’t think he needs that. 6 frames sounds more likely if they change that, but I’m fine with an 8 frame light as long as they fix some of his other problems.

That deserved to be nerfed, Acid Rain is fine as it is now.

That would be really ridiculous.
Just return the hitstun on everything to their Vanilla values and he would be fine. Maybe raise his minimum damage scaling to 5% too.

That would be really ridiculous.
Just return the hitstun on everything to their Vanilla values and he would be fine. Maybe raise his minimum damage scaling to 5% too.

Maybe. But if they won’t fix his damage scaling, might aswell let him build more meter which is…absurd as it is. But with theoretical changes to the TAC system it may be busted, so i guess.

And i meant the assist, point crystal with faster start up would make his matchups vs characters like Haggar loopsided to no end.

yea thats why when I hear all the buff dante I cry a little
and if a dante player says to nerf haggar after playing me I cry a little again but its tears of joy