UMvC3 Deadpool Changes?

Does anyone have any info on any changes Deadpool has received in Ultimate Marvel 3?

Hopefully someone can test or ask someone at Comic-Com to test him out.

Health buff?
Can he still do his medium or heavy quickwork infinite in X-factor Level 3?
Does his overhead f+M still give +frames on block and cause hard knockdown on airborne opponents?
Any other changes?

EDIT: Rumours are:

Quickwork is faster and covers more screen
Guns have less recovery time
Ninja Gifts are faster

I read those also. I’m excited.

One thing I’m really curious about is his level 3. 'Cause right now I think it’s a contender for the spot of worst level 3 in the game. I think if a counter super takes three bars to use, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for it to counter projectiles too. Some more range on his OTG Katanarama wouldn’t hurt either, would make throw followups a bit less situational.

I also kinda wish his taunt had some special properties like stun on counterhit or something like that. Not because I think it would be signifcantly more useful, but because it always looked (to me at least) like a move that should have something like that.

I just saw his new colorway on stream, sick.

That’s so damn cool.

You know what’s the biggest buff? Wolverine, Phoenix, Magneto, and Wesker nerfs. Almost every single nerf they had greatly increases the ease of zoning them. Personally, I don’t even think Wolverine can hang with Deadpool now. Berserk Slash H hitting Deadpool from full-screen was complete BS in Vanilla. Also, Mag’s slower air dashes makes jump guns that much more annoying.

Although, as good as it sounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled back these nerfs. Till November.

I played Deadpool quite a bit at Comic Con…he feels EXACTLY the same :confused:

Yeah, I think Deadpool can hang with most of the cast but he has some really bad matchups against some of the higher tier characters. Now that they’re nerfing them, we’re going to have an easier time. Strider is looking like a bitch to keep away though :P.

It’s an early build, they’re probably not even halfway done with the changes to some characters. We’ll get something.

Well there is one thing actually…

My go to combo after f+mk is katana rama H chimichangas cr.h S air m h s then at the end instead of doing a super scaled otg air guns I ussually did another otg katana rama, called an assist and tried to keep pressure, but the new damage system makes it so that if you do otg air guns it will still do a lot of damage.

“• Deadpool can cancel out of special moves while warping.”

A noted change for now. How big do you think this change is?

Tested it on Saturday, this change is huge. This affects both defense AND offense. For example, in Vanilla, when you do Arthur dagger assist + horizontal guns and follow it up with a teleport, you can get a cr.L (into block-string), combo a cr.M if the daggers hit, or do an overhead (that they can hit you out of). With this change, you can appear in front of them before the daggers even hit them.

Also, bolo loops are gone.

Are his other X-Factor loops still in tact? And are all of his current combos/BnBs still functional?

The teleport change does seem pretty damn sweet. Can’t wait to try it out. Boo at Capcom for removing the bolo loop though.

One more thing I’d like to see is Deadpool getting a meter or some other way to see how many teleports he has used. I think EVO showed us how easy it is to lose count of this in a high pressure situation.

If he can cancel moves into his teleport, fantastic.

Would be so good if he could cancel out of his teleport.

I could see M Katanarama-teleport- M Katanarama- Chimichangas- teleport- shoryuken.

That would be so awesome. Deadpool for top tier.

Also, it’d be nice if he could cancel into ninja gifts at any point during guns.

Deadpool sounding buff as hell. maybe he’ll be able to cancel his teleport malfunction into a teleport.:party:
crazy shenanigans and combos with this character coming soon.

Teleport is one of my go to moves for opening up opponents. I’m kind of glad that he went under the radar.

I wish they would change his assist, really. I want the horizontal gun move as one of his assists, it would help so much.

I wish that his Level 3 did more damage. you can’t combo into it, and it isn’t unblockable, so if you outsmarted you opponent, shouldn’t you get more than 400,000 damage?

I honestly think it’ll be nice if his Happy Happy Trigger hyper did more damage. Probably just wishful thinking but it would be cool if it did.

If you cancel guns into a teleport will you get there before the bullets arrive? That would be awesome. Free combo on hit, free mixup on block. That seems OP though so I’m not sure they’d give him that.