Umehara is considering Gouki as his new main

During a recent gachi in tokyo, The Beast was using Gouki. He didn’t had a card yet but was already around +20000BP.
He beated Bullcat in a match and also had a challenge (gachi) against Nemo’s Yang (+200k BP, who bodied Tokido 8-1 in an other set of matches)

Here is the result:

UmeGouki  ●○●○●●○○●●●●○○○●●○●●●●○○○○● 12
Nemo (Yang) ○●○●○○●●○○○○●●●○○●○○○○●●●●○ 15

Not but bad huh?

Who knows. He’s considering Ken as well. I think Daigo is searching for a new main regardless. He seems to be looking for the best shoto it looks like.

Daigo always felt like a shoto to me. He goes and picks yun and im like wtf!?! but thats just me.

I thought Daigo was gonna use Ken from the beginning. I didn’t expect him to go for a character like Yun that kinda goes a bit outside of his normal spacing oriented play style. Not so much for the fireballs since throwing a fireball pretty much always carries a huge risk in this game once people have meter. I think he just needs to get back to a character he can make those clutch ume DP’s with. Yun seems like he can get blown up by safe jump OS pretty nice once he gets knocked down. He just needs a character that isn’t totally reliant on pressing a bunch of attacks at people.

I don’t blame him since they kept nerfing Ryu like he was some god of the game any way. After console Super they should have just left him alone or if anything just continued to buff his footsies. The only thing that was really stupid about Ryu was trade DP ultra, shoryu FADC ultra raping all your life and c.MK going under everything for free which they all nerfed up pretty nice. They keep doing arbitrary stuff like reducing the recovery of his fireballs in a game where you get a thousand options to get around projectiles unless you’re playing Honda. Even he can still get around them often enough with his basic ST tools.

Plus Yun is retarded in comparison to most of the other cast. IMO he wouldn’t be THAT bad if they just made sure the other characters were as good but…Capcom wants to make sure everyone is balanced by making sure nobody is scary.

Any videos up yet? I wonder what his style is like.

Not bad at all, especially if that’s AE.

As already mentioned in the other thread, I don’t see him going for Akuma, given that he’s got huge experience under his belt with Ryu (will be able to counterpick Sim), and has some with Ken too.

All shotos are also pretty close since Super, with v2012 dropping the gap in overall efficiency between them will be close to nonexistent.

I can imagine Daigo playing a really Momochi style Akuma from Vanilla SF4. Insanely good zoning, spacing etc. but fucking boring to watch! lol.

Really…wanna see how he use him.

I’d like to see more of his Ken. I hope watching me mash DP on the Evo stage inspired him.

He’s going to go with whoever is the best character in the game or close to it.

Dunno I enjoy seeing Akuma used that way just as much. Just shows how great a character he is, with multiple Modus Operati. “Zone untill knockdown, then grind them down with vortex”. His vortex wasn’t even close to Tokido’s level, but Tokido himself admitted that Momochi’s fireball zoning game is on a different level than his own.

Daigo could be the first one to combine both powers and fulfill the prophecy left by Mago: “No one has really mastered Akuma yet completely” :smiley:

*It might be true that Daigo uses and throws away characters on his whim and leaves many of those characters’ fans feeling abused and disgusted. This might be our turn, but… frankly I don’t give a damn!!! *

UmeGouki!! Make it happenn!!! :rock:

Lol, I don’t think Daigo would be the best Akuma, it would still be Tokido. I don’t know why people think whatever character Daigo picks up he will be the best with, Tokido has taken Akuma to great lengths and 3+ years experience it has taken Tokido to get this good. It will take Daigo a good 6-7 months before he even gets half good with Akuma I think.

As for the fireball game, I know Momochi’s was absolutely insane and I do appreciate it, but it’s just SO boring to watch lol, I hate just seeing a game where plasma is constantly being thrown, like a Ryu vs Guile match, there’s obviously a lot of thought going on but it puts you to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

I disagree I think Daigo would be a ridiculously solid Akuma. You have Tokido who is a setup master and Infiltration who has god like footsies. I think Daigo would sit right in the middle of their playstyles.

He should pick E.Ryu. Best of both worlds, I can see Daigo putting E.Ryu on the map.

has there been any video released ?

Daigo doesn’t like to be recorded lol. That or he’s always busy promoting himself.

I know it’s a bit old, but you can see him using gouki here: (at 1:55)

On this vid, his gouki isn’t really good, he plays like 3.3, not ssf4 (fadc > stand LP > Tatsu), cr.MK whif tatsu, cr.MP > medium tatsu etc…

But yeah, I think if he works his Gouki, he cans be the new Gouki Master, daigo knows everything about footsies and zoning, he’s a lot more patient than Tokido, Zoning style remind me Momochi’s Gouki, who was the best Gouki in any sf4.

I think Daigo wants to get back to shotos and just checking which one will suit him best, I feel like he’ll end up using Ken or Ryu (maaybe E.Ryu).

A part of me Reallly wants to see Daigo using Akuma because Momochi was my favorite Akuma to watch and he was more of zoning and calculated type of player compared to Tokido’s heavily mixup style.

On the other hand, I don’t want to see Daigo picking Akuma up because that might end up causing more nerfs (I can already see the “air fireballs need MORE RECOVERY” cries lol) and I’d hate to see everyone jump on the Akuma bandwagon like they did after seeing Poongko’s Seth or Mago’s Fei…etc

Then he won’t pick Akuma