Ultra street fighter 4 gen changes

Hello. I’m out in Nagoya right now at the ultra location tests and I wanted to list some of the changes for gen since they weren’t listed.

Hard Kick Gekiro no longer gives hard knock down.
EX Gekiro now causes hard knock down.
Hands has less push back
LP roll is now 0 on block changed from -3
Stun on Mantis Ultra 2 now is 600
Crane standing HP damage changed from 100-100 to 150-50
Teiga (Crane U2) start up now 9 frames
Ex Gekiro on block now has very quick recovery
Crane crouch lp now +5 on hit
Crouch HK recovery changed to 24 frames, down from 29 frame recovery.
All rolls damage increased by 10.

Will update with more later.

Please keep us updated. Thanks for your efforts.

"Oga start up now 9 frames"
Can you clarify? Oga start up is 27 frames currently, are you speaking of the follow up far kick which is currently IIRC 12 frames

"Hands less pushback"
Does it still wiff on max range or link into anything?

"Crane HK startup changed to 24 frames"
is it mantis or crane? are you speaking of total frame count

Right now it looks like a big FU to set-ups and very little else to make up for it.

Also, I’m assuming the change to standing HP should say Crane instead of Mantis.

I apologize, I had misread 徨牙 (Oga) as 蛇穿 (Teiga). Teiga is now 9 frame start up down from 0+10.

I wasn’t able to mess around too much with hands links. You can tell the distance was reduced though. I’ll head back again tomorrow and test some more.

I apologized again for another misreading. Crane crouching HK’s recovery was reduced from 29 frames to 24 frames.

I apologize again for the misinformation. I was going on memory as we were not allowed to use cameras or anything around the cabinets. The lines were fairly long as well so I wasn’t able to play so much.
If you have anything else you want me to test, please let me know and I’ll try to get it done tomorrow.

Thank you for catching that, I will change original post.

And yes, it was very difficult to do any set ups due to delayed standing. It was rather awkward to adjust to, especially HK Gekiro not giving hard knockdown anymore.

if the hands recovery is reduced I need your help to test the following
crMP hands walk forward crMP hands
TC2 hands sHK or crHP

any Ideas on how many frames are contained in delayed wakeup?

Ex gekiro faster recovery on block. care to elaborate?

No problem, I’ll try them out when I head out tomorrow.

As for delayed wakeup, I’m really not sure. I would have to guess maybe 3-4 extra frames? I really have no idea, it’s just enough to mess with you though, haha.

What I mean by EX Gekiro being faster recovery on block is if you do EX Gekiro and they block it, then you automatically do a quick drop as if you mashed a second kick out. I don’t believe that it is possible to do a second kick from a blocked Gekiro. I could be mistaken about this, but from what few times my EX Gekiro was blocked, that’s what happened.

thanks man. I appreciated what you’re doing for the Gen community. and in theory Gen Ultra 2 doing 600 stun is a great buff, making U2 users play a vortex like Gen, if you can open people up then mantis U2 will be deadly leading to damaging combos off a stun giving the scaling is to be as much as possible minimized. Teiga being 9 frames is still not good if you factor in 4 frames pre jump you are still looking at 12 frames start up. As for the faster crHK reduction in frames will lead more ambiguous stuff, having DELAYED wake up thats 3 frames more will infact help Gen, making oga setups that hit in front now hit behind. The only problem I suspect is if Gen will be able to jump over Hugo lol! or will they increase his crane jump again?

Gen *From EH

  • Less pushback on his Hands, both on block and hit.

  • Hands recovery increased by 1 frame.

  • Heavy Kick Waterfall Kick can be quick rised now.

  • EX Waterfall Kick is a hard knockdown.

  • Rolling move better on block.

  • Stun increased from 900 to 950.

  • (Mantis Stance) His Close Standing HP now does 150+50 Stun.

  • (Mantis Stance) Shitenketsu now has a better hitbox, gives 600 Stun.

  • (Crane Stance) Standing Light Punch is +5f.

  • (Crane Stance) Standing Heavy Kick has 5 frames less recovery.

  • (Crane Stance) Jumping Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick both have a larger hurtbox.

  • (Crane Stance) Gekiro (Roll) does 10 more damage with its last hit.

  • (Crane Stance) His Super range is shorter.

  • (Crane Stance) Teiga is now 9f startup.

Well, that reads like a kick to the balls.

Translated from http://www20.atwiki.jp/ssf4/pages/4034.html:

>喪流 -> Mantis stance
・気絶耐久 950に -> Gen’s Stun increased to 950
・近大P 気絶値配分150・50に -> cl.st.HP Stun 150+50
・強逆瀧 受身可能 -> HK Gekiro soft knockdown
・EX逆瀧 強制ダウン・ガード時派生不可 -> EX Gekiro hard knockdown, follow-up impossible on block
・弱中EX百連 ヒット、ガードバック減少 -> LP, MP, EX hands pushblock decreased
・全百連 硬直1F増加 -> All hands 1f longer recovery
・死点穴 攻撃判定拡大・気絶値600 -> U2 bigger hitbox, stun 600

>忌流 -> Crane stance
・コパ ヒットで5F有利 -> cr.LP +5 on hit
・大足 硬直5F減少 -> cr.HK 5f less recovery
・斜J強PK 共にやられ判定下方向に拡大 -> diagonal j.HP, j.HK bigger hurtbox downwards
・弱蛇穿 ガードで5分 -> LP Roll even on block
・全蛇穿 最終段10ダメージ増加 -> All versions of roll last hit deals 10 more damage
・スパコン 攻撃判定縮小 -> Super smaller hitbox
・啼牙 発生9F -> U2 start-up 9f

Thank you very much for testing it out EB_P0PE! Delayed wake-up being only about 3-4f slower is uhhhh idk what to say lol

haha, they had to mess with the old man.

So if his jump arc hasn’t changed, can he crane jump over a standing Hugo? Or do you have to have mantis every time you want to attempt a cross-up?

He probably can. Japanese comments were actually concerned about Hakan’s jump, but not Gen’s. Most likely the collision box is below his head to prevent this.

Or his jump arc just might change like from Vanilla to Super in which he “couldn’t jump over T. Hawk” lol

Ok, a little update.

I went and tested out the two things you asked and I wasn’t able to connect either of them. I tried with all his different normals that could be canceled into hands, but no luck. HP Hands still has the same push back as in v2012, but the MP, LP, and EX all have shorter push back. So if you do hit with MP hands for example, you can walk forward a tiny step then throw out a s.mk or c.mp xx hands and there isn’t much the other person can do about it besides reversal.

Reverse blockables are still in the game. (e.g., corner ceiling drop Oga / Corner forward throw, s.lk, jf.mk, etc.) But they are harder to land due to delayed standing. It’s still nice to have, in my opinion.

  • (Crane Stance) Standing Light Punch is +5f.

  • (Crane Stance) Standing Heavy Kick has 5 frames less recovery.

Crane st.hk startup IS five frames, so technically you could link these… with the frame data for crane st.hk being -6 on block and -2 on hit, does that mean that the new frame data would be -1 on block and +3 on hit?

If so I find that rather interesting.

Jumping hurtboxes being improved IS indeed a kick to the balls, because Gen already has difficulty getting inside on opponents.

I suppose roll being 0 on hit could be an even better moment to attempt a mixup on the opponent, with throw/st.mp/st.hp or neutral jump.

stHK is still useless due to the fact the push back on the first hit is INSANE usually making the second hit wiff completely

It’s a mistranslation. It is crane cr.LP and crane cr.HK, respectively.

oga hitbox reduced > can anyone tell me what does it mean ? i think no crossup oga for now … o_O