Ultra SFIV Ryu buffs whislist:

What Ryu needs:

Faster, farther reaching c.mk
Akuma’s c.hk, but cancelable into specials
Super Turbo Hadouken speed
Donkey Kick
2nd impact target combo, but cancelable s.HK.
fake fireball
air tatsu should have Alpha or Super Turbo arcs.
M. or L air tatsu should have Alpha spin (reliable front hit)
SRK should be more reliable AA, and lose the flip trade.

That’ll make him okay.

I think they’re a bit too much. Vanilla c.mk and joudan is enough for me. I use ryu because I like to work hard for a win.

You’re essentially asking for a S-tier Ryu. The fake fireball and donkey kick alone would be huge buffs. The fake fireball would be too big of a buff between the two IMO. He would basically laugh at all these anti fireball specials and Ultras that were designed to shutdown his fireball game. With Guile-like recovery he can easily block in time and bait jump ins to DP. He may even have enough time to in a early LP SRK so he can follow up with EX fireball or Ultra 1.

Donkey kick on the other hand, I just have this hunch that he may actually get it. Call me crazy but with Ken getting those nice ass buffs, Ryu has to be due for something. I don’t think he needs any changes to frame data since he already excels in that area. Maybe giving him the donkey kick so he has a annoying pressure tool will do the trick.

I hope he gets something at least.

With Dhalsim getting st.MK 2-hits, Chuns Focus breaking Hazanshu, Kens faster walk speed & faster cr.HK, Balrog’s quicker headbutt recovery…
the changes are going to make life very difficult.

If he gets nothing are people going to drop him ?

This is what I’m thinking, I remember when Combofiend and Haunts were discussing character changes on their stream and the only suggested change they gave Ryu was more invincibility for U2, they also said he was fine in everything else. With all the other buffs characters are getting it looks like Ryu’s life is going to be hell if he gets nothing the coming patch.

Giving him a fake fireball would easily make him S-tier, that’s the problem. He has very basic special moves and normals and most if not all are good and serve a purpose. Fake fireball would give him a low risk, high reward option for characters that have a away around his fireball. It would be like fake seismo except Ryu has more health and a stronger dragon punch than Viper.

With that all being said I still think Ryu would need a few buffs to make him even, especially if characters like Cammy are not getting their optimized vortex nerfed except by about 50 damage (if they don’t use heavy attacks their vortex is just as damaging as before). The one buff I can see giving him is making lp.srk juggle a little higher, allowing U1 and ex.fireball to connect in more situations. If the srk trades then U1 still does not connect. If you really want to go nuts with buffs then also make his lp.srk have 1 more frame of invincibility and let his hp.srk be FADCable on hit only.

I just want Vanilla Ryu back. lol

Obvious sarcasm guys.

Ryu doesn’t really need much more improving, he’s pretty good but the other characters getting buffed might change things, not much i can say i really want as long as the bullshit tier gets less bullshit then ryu should still be good enough to win being used by someone capable.

Anyone followed the blog of Combofiend and saw his list of buff / nerf requests.
Does Ken really need those buffs ? Does Chun need the armour breaking Hazanshu. The focus is what
makes that match pretty even. There’s rumours of Bison getting a cr.HP anti-air.

Its not good for Ryu. He’s a mid-tier character that going to stay the same, I would have agreed
with that but no, not with the huge buff other mid-tier characters are getting.

SSF4AE is pretty balanced and fair game. But new buff in USF4 against Ryu’s mid-tier ranking is going to
place him low tier if he doesn’t change IMO.

Its still early days though.

Besides everything I posted elsewhere, I want 2f more blockstun on fireballs. Just because.

I would like to see an Ultra 2 buff. I still use it consistently, but the startup is pretty slow if they’re at the right range. Faster startup + a little increase in the hitbox. Also some damage increase on the non-animation ones.

Yes she does. Shes not very good defensively in this game, her offense isnt that good, and her mid range has major holes in it, but its supposed to be her strongest zone.

its true that this is gonna put the match in her favor (at least in my opinion), but its going to help her not suck so much in some of her other matches.

As for Ryu, im kind of hoping for a fake FB. I wouldnt mind some extra damage. He should put people down really quick.

Better focus attack, like Evil Ryu which goes further and a better air hurricane, like SF4 one OR whatever it takes Daigo to win Evo

Ryu’s fireball recovery should be lowered slightly, fierce Dp FADC-able again, and add some invincibility to his Dps.

The only thing I really want Ryu to get is more blockstun or at least hit stun on cr.mk (cr.mk xx ex hado doesn’t even combo at max distance). And perhaps a bit more backwalk speed.

I started in 2012 with SF4 and I am just wondering what’s the difference between Ryu’s 2012 cr.mk and SF4 cr.mk?

Old low MK hitbox back, faster HP fireball, slower LP fireball.

The hitbox is the same. The only difference I can think of is the dmg.

Tip was invincible in old hitbox.

Maybe I haven’t really explored the game in-depth but I’d love to have the Superkick, especially if it works like it does in SFXT.

And I’d want to be able to FADC from a Heavy Shoryuken again.

I think this would be solely beneficial for the game. The insane multi-hundred point fullscreen punishes that exist in this game are retarded. Oh you beat me real bad, sorry now you’re not allowed to do the move your character is built around anymore. Have fun playing a very stifled game.

What I’d want for Ryu is the fake fireball just to fuck all those retarded moves up, and a smidge more leniency on hk air tatsu’s long travel distance break point (is apparently 1f for hk tatsu, 2f for medium). If someone has it in their heart to increase Ryu’s walk speed, that’d be swell too.

But really, just the fake fireball so people don’t have a free pass on shutting down Ryu’s fireball game. Either that or preferably kill the vast majority of the fireball invincible nonsense in this game.