Ultra SF4: EX Fukiage Mixups

since ex fukiage is our primary combo ender, PLUS it’s now due to DWU also our primary mixup starter, let’s start compiling our options.

i don’t have enough time to test on every character, so for the time being these have been tested on RYU only.

when this is fleshed out a little more (hopefully with input from you guys) i’ll try to make a video, i guess.

= = =


*1. Meaty Karakusa
EX Fukiage, [wait, don’t jump cancel], hold up → immediate nj.HP, immediate LK Karakusa after landing

*2. Meaty Oroshi
EX Fukiage, JC [extremely late] nj.HP, very slight delay MP Oroshi

*3. Crossup j.MK
EX Fukiage, JC late j.HP, immediate jump forward j.MK

*4. Fake Crossup j.HP
EX Fukiage, JC [just below peak jump height] nj.HP, immediate jump forward early j.HP

*5. Grounded Crossup / Fake Crossup (fwd+LK)
EX Fukiage, fwd+LK juggle, delay dash [pushes Makoto into corner, at frame disadvantage]
EX Fukiage, fwd+LK juggle, immediate dash [leaves Makoto outside corner, can meaty]

*6. Grounded Crossup (fwd+MP)
EX Fukiage, immediate jump j.HP, immediate fwd+MP [pushes Makoto into corner, at frame disadvantage]

*7. Weird c.HK Teleport Thing
EX Fukiage, immediate jump j.HP, immediate c.HK on landing [Makoto appears in corner then pushes herself back out, makes DPs whiff]



I’ll try to contribute to this with possible midscreen mixups.

Cross-under Karakusa
EX Fukiage, JC (right after peak of jump) nj.HP, dash x2, Karakusa

If you do the nj.HP right when you reach the peak of the jump and dash twice, you’ll stay on the same side but would be in range for Karakusa.

Double Cross Under Reversal Bait
EX Fukiage, j.HP, dash (cross under), dash (cross under again)

Makes DPs and SPDs whiff, able to block other attacks, puts you in c.MP range

EX Fukiage midscreen resets are character specific. So far, the only consistent setups are the nj.FP dash cross unders in the corner. The corner j.FP/j.MK trick also works on Ken, Akuma, and E Ryu with the same timing. I tried a lot of different timings to land it on Cammy, but nothing panned out.

P.S. Huge fan of your PDF guide.

Not a reset, but midscreen EX Fukiage > empty toward jump > LP Fukiage works on: Yun, Yang, Abel, Gen, Dhalsim, T Hawk, and Viper.
Really random assortment. I’m a little surprised it does not work on Rose.
Enjoy your midscreen 400 damage combos.

Ultimate mind fuck=EX fuki, empty jump f.LK reset. :smiley:

ex fuki > j. HP (mid-air) > dash > crouch (double crossdown) > stHP

I feel bad for hugo
EX fuki, mid HP, dash jump the way you came. It’s a wrong side jump…you can cross over with ANY attack
EX Fuki, high j.HP, dash, IAMK tsurugi crosses up on crouch, light doesn’t

actually, that first setup kinda works on everyone
EX fuki, j.lowHP, dash, crouch (jump the same way) j.FP
unfortunately, it seems the timing is kinda different per character, but it’s super easy on big characters

Ex. Fukiage> Abare Tosanami (Works Middle Screen and Corner)

Ex Fukiage> Mp Hayate
Ex. Fukiage> FADC> Ex. Oroshi

Midscreen you only get the first hit of Abare, don’t you ?

no, you get all the hit (no full animation) from abare tosanami. middle and corner screen. I have tested it.

now, it’s possible to connect jump. hp>st. hp> Ex. Fukiague> Abare Tosanami> Ex. Axe Kick


EX Fukiage,early j.HP,j.mk. Crossup,reset our opponent DP’s and avoid the EX ones. Avoid Hugo’s U2 and backbreaker (meterless or not). J.mk crossup miss crouching Elena sometimes. I’m gonna test if we can beat Blanka Vertical Roll EX and Honda Buttslam.

Can put yourselves video because i have time to test especially the other characters but I have to see how you make.
I could contribute afterward too

regarding the midscreen ex-fuki into U2… whether or not the entire U2 hits is dependent on character and spacing. I noticed that s.MP x EX Fuki, U2 was more reliable in getting all the hits from U2 than using s.HP x EX Fuki, U2. Definitely Character specific though.

I’ve tried that last night,but I can hit those characters with lp Fukiage. I need to hit them during the juggle state from EX Fuki,right?

Apparently yes. Try negative edgeing lp fuki, that’ll prevent any normal during the empty jump and save a few landing frames.

Thanks man, I’m gonna try that way after work. But how I can do a negative edge during an empty jump? You mean buffering maybe?

instead of hitting fierce in the air, hit jab+fierce, then hold jab

land, negative edge jab fuki


You mean ‘can’t’, right? The timing is tight but it works. Make sure you’re jump cancelling the EX Fukiage on the first possible frame. Hold up-toward BEFORE EX Fukiage even hits to see the difference between this and a delayed jump cancel. Any jump later than first frame and Makoto will land too late for LP Fukiage to connect. Makoto has to noticeably land before the opponent for LP Fukiage to juggle. Use the wiggle technique during the jump to buffer the DP motion and double tap LP if you’re still having issues.