Ultra 3rd Strike LITE v1.00 Mod Release

January 10 Update: Full Version Teaser Match: https://youtube.com/watch?v=u5clmxuY9vc

Ultra 3rd Strike LITE v1.00

Presentation video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=oDTRGvoo6FY

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8u88cwx310nlk6l

This mod is intended for Ultra Street Fighter 4 fully updated on Steam.

I hope the forum does not mind me putting this here. There are no modding sections anywhere that I could find.

If you ever wondered how it would feel like to have some 3rd Strike features in SF4, look no further.

The purpose of this project is to bring the 3rd Strike spirit to Street Fighter 4.

This mod adds the following features to every character in the game:

-Universal Overhead
-High Jump
-Faster Dashing
-Faster Walk speed
-Faster Stun recovery
-Faster Throw tech
-No Reversals
-Cancellable Jabs-Shorts chains
-Meter on whiff
…and a few other things…

Quick List of Inputs:

Ground Forward Parry ==== Hold FORWARD and tap MP+MK
Ground Down Parry ====== Hold DOWN and tap MP+MK
Air Parry ============= Hold FORWARD and tap MP+MK in the air
Universal Overhead ====== Tap DOWN twice, then any PUNCH
EX Universal Overhead ==== Tap DOWN twice, then any two PUNCH
High Jump ============ Tap DOWN, then UP, UP-BACK or UP-FORWARD

For more detailed information, read the READ ME file within the mod.

Why LITE? This is just to bring a taste of 3rd Strike without modifying the core of what SF4 is today. Armor breaking moves will also break parrying in this version.

The FULL version will transform the entire game and every characters to be much closer to 3rd Strike, while adding some flavor…

-Reworked movesets & entirely new moves & supers
-Removal of all armor breaking moves
-Reworked jumps (mostly to make them shorter and circular)
-3rd Strike quick-stand mechanic
-3rd Strike Juggle System & completely reworked combos

The FULL version might get a demo release soon, but I have little time to work on all of this. The FULL version is nowhere near done, either.

For now, I hope some of you can enjoy the LITE release!

The launcher is borrowed from USF4 Remix, another great mod: http://www.sf4remix.com/

Thanks to Anotak & Zeipher for permission to use their launchers.

Thanks to Dantarion for his amazing work with “Ono”, the moveset editor, as well as the launcher.
This mod would not have happened without it.

I’m really not trying to be flippant, but wouldn’t just playing Third Strike instead be easier?


Nice job. Couldnt you add a crouching parry animation?

Beating focus attacks on wakeup is gonna be a harder or for some characters not possible if your specials won’t get the armor breaking properties when done as a reversal.

This seems like you’re trying to recreate 2nd Impact more than 3rd Strike.

Because now you press buttons for parr- oh wait now hold on a god damn minute…that isnt easier at all!

The point is more to make something “inspired” by 3rd Strike and bringing back its mechanics to SF4, not to recreate the exact same old game. Even the FULL version will not be an exact replica. It just hopes to catch a faster and more dynamic gameplay with a fresh coat of paint.

Or in other words, its for fun, man. I wanted to see parries in 3rd Strike. Nobody did it. So I did. Then I expended the project. Having fun doing it.

Biggest problem was the hitbox. When I gave it a crouching animation, then moves that hit high would not even hit at all. Which made crouch parrying too safe. I could force a higher hitbox but then it looks odd as hits would connect far above you.

To be clear, the only thing thats gone is the “mechanic” that gives reversals armor frames and more importantly, that allows you to mash them out. On a perfect meaty, there is only a 1 frame window to input an invincible move.

The LITE version is experimental. The FULL version is likely going to change how focus attacks works -> its possible, because of parrying, that I will entirely remove their armor properties, short of removing focus attacks (which I’d rather not do). I’m still not decided on that.

As for beating them being impossible. You can always parry them. Lv3 can be parried now as well.

I see, it’s just that Lv3 is an armor breaker and u mentioned parries could be beaten by armor breakers in the lite version
Interesting and good to hear it’s experimental.


You think it’s possible to remove ultras and just have 3 different super with different meter levels like in 3rd strike?

Ultras can be removed simply by removing them from the move lists or making them cost more than the maximum amount of meter you can have.

Dif supers could be done sort of but they’d basically be EX moves. You can’t change the maximum amount of meter. No matter what the max meter is 1000. You can make a move cost any amount so you could have a super that costs 750 meter (3 bars) or 600 meter (just over 2 bars) or whatever. He could have specific supers restricted to when you select a specific ultra but that only would allow for 2 dif supers and wouldn’t change the amount of super meter available for EX moves unless he made 2 versions of all EX moves and then changed how much they cost depending on which super they used. However this wouldn’t work like SF3 because you’d need to build more meter to use an EX move rather than having access to less EX moves but taking the same amount of time to build one.

The full mod does make most supers cost 2 bars (with some change in power), to bring the 3rd Strike focus on Supers more. (so you can cast 2 supers back-to-back with a full bar)

I don’t really intend to remove Ultras. The only way I would change them is to make them supers -> but then that makes the game rather clumsy as most ultras as Supers would overlap in roles.

Take Ryu’s fireball ultra. What do I do with it? Just a bigger super fireball that takes more meter? Thats boring. The fact its an Ultra however, I can keep it a more unique move in terms of combos and applications.

I think Ultras are interesting. Yes, the fact that the meter is gained only when damaged sucks since it feels like a “comeback” mechanic to help the losing player. I’d change that if I could, but I can’t. But I want to keep Ultras somehow.

If I could just do 3 super selection with different super meter bars I would, but thats just not possible. I’d rather keep it unique within what the game engine can do.

I do believe however Ultras should pretty much have no invincibility (except for projectile invincibility where applicable). They should be for combos or set-ups.

why dont you change the parry sound from “shoosh” to the real thing from 3rd strike?

otherwise uh…interesting

It’s cool but I wish you could parry with directions only, like in real sf3. The hitting buttons to parry annoys me. x_x

Engine limitation. I wanted to have a tap parry but there were a bunch of problems with that. This engine isn’t designed for parrying. Its the closest thing I could do that worked well.

This is the reason for quite a few things in this mod. I can’t just do whatever I want with the game. I’d need the source code for that. All I have ever done is use and learn Dantarion’s moveset editor extensively.

Buttons to parry is not that bad. I mean, if you were used to focus attacks, the transition is easy. It feels better if you can bind MP+MK to one button.

Yeah, I’d vote to add a mod to the sounds. “especially” the parry to match. It’s not a recreation, more of an inspiration, I understand, but it was great feedback. That parry sound is like Doritos for the ears to a 3S player.

How about parry stop to the offender? Big part of the benefit of parry was that they’d kinda freeze in place for a bit allowing you to do moves that you usually wouldn’t have time to. It also created a bit of a meta game in and of itself where if they started cancelling moves during your parries you had to wait and if you didn’t anticipate the original attack well enough and they didn’t cancel a quick attack, your parry was pretty much wasted because they recovered in the time you spent waiting.

Again, engine limitations. The “focus” freeze is the same length as the block internally. I can’t change them.

I really wanted it but it can’t really be done. And I’d wager some people would think its an appropriate nerf to parrying.

I don’t want to change the sound because I’m keeping in normal armor in and I can’t make parrying separate.

I appreciate the feedback but the engine really is kind of limited here.

For those of you who have not extensively used Ono editor, it pretty much only allows you to change individual movesets. This means absolutely no engine level changes (parry freeze, super stocks, damage scaling etc.) You are almost exclusively limited to changing animation and damage/stun/hitstun/juggle properties for a character. Think of what Omega added, only with less/more polish depending on the modder’s skill and time.