Ultimate mvc3 iron man

seeing as they seem to be doing big changes to the original cast

what would you lot like to see brought to iron man

lol people want cr.h taken out… id just like it to be special cancelable like sents spit… people also want launcher range extended (i no longer think thats a problem for him… but having it be easy like wolvy is cool) people also want his dash cancelable immediately… that would be nice. honestly though the main thing i’d want is for smartbombs to get there old command back.


…actually now that i think about it if i WERE to buff ironman this is what i would do:

make his cr.h an :s:+:atk: move and special cancelable, make his cr.h the move that was his cr.m in mvc3, reduce the actual hitbox on his cr.m but make it slide to the same range… this would buff the hell out of his launcher without actually buffing his s… mags and hsien kos launchers also have shit poor range but it doesnt matter cause the slides they have move into launcher range on hit… this would basicallly give IM the same thing, while also putting them into the air with his new cr.h like wolvies st.h. in other words his launcher combos wouldnt wiff anymore, no matter what range they are initiated from. the only bad part is that it would make IM crazy accessible and we would no longer have his swag all to ourselves since everyone would hop on that train.


I agree with that

id love if they got rid of his air dash landing animation

Sweet heaven that sounds soooooo much better. I’m 100% for having the hitbox reduced, but slide range extended…it would almost transform him for me. I mean, I still rock him anyway, but it would give a lot more confidence…along with making ground fly combos almost 100% reliable away from the corner on anyone!

I also agree that would be bad, cuz this swag is sooo good…though I think majority of people would still call him ‘garbage’ and relegate him to assist duty if anything. If not, we can trash talk him ourselves to sway their opinion…swag retained. :smiley:


(the rest sounds great too, but I just HAD to say something about the slide M)

Iron Man is so close to being good…

-Buff is launcher range a bit. It doesn’t need to auto-connect but it’s range as it stands is more than an inconvenience.
-Let him cancel his dash, and give him a normal tri-jump. Between the stupid IM dash, and the way he gracefully sets himself down after a tri-dash, IM, a character about freedom through technology, it perhaps the most restrictive character on the cast.
-Smart bombs cover different trajectories.
-Light repulsar startup faster. It’s just a smidge to slow to really be used as an AA, making it a little faster would make a defensive IM more feasable.
-Faster Unibeam (apparently this is confirmed). No reason, a beam that is less durable, less advantage, less damage, and less meter than Doom’s, should also be slower.
-2C more advantage on hit/block. You can already combo off this (but it’s hard as hell) and call assists during. But it’s so hard, and such a crappy projectile that it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t need to be a good move, but this would make it easy to at least consistently do something with it.
-Smart bomb command changed to Button+S. Basically make it function like the MvC2 variation. Also will make TK Smart Bomb combos easier and thus, more applicable and consistent.

I really don’t think his launcher range is the problem, like Dime said it’s a MUCH better option to make his c.M slide farther with a reduced hitbox (to make it still fair) like the other characters in the game. That way you give him a MUCH bigger buff than just on a launcher, that changes almost everything for his combos with 1 simple tweak.

I would love if his tri-dash did get a much quicker recovery time like Mag’s, but I also understand why they gave him the small hover time. (the movie being a huge reason…he never does a quick drop, always a quick hover before landing, it also makes sense with the propultion he’s got from the suit)

A slightly quicker Unibeam startup would be great, Smart bombs using Atk+S would also be super awesome. I’m really excited to see the changes, and new things my favorite characters have. I’m watching Cap and Stark really really hard on every video. :slight_smile:


Well, I did propose a cancelable dash, so instead of a 2B slide effect, you could just Dash>2A/B after a jump in. Giving him a slide would make him way to much like Magneto.

IMO, they gave him the hover because he can do a full trijump mixup off a normal jump, I just want to give him a normal trijump, you’d need to super jump to fit in a jB or jC, in exchange, no more stupid hover touchdown thingy.

But yeah, I did hear the faster Unibeam is a reality. And they said it’s much faster, which has me excited.

to be fair you can cancel the landing animation like Thor can , its just not as fast as it could be …

Unibeam is confirmed to be faster, to point of spammable.

i dont agree with flying ve… well i DO agree that making ironmans slide like what i posited would make him more closely resemble magneto(BUT its not actually a mag only thing… there are other characters that use slides to “extend” range on there launcher like hsien ko and she hulk amongst others so slide to launcher is a homogenous thing which ironman already has, just in a MUCH reduced form than the other characters that have it)… however ve’s quicker tridash, cancelable groundash, and quciker unibeam also make him resemble mags… so its basically tit for tat at this point… which of mags moveset would you rather im have… personally i think a quicker unibeam while welcome, is a copout. i’d rather them keep it the same speed and up its durability points, i just think that ironman being slower than mags is how it should be imho, its just that his priority should make up for it… whereas right now it doesnt… his shit gets beat all day.

also my only problem with IM’s tridash game is i’d rather a quicker startup on his jumpin m. i dont want magneto speed trijumps. i can already get a near instant trijump cr.L, mixed in with tridash m makes his mixup based offense very good… the problem really is that it doesnt have much priority in the scheme of things which is why i would want a quicker jump m.

as it is right now, if your ironman is good you have alot of options in mid range that mags doesnt… i’d like to keep ironman this way and not copout and just make him like mags based rushdown/keepaway. imho they had it right when they designed ironman, its just that the frames on some of his moves are fail.

i do agree with quicker startup on L repulsor blast though… its unique to Ironman and buffing it and smartbombs would further put up a distinction between him and mags. they had it right by giving him repulsor spread, now they need to finish it by making blast faster.

currently im’s jump m is 8 frame startup… i would change it to 6 frames.
currently L blast is 11 frame startup, i would change it to 8 frame startup and also reduce the other versions startup by 3 frames each, PERHAPS slightly improve range on all versions. it would be an amazing poke if that happened and might be op… but this is marvel and op shit is universal.
currently jump h is 11 frame startup, i would change it to 9 frame startup.

if only those things were done im would be much better and wouldnt resemble magneto any more than he already does.

i basically want him to be a midrange dominator… weak from far and not as good close as lots of others, but an absolute beast in the midrange. hes the only real midrange character in the game atm and that should be pumped up imho.

@ kei thanks for agreeing with me :slight_smile:


From Clockw0rk: "oh btw ironman triangle jumps are a lot slower. theres a very noticeable acceleration on his airdash (down forward at least) ".

maybe it’s because I’m not a native speaker, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me at first glance. anyone care to explain?

Having not seen it myself, I would geuss that he now accelerates kinda like Morrigan or Viper. And that overall the thing is slower.

This loks bad but it might be a blessing in disguise, it could make double and triple overheads easier to do. This could be especially useful if the got rid of the hover-touchdown-thingy.

sounds exactly like vipers shitty ass airdash… DO NOT WANT. also ve… there is no hover animation on IM’s current tridash if you do it low enough to the ground… just takes a bit of practice in T-mode to get the timing consistent.

if clockwork is right and there is no reason why he wouldnt be, this is a HORRIBLE nerf. IM already had range on his airdashes… he didint need more. slowing them down is just stupid imho if other characters are allowed to have there cracked out tridashes… unless tridashes on a whole were nerfed… then i dont mind so much.

seems like as if they are nerfing IM’s clsoe abilities in favor of making him more of a keepaway character… do not want. i like my midrange monster TYVM. fucking capcom always getting shit wrong.

  • 2 minute edit!!! OOOH OOOH OOOH… this might actually be a mega buff to his midrange game! if im doesnt go as far in the first frames of his airdash then he may have a more localized air dash H game which would allow for airdash h canceling to control space, and the mix up would be letting the airdash go the full distance… HMMMMM


I just checked to confirm, he still has pause off the low trijump (it is faster). There’s just no distinct hover animation. It’s faster, but it still makes it more obvious if your going for a low than the better tri-jumpers. It’s slow enough to see and slow enough to be mashed out of. Wiffing a jH can scare people, but I would take a real tri-dash any day of the week.

idontknow man… i just hear alot of qq in there^^ its react blockable? MAYBE in training mode, but in game its alot harder to block. case in point one of my regular frinds that i play is a very good player (recently took 3rd in seattles salty runback) i cant even come close to beating this guy… yet i hit him with chuns F+H all day long ( a move that chun players all say no one should ever get hit with and is way to slow to actually use outside of xf3) it just seems like theoryfighter to me to say something as quick as IM’s instant trijump cr.L is react blockable while also looking for instant tridash m… also note that these arent IM’s only high/low mixups… heres all of them as i know them:


tridash/instant tridash m
regular tridash air L,M
flight s or m


jump up ADD cr.L
instant tridash cr.L
jump/superjump forward (crossup) cr.L

^^thats alot of different looks to be giving people, and yes a good ironman should be throwing ALL of these into his offense. his super jump crossup cr.L has ALOT of crossup range, you dont have to be anywhere near point blank to do it although a crouching opponent makes it easier.

as far as mashin out of it… welcome to marvel, it happens to EVERY character… it also gets every character hit… mashing is a double edged sword… embrace it,expect it, and go on about your game with mashing in mind.

all i know is that certain players are susceptible to certain things, its the other players job to realize what those things are and adjust accordingly. dont tell yourself something cant work without trying it, theres alot of shit that shouldnt work that does very well, in fighting games. wolvies divekick is punishable on block by throwing it… but how often do we see this?


Look, I wasn’t talking about player skill at all here, I’m just saying IM’s tri-jump isn’t very good, there are lots of reasons for that, and one is that pause. Doing an empty tri-dash into a low has a different rhythm than say, Magneto doing the same thing. It weakens what should be one of the better tri-jumps considerably.

Also, Wolvies dive kick is throwable depending on how it hits you, not 100% of the time, which is why you don’t see it.

im is more about the threat of double overheads rather than empty low imo. empty low does still work and is fairly effective, but if you just want to do that as your main mixup then you should be playing magnus.

It’s that very pause that makes mixups like that less potent. (Note: there are lots of factors that make IM’s tri-jump less then what it should be).

I’m not saying IM is bad, but for a character that pretends to be about mobility and such, it kinda sucks. As it stands, he really is just a bad magneto for the most part. I’d rather him be a competent magneto at least.