Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Matchmaking thread

Eh, Might as well.
GT: JSoledOut1

I want in on this. LoffterT.

oh, I’m from gamefaqs.

I’ll get in on this

GT: CHNchilla89

GT: ArcanaVII

Im from Gamefaqs :b

Looks cool, I’m from GameFAQs sign me up.

Im gonna have to go ahead and take myself out of the tourney, based on the “no projectile spamming” soft ban.
I mean what if Im pitted up against a Hulk/Chun :h: mashing machine with a tron Gustav Flame assist. Im not gonna get near that thing, but im expected to not ‘spam’ projectiles.
The real issue is this; if you start soft bannig one tactic, then your just going to have every sore loser saying that the way they lost was cheap.
i.e. He’s spamming beam, He’s spamming legs, he picked sent, he picked Jean Grey and so on and so on.

So count me out.
Whats more is that I havent received a single game invite from anyone on this thread where as I have sent many.
I know not everyone in here can be that busy or scarred, cept maybe the GameFAQs guys, jk… maybe:razz:

I call next tourney bans Dante, Wesker, and Akuma. There would be 4 participants. :slight_smile:

really man I dont wanna sound like a dick, but you just can tstart banning things, in fighting game competitions, unless it is truely game breaking. I.E. gambit glitch in MVC2 or the Zero glitch that was patched in 3.

Even when we did Low-Teir touneys for MVC2 with stict character bans, there still wasnt any restrictions on play style… in the immortal works of Timmy from South Park, “I mean… Come on.”

I garrentee the first homey that I bag with Wesk/Storm/Sent is gonna say im being cheap.

Add me to the list. GT is my name.

i laughed.

I’m looking for some people to play. I’m an okay player, I play Mag/Wolvie/Akuma or Phoenix. Looking for some okay people to play with frequently. Ranked never works, and player matches are ridiculous not bragging, I have a record of like 600-150 and I KNOW it should not be that good. Looking for some equal skill players to play with you know those ones where its just back and forth with who’s winning. Kind of like a rival.

Well first of all that was a bit of a joke. but u can join tourney and spam. im just saying its Frowned upon because its VERY cheap. but if ur in a match against a hulk/chun mashing machine gun kicks n crap then id probably spam back too. i cant speak for anyone else not accepting friend requests. they have all responded to mine. u can invite me anytime.

That was Jimmy :P. Banning a playstyle because people don’t want to learn a way around an obstacle is just dumb.

No one is banning anything!!!

I feel you and where your coming from Joveezy, but I just think its a slipperly slope with the ‘soft ban’, you know what I mean. When you out right ban something, like Trons projectile assist in MVC2, thats a very straight forward message. But if you ‘soft ban’ or just imply that something could be unexceptable, then ppl can begin to abuse that slack in the rules.
Like I said before, I just think that certain ppl when start tossing turds at the glass when ever they feel like there defeat was ‘unfair’.

Its all good though. I know that if I didnt want to participate; all I had to do was not respond to the message, but I just thaught Id speak my piece.

GT CrunkxKidz

GT: o Xism o

I post on both forums so you can add me under wherever you’d like.

just as long as you know i wasn’t placing a softban on the tourney. imma try and get those invites out today

Xbox live gamer tag: dthboi

Hey, I’m not from GameFAQ’s.