Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Matchmaking thread

Ok the forums are way too cluttered with people starting “train me” and “looking for matches” threads soooooo…

Post all your matchmaking request here… dood!

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Matchmaking and Tournaments

**UPDATE (6/29/2011): Sry for the delay (I have a crzy wrk schedule). I will be making a separate **forum specifically for tournament sign up. be watching for the link. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL BE SENDING XBOX LIVE INVITES. After this next tournament is finished all of you will have to check the forum every so often to see when the next tournament is popping off!:rofl:

**ATTENTION: Be sure to bookmark and check this forum every couple of days (daily if you can) to stay on top of the updates I post! Thank You. **

(If you are from the Gamefaqs forum please specify in your Post)

MVC3 Match Making (Xbox Live)
Everyone Looking For Matches Post your Gamertag Here!
I will Be making a list of every gamertag posted here!

Current Players (GamerTags)
Feel Free To Send Friend Requests To The Players Below.
Let Them Know You Are From The Forum.

Players who have signed up will have a :tup:

(Players From Gamefaqs Forum)

  1. TatJballa
  2. ConfuciousNRG
  3. XxmikehxX
  4. Bigum286
  5. tao4
  6. Edge4o7
  7. Cruzchev2
  8. SHadOWx747
  9. xAlex4lifex :tup:
  10. Ventace :tup:
  11. ArcanaVII :tup:
  12. SoulRocknRolla
  13. LoffterT
  14. I M ILLogic :tup:
  15. DeadestKiller90
  16. KickMe400
  17. DrunkenSmuggler :tup:
  18. KCJ506
  19. captain88taplin

(Players From SRK Forum)

  1. JaytodaOV :tup:
  2. Keiyan911 :tup:
  3. NightWing HD :tup:
  4. Calcos323
  6. Ludea7
  7. ThatKidPoret
  8. Tapebot
  9. phobos209
  10. Ronin D Tenken
  11. xMAMAMOSHx
  12. theCROOKnation
  13. The Int3rsect
  14. thebest258
  15. Gsynth
  16. The Epic Ninja :tup:
  17. Super lNovice :tup:
  18. MONEYCAT88
  19. MateriaReactor
  20. NessEagletown
  21. DonoisMcLovin
  22. II Mr FiF II :tup:
  23. Paul Nannie
  24. snogging mallar
  25. TheRizer :tup:
  26. ThatKidPoret
  27. Coosco
  28. MIKEY2174
  29. thec0re3 (Looking for training)
  30. TRUJD3S :tup:
  31. FreezingCicada :tup:
  32. JSoledOut1 :tup:
  33. CHNchilla89
  34. Janitor4290 :tup:
  35. iCreAt0r
  36. CrunkxKidz :tup:
  37. o Xism o :tup:
  38. dthboi
  39. Hi Im Nastyy :tup:
  40. Rahzel 619
  41. BishopeLoudhart :tup:
  42. DeathGodThan0s
  43. ironman1478
  44. ASG Turtleing
  45. xKN s k 1 L L z
  46. Rikkulu (Very New, Looking For Training/Advice)
  47. RicanHeat112
  48. Rikkulu
  49. RicanHeat112
  50. viking305
  51. Affinity2412
  52. Jake2X88
  53. Thee Mufasa
  54. MFDooM2k
  55. Gimpx
  56. LazyActor14
  57. SlashX17
  58. RushedSRK
  59. i JOKER i
  60. NoT AnT
  61. LethalMonk6
  62. Teddeism

Heyyyyyyyy. So i post my GT here right :stuck_out_tongue:


Yo Yo “The Epic Ninja” needs some people to lobby with.

Yoo add me guys im getting new to the fighting scene Super lNovice (l is and L i believe, try i if not) I mostly play MvC3.

Just got a stick and a new team currently running Zero DMoo Magneto. Im really bad at using a stick if you need a moving target to practice your combos against I’m your guy(also if you just wanna farm wins). Also add me if you just like to talk about the game cause I love too!


Looking to get better/lobby. GT = MateriaReactor

need leveling up


My gamertag is DonoisMcLovin and I’m in Socal, so I prefer to play people in Cali for the best connection, I’m pretty scrubby. Right now I’m running Chun Ri-AMmy/Deadpool

I Need A Bit of help getting good
Im already pretty descent but i cant beat ma friends. Im trying to get really good with a few teams and i could use it. i play against ma friends and get beat alot and it has caused me to go negative but im trying to work on a few things. just smu or add me if u are down

Ill throw my name in, cause I think an online ‘for fun’ tourney would be… well fun.
And Im down for casuals or FT10s anytime. With the ‘Aquino’ trick; one on one matches will be alot more fun; no more returning to the lobby and reselecting the same chars.
If my account is online and watching a something on Netflix like ‘Ugly Betty’ or something then its probably my GF, and im probably at work. You can feel free to leave a message and Ill get back with you later.
I dont work Mon-Wed so those are my major gaming days.

Paul Nannie
location: Midwest
current teams: Wol/Storm/Sent and Mag/Storm/Sent
I also like to mess with Zero, Wesker and Taskmaster

im down for that tourny hit me up

Add my name to the list “snogging mallar”

I’m looking to get my ass kicked some more.

Hmm… I’ll join up, always looking for new players… GT is TheRizer

Posted via HTC Evo-Shift 4G

I’m in. Gamertag is ThatKidPoret. I use Wesker/Dante/Sentinel or Zero/Dormammu/Sentinel.

GT: Coosco

GT: MIKEY2174 I use wesker, taskmaster (not cheaply), and someone else (magneto, ironman, or doctor doom)

Anyone down for some casuals

Could use a training buddy

I want to take my dante and ryu to the next level and learn more about wesker so if anyone would be willing to train me with those or at least show me some intermediate stuff that would be cool.

My gamertag is TRUJD3S