Any thoughts?

This thread meets the approval of the supreme drunken poster me.


i approve (sorta).

haha, kind of funny that it came to this…

yosh, im prolly to play fri and/or sat. just let me know what’s better for you.

make sure you guys practice some mb. ill be really happy if we get 30 ppl for the tourney.

another thread… wtf ?? :confused:

andy, i’m not sure anymore if i can play this friday. i probably could play saturday, but that’s kind of murky right now too. i’m starting training for my new job tomorrow.

anyhow, i’ll call you this weekend.

We needed a thread with a title worthy to be counted among the prestigious “UIUC Thread” line. I mean, the other one doesn’t even have excessive caps or japanese rape innuendo. :confused:


Due to a twist of fate and other such tomfoolery, I may end up with an additional Atomiswave cabinet. (Cabinet only, not GG:AC :sad: )
There were some damage issues and such (which I am currently taking care of the best I can) with my current cabinet, so I have been offered a second cabinet for a reduced price. (Very reduced in fact.)

Now, I love games of the arcade genre as much as anyone, but I really don’t think I have a use for dual Atomiswave SD cabinets. (Unless I wanted to put them back to back, which would rock but I just don’t have the space.)

My questions is, anyone over at UIUC interested in purchasing an Atomiswave cabinet from me potentially? I admit, it is not a cheap cabinet, however on the bright side, I could likely personally deliver it to anyone who wanted it when I come down on the weekends. (This saves you $300+ in shipping costs.)

Catch is it would be down a control panel for the time, however you can make your own or get one from Australia as far as I know. :sweat:
I know someone who is pretty handy with metal work, maybe that will be an option.

Can’t confirm any of this just yet, as I really don’t know what I’m doing yet. For now I just want to see if there is any interest in your end.

I’d mention this in classifieds, however I would much rather sell to people I actually know instead.

(Ack, that post became long fast…)

Maybe our school would buy it.

illinois already has a atomiswave cabinet… with a really shitty game in it (demolition fist)

anyhow, have fun at illinites

We have two, the demolition fist and that shooting game (which is actually cool when it works).

How much would you offer the cabinet for anyway?

I gotta ask…what do you do for a living man?

okay elaborating, we should get accent core for the union.

not we particularly, but we should convince the school, or at least a fighting game in there (a good one).

Hook me up with ~$2200 and I’ll get you Accent Core + Naomi. :wink:
Las Vegas is paying for my copy. $$ God bless gambling.

As for the cabinet, I could tack on ~$500 to the price and deliver it with Third Strike. :looney:
I suppose the worst I can end up with in this situation is having a GG:AC cab next to a Third Strike cab… not too shabby…

I’m also going to be coming in this weekend (like the past 2 weekends. :wgrin:) You guys want to get some matches in? I decided to pick up Johnny about a week or so ago, and need some experience outside of training mode. :sweat:

ah, just give us a call. you have our numbers (someone’s number at least).

so your coming to illinites?


man i wish i had to money to afford a 3s machine…with real japanese style controls (cries)

we should try and get the union to buy it then we could convince them that we could hold tournaments with parts of the entry fees going back to them and of course them making the money for people to play it…:ends dream:

friendly hello everyone!
i’m moving! TO DEKALB. lol

sounds cool, we gotta play some t5dr or something at the mall here in champaign sometime

dekalb? wha?

Humbag, That sig cracks me up.

Hope to meet some of you fellas at MWC next week. :tup:

DeKalb is smelly.


great job chris. good turnout.

so anyone up for games today? what time?