UIUC/Central IL 2016 Thread - IFD Land! Facebook group more active

This thread is primarily for the UIUC fighting game scene in Champaign/Urbana, IL.

However this thread also serves the Central, IL region in general.

The UIUC thread has been going for many years now and our scene is continuing to grow thanks to all the new fighters that have been released in the past few years.


LOL UPDATED not really.


God, you’re a scrub, Brock…

This calls for a celebration in the form of big font


Also I’m changing my name to kaylond, shoutouts to Seb


kaylond lmao

hey are you gonna have a sumotori dreams setup? that game is my shit

Anyone else get sick? I’m starting to feel pretty shitty.

Ultimate Fighting Game T-Virus.

I feel fine.

I am actually pretty fucking sick. I was feeling it on Sunday and today I felt like utter shit.

3 time the 3ast

Everyone underestimates the kick to the groin.


I also feel sick. My stomach is all, wtf.

I felt like I was getting sick saturday, but I just drank lots o water and kept doing my sinus rinse and I feel fine atm.

In other news, TOP 16 AT EVO SON! Im declaring it now! Ima be stuck on SF (Super and AE) Like a fat kid on a pan o ribs! Im goin in son!!!

Can I expect to see you guys at the next gameworks tournament on the 26th and more of you this time? Dennis (really want to learn the Akuma match up now. Tokido says its a bad matchup for Akuma in this game, but I always learn something from youe Akuma), Julian, Musa, Tonloc,Joe, Humbag?

Mike should come to get that 0-2 demon out of the soul (no diss). But cant wait to see you guys again. Always a good time.

Got to fight PR Rog and fLOE for the first time last week, and I did really well. Cant wait to see whos leveled up!

^ Like the new avatar, J. Respect dat Sakura. :tup:

Thanks. I like dat yung Guile yo. It looks like that nigga is telling somebody: THIS IS AMERICA, SON!

Just wanted to say, I think SSF4:AE will be a great game. I think that if they do something about Yun, Yang and maybe Fei Long, I think the game would be perfect. But if Capcom doesn’t patch this, this WILL be 3rd Strike again. Please explain to me how AE was looking very good then Yun and Yang just bent the game over and did it in the ass. I’m fine with the rest of the game, I think its really really good, but its like having 3 SF4 Sagats in the game. Maybe in the future people will figure the twins out and things will balance themselves out, but hoping Capcom knows all about this and is going to fix this, however this “balance working as intended” shit they are saying is worrying me. I wanted Yun and Yang in Street Fighter 4 badly but damn son, dont ass rape the whole cast!!!

Honestly I am more worried about Fei than Yun/Yang.

Yun and Yang may rape more characters but they do actually have losing matchups while honestly, Fei has like 0 it seems.