Uhh...help? - A Newbies guide to the Nova Corps

Welcome to the Nova Corps

The Corpsman Manual
In this manual, you will be familiarising yourself with Nova and his style of play. Fundamentals are the key attributes to develop when starting off with Nova. Movement and ground control is the biggest attribute to master when playing Nova.

Space. Bait. Punish

SSS Tier - Doom
S Tier - Strider, Amaterasu, Strange, Spencer, Dante, Vergil, MODOK, Dormmamu, Iron Man, Arthur, Rocket Raccoon, Sentinel

St. :l: - For aerial opponents and to punish opponents
St. :m: - Has deceptive range but long startup. Can be used for kara cancelling
St. :h: - Long range and startup.
Cr. :l: - To punish opponents
Cr. :m: - Only from a certain distance. Can be used for kara cancelling
Cr. :h: - Makes blockstring safe. You CANNOT follow up or risk dying.
:s: - Launcher. Combo only!
j. :l: - For air confirms, also for instant overheads
j. :m: - For aerial crossups or opponents higher than you
j. :h: - For pretty much everything
j. :s: - For corner escape. Always pair with an assist
:qcf: + :l:/:m: - For space control. Hitconfirms off red health version. Speed Tackle is used for no red health hitconfirms
:qcf: + :h: - For ground control. Very few assists can take out the normal version.
:qcb: + :atk: - For air movement and combo only. Always pair with an assist
:qcb: + :s: - flight. Makes blockstring safe and negates pushblock.
:dp:+:l:/:m: - Only from a certain distance, backed up by an assist. Can be used to cross up on incoming
:dp: + :h: - Has super armor. (Very bad armor though)
:qcf: + :atk::atk: - for positioning for next DHC or for raw damage
:qcb:+:atk::atk: - To snipe assist or projectile happy characters
:dp: + :atk::atk: - fastest hyper in Nova’s arsenal, most damage aside from Grav Blaster with red health

:l:, :m:, :h:, :s:, jump, :m:, :m:, :h:, :qcb:+:s:, :m:, :m:, :h:, :s:, :f:+:h:, :s:, :h:, :qcf:+:l:, :dp:+:atk::atk:
Ground Throw(corner), :f:+:h:, :s:, jump, :m:, :m:, :h:, :s:, :dp:+:l:, :dp:+:atk::atk:
Ground Throw(midscreen), :dp:+:l:, :m:, :h:, :s:, jump, :m:, :m:, :h:, :s:, :f:+:h:, :s:, :h:, :dp:+:atk::atk:
Air Throw(corner), wait, :h:, land, :h:, :s:, jump, :m:, :m:, :h:, :s:, :f:+:h:, :s:, :h:, :dp:+:atk::atk:
Air Throw(midscreen), whiff :h:, :dp:+:l:, :m:, :h:, :s:, jump, :m:, :m:, :h:, :s:, :f:+:h:, :s:, :h:, :dp:+:atk::atk:
(Air confirm) j.:h:, :qcb:+:s:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, :f:+:h:, :s:, jump, :h:, :dp:+:atk::atk:

Resets & Setups
After an air combo
:f:+:h:, :s:, :u:+:atk:+:s: (On block, you can St. :l:, throw, or high-low)

:qcf:+:h: to ground throw
:qcf:+:h: to cross-up dash
:atk:+:s: to cross-up dash
super jump, air dash down, j. :h:

Training Regime
Daily tasks
[] Practice plinkdashing forward and backward straight for 10mins
] Complete 5 consecutive reps of each combo on both sides. If you drop a combo, restart from 0 from that combo you dropped
[] Complete 5 reps of reset setups on both sides. Practice each mix-up option 5 each.
] Complete 5 reps of incoming setups on both sides. Practice each mix-up after the incoming setup

Perform this for a week before moving onto the next rank.

[style size=“15px”]The Millenian + Denarian Manual[/style]
In this manual, you will be optimsing Nova’s combos and setups while maintaining the movement. These optimised combos and setups will involve your selected assists. As this part is very long, both Millenian rank and Denarian rank are put together in this manual.

Advanced BNBs Thanks to Dougiie Ovrkll




Advanced Resets and Setups
After air combo


Training Regime
[] Practice plinkdashing forward and backward straight for 10mins
] Complete 5 consecutive reps for combos on both sides. If you drop a combo, restart from 0 from that combo you dropped. Practice for the following:
- Midscreen St L hitconfirm + Cr. M hitconfirm
- Midscreen instant overhead j.L hitconfirm
- Corner St L hitconfirm + Cr. M hitconfirm
- Corner instant overhead j.L hitconfirm
- Midscreen ground throw combo
- Midscreen air throw combo
- Corner ground throw combo
- Corner air throw combo
- Midscreen jump height confirm
- Midscreen superjump height confirm
- Corner jump height confirm
- Corner jump superjump height confirm
- Midscreen Grav Pulse L
- Midscreen Grav Pulse M

Tricks and Tips
How do I do Nova’s instant overhead?
Moons tutorial (Stick only)



(Pad only)

[details=Spoiler]Set your triggers or shoulder buttons to H+M and L+M+H. To perform the iOH, just jump, hold down and then press H+M and L+M+H immediately after. In training mode, the inputs should be this
:m: :l:
Nova should do his air light very low to the ground now.[/details]

How do I do Nova/Spencer crumple combo?
:f:+:h:, :s:+:a1:, TK :qcb:+:h:
TK means tiger knee which involves ending your motion with an up motion like so.
:d: :db: :b: :ub:

How do I do the unfly glitch?
Just make sure that the attack and the s are pressed on the same frame. This leads to some useful stuff such as mixups as well as consistent TACs.

How do I Speed Tacos?

How to get a crumple state midcombo without Spencer
Courtesy of motion51

[details=Spoiler]Deadpool - :gamma: - :l:, :m:, :h:+:a1: , :qcb:+:h:
Doctor Strange - :beta: :gamma: - :beta: :l:, :m:, :h:, :a1:, :qcf:+:l:, :qcb:+:h: / :gamma: same as previous but :h:+:a1: and can choose to omit :qcf:+:l:
Dormmamu - :gamma:~3C - :l:, :m:, :h:+ :a1:, :qcb:+:h:
Ghost Rider - :gamma: - :l:, :m:+:a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h:
Hawkeye - :alpha: :beta: - :alpha: :l:, :m:, :h:+ :a1:, :qcb:+:h: / :beta: :l:, :m:+:a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h:
Iron Man - :alpha: :gamma: - :alpha: :l:, :m:+:a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h: / :gamma: see arthur (very inconsistent!)
Rocket Raccoon - :beta: :gamma: - :l:, :m:, :h:+:a1: , :qcb:+:h: both corner only!
Shuma-Gorath - :beta: :gamma: - :l:, :m:+:a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h:
Storm - :alpha: - :l:, :m:, :a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h: (wait to allow assist to fully hit if you want to!)
Taskmaster - :alpha: - :l:, :m:+:a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h: (delay similar to arthur for crumple to connect!)
Wolverine - :beta: - :l:, :m:, :h:+:a1: , :qcb:+:h:
X-23 - :alpha: :beta: - :l:, :m:, :a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h:


[details=Spoiler]Amaterasu - :beta: - :l:, :m:, :h:+:a1: , :qcf:+:h:, :qcb:+:h:
Akuma - :alpha: - :l:, :m:, :h:+ :a1:, :qcb:+:h:
Arthur - :beta: - :l:, :m:, :h:+:a1: , :qcb:+:h: - pretty easy just dont rush the rocket punch (wait for the dagger to come out!)
Chris - :beta: - :l:, :m:+:a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h: - awkward and hard to confirm into because his slow start up.
Dante - :beta: :gamma: - :l:, :m:+:a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h:
Felicia - :beta: :gamma: - :beta: :l:, :m:, :h:+:a1: , :qcb:+:h: / :gamma: :l:, :m:+:a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h:
Frank West - :beta: - :l:, :m:, :h:+:a1: , :qcb:+:h:
Ryu - :beta: - :l:, :m:, :h:+ :a1:, :qcb:+:h:
Trish - :gamma: - :l:, :m:+:a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h:
Tron - :beta: :gamma: - :beta: :l:, :m:, :h:+ :a1:, :qcb:+:h: / :gamma: :l:, :m:, :h:+:a1: , :qcb:+:h:
Viewtiful Joe - :alpha: - :l:, :m:, :h:+ :a1:, :qcb:+:h:
Wesker - :beta: - :l:, :m:, :h:+ :a1:, :qcb:+:h:
Zero - :beta: :gamma: - :l:, :m:, :h:+ :a1:, :qcb:+:h: - no delay with inputs for either assist.[/details]

3. How do I do the H loops midscreen?
You can an optimised version which is much easier. After the launch, make sure you superjump forward to close in on the opponent. Do H, fly, H, unfly. Then air dash forward with a j.LxxH. You’ll then land and then follow up with a launch to finish the job. A fairly easy link. You must be somewhat close to the opponent when you start the H loops. Other variants do exist such as air dashing and using j.H to maximise damage. Much harder however. Make sure to know whether you are close to the corner or not as the airdash can muck up the combo. Off an overhead, it’s easier to go for a normal H loop combo.

3. How do I do the raw tag air throw combos?
Mid-screen :df::atk::atk:, :atk:
You need to air dash diagonally down and whiff a normal subsequently. This will make you land faster and allow you to raw tag into anyone. This new character needs to have a fast OTG in order for the combo to start.
Corner :df::atk::atk:, :atk:
You need to air dash downwards and whiff a normal subsequently. N.B. You must use either :m: or :l:. Using :h: for whiffing may cause Nova to actually hit the opponent.
Examples can be found here and here
Characters that cannot be OTG: Amaterasu, Viewtiful Joe, Rocket Raccoon
Tip: During the throw animation, you can hold down the :a1: and :df: while mashing :l::m:. This will create a perfect tag in which gives you enough time to OTG with more characters.

Nova’s Matchups (To be cleaned up)

Possibly outdated
New thread: Xandarian Enemy Database. Nova Detailed Matchup Thread

Nova Prime Level BnBs

For someone just getting into Nova, and UMvC3 in general, this is awesome.

Hope that you keep expanding it. I particularly had no idea how to work the Instant overhead and now have somewhere to start

I run nova/frank/sentinel and I think nova’s corner game is amazing that instant overhead combined with a good lockdown assist can really do some damage. I also have a nova combo that’s a bit over 800k damage solo and uses one meter in the corner. do crL crM sH S jH qcbL dash downward jH and you should land after that H and relaunch and do jH qcbL dash downward jH S jH and then power of the nova force for massive damage.

Question, Can I combo into a crumple state without Spencer? I like Strange alot, and want to get a combo in before FoF loops, but I don’t want to run team Nemo. If there is a way to do a crumple combo without Spencer im all ears.

discovigilante has figured it out by using the Amaterasu Cold Star assist as shown in the video below

Whether this works for other lockdown assists, I am uncertain. Perhaps but you’ll need to adjust the timing of the Human Rocket Punch

there are quite a few characters that allow for a crumple early on as opposed to spencer who allows it late into a combo.

only works if you kept the opponent standing!

chris (b) - L, M w/Assist, H, qcb.H. awkward and hard to confirm into because his slow start up.
arthur (b) - L, M, H w/Assist, qcb.H. pretty easy just dont rush the rocket punch (wait for the dagger to come out!)
frank west (b) - see arthur.
zero (b) (y) - L, M, H w/Assist, qcb.H. no delay with inputs for either assist.
ryu (b) - see zero.
dante (b) (y) - see chris.
tron (b) (y) - (b) see zero, (y) see arthur.
trish (y) - see chris.
felicia (b) (y) - (b) see arthur, (y) see chris.
spencer (b) - see internet!!!
akuma (a) - see zero.
vjoe (a) - see zero.
ammy (b) - see video above.
shuma (b) (y) - see chris.
ghost rider (y) - see chris.
haweye (a) (b) - (a) see zero, (b) see chris.
strange (b) (y) - (b) L, M, H, Asisst, qcf.L, qcb.H. (y) same as previous but H w/Assist and can choose to omit qcf.L.
rocket (b) (y) - see arthur both corner only!
dormm (y~3C) - see zero.
deadpool (y) - see rocket.
wolverine (b) - see arthur.
iron man (a) (y) - (a) see chris, (y) see arthur (very inconsistent!)
x23 (a) (b) - L, M, Assist, H, qcb.H.
storm (a) - see x23 (wait to allow assist to fully hit if you want to!)
taskmaster (a) - see chris (delay similar to arthur for crumple to connect!)

EDIT - added remaining cast who can viably make a crumple happen. others who were not listed can still possibly make a qcb.H connect but its too wacky or difficult to land (especially mid match!)

Awesome list. You can do it with Vajra as well, but the timing is very strict.

yeah theres better uses for vajra so i think thats why i didnt include it.

same for kikoken, low voltage, demon missile and soul fist…just too damn picky timing wise so i decided to skip them!

This thread is TOOOOOOOOOOOOO GODLIKKKEEEE!!! I plan on making a Nova solo combo encyclopedia when I get a better cap card and editing software one day =))))

sweet, been wanting to learn nova/spencer/frank

Great thread so far xr0s, though I should write a bit on how to play Nova full-screen better. Or his zoning game in general.
ALSO, let’s try and get a legit matchup table in here!

Tell me how I can expand it. I’d like this to be a collaborative thing, so dougiie, will post your vids here.

Also, how do I do the titles in the spoilers like in Karsts guide to dormammu?
EDIT: Never mind, my eyes deceived me. God, I wish I reserved more posts

Teaser for Nova’s matchups:

Just numbers for now. I have big hand-written descriptions of the bad matchups (so much dead time at work lol) and am in the midst of the even matchups now. Let me know if there’s any disagreements, and @Marvelo please elaborate on Felicia cause I have fought like one in my entire Marvel career.

Thanks so much disco, will add to the matchup section

I think Morrigan and Joe both beat Nova. And Zero for sure beats Nova, its one of those situations where yeah Nova can do better than a lot of the cast, but its still in Zero’s favour because he’s zero.

I’m also starting to think Vergil/Nova is probably even if you’re talking about point characters.

My opinion on matchups have changed since I started playing Plasma Beam.

Spencer is 4-6.

Nova vs Deadpool is even. Speed Tackle kinda shits on him.

Felicia is even.

Captain is even.

Dante is 4-6.

Vergil is 4-6.

Firebrand matchup is even.

Taskmaster with a projectile assist is actually pretty difficult as well. Might be slightly in his favor. Same with Viper.

Zero matchup might be slightly in his favor too.

Morrigan matchup is even imo.

Nova beats Akuma 6/4.

Nova beats Dormammu 6/4.

Nova beats all the heavy’s 6/4.

Nova vs Frank is actually even. Frank at lvl 4/5 is 4/6.

Nova beats Chris. 6/4. Speed Tackle shits on him.

Nova beats Joe also. 6/4. Not easy, but speed tackle is invaluable in so many matchups. Especially this one.

Hahaha, I was trying to factor a “no assists” mentality in. With Plasma Beam (and other assists) the matches change quite a bit. Plus you have Vajra which allows you to confirm off of super jump-height Speed Tackle hits.
I guess we’d have to do one of those sessions like 8OTB did… Training Mode, assist buttons disabled, starting with 0 meter. Just straight-up 1 on 1. As many matches as it takes to decide. But we’d need a lot of dedicated, strong players.

Spencer as 4/6 instead of 3.5/6.5 is possible, but I feel like this fucker is way harder than Dante and Vergil. If he’s 4/6 then the bros have to be 4.5/5.5 in my book. Normals are just too derpy.

Speed Tackle shits on Deadpool if you can ever find a spot to get it out safely… again depends on the matchup, but Vajra makes it quite annoying. I could see 4.5/5.5, but even… idk.

I had a feeling Felicia would be even in theory… it just doesn’t seem that hard compared to Wolverine (someone previously said they were pretty much the same matchup in terms of denying escape options and whatnot).

I’m biased against Cap. Fuck Cap. 4.5/5.5 at best, though knowing you can put him in blockstun after blocking the first Shield Slash hit free is kinda nice.
Definitely not enough experience against FB.

Task is a pain, but again it depends on the assist. Plasma Beam can totally shit on him. Haven’t played enough Vipers, but the one I have the most experience against uses Plasma Beam and we go even.

Zero being in his favor I could see. Vajra is supposed to help against him though, right?

Agreed on Morrigan. @Sottle - you need to be able to punish her as she throws the first fireball on the ground, which is an easy read. It forces her to just stand there after activating Astral lest she get hit. Bolts/Drones help here a lot to cover Speed Tackle and let you mix her up after you get in. Otherwise, you should get into a space where you can put up a pulse at jump height and throw the javelin, which always hits Doom if she calls him near her, plus you can plink dash under her while it’s coming down for a mixup.

Not enough Akuma experience, but I also doubt anyone here has enough point Akuma experience. From what I’ve seen so far, he can use his walkspeed to just get in your grill immediately and stay there, then apply jump tatsu pressure with assists like Bolts… or lows+overhead, fireballs, etc. Japan, man.

Dorm… I think does better than some think against Nova. Just depends on how aggressive they are and of course, assists. When he has a faster beam it’s much scarier than missiles. That’s why I put it 5.5/4.5.

There is no way Nova/Haggar is not 7/3. I was being generous. If you zone him out properly, esp. with Plasma Beam or another projectile assist, he’s helpless.

I think Nova bodies regular Frank, seriously. Just build space and zone him, use Plasma Beam to keep him from throwing zombies, punish with Grav Blaster to scare him from doing so. All he has other than that is the Shopping Cart super which gets wrecked by Speed Tackle. Level 4/5 is probably not in Nova’s favor in theory.

Speed Tackle shits on Chris unless he has an incendiary out and stands next to it. Then Speed Tackle trades. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had this happen to you, but a defensive Chris is really hard to take care of. Again, Vajra should help here. Still think it’s even or 5.5/4.5 Nova’s favor.

Agreed on Joe. Character gets locked down by Energy Javelin pretty hard too.

Yeah, Nova bops Haggar. SOLO though. With an assist, it’s like 6/4 in Nova’s favor. It becomes a different matchup. Cap sucks dude. Once you understand the limits that character has, the matchup becomes much easier. Spencer is definitely the worst matchup. If any matchup is 3.5/6.5 it’s Spencer.

So you can use Wesker gunshot assist to get the crumple state. A friend of mine started playing Nova/Doom/Wesker, which I don’t think is a very good team, but you can kill up to She-Hulk reeeeeeeeally consistently with this setup since it causes so little hitstun. Also never whiffs on smaller opponents like Cold Star does.