UFGT8 Results and Shoutouts

Shoutouts here. Results on SRK frontpage. http://shoryuken.com/2012/05/27/road-to-evo-2012-ultimate-fighting-game-tournament-8-streams-and-coverage-hub/

did anyone pick up an ipod touch? cracked screen? front and back camera?

#shoutouts reserved

Posting from the Crowne Plaza business center! Haha. Finally about to leave, though.

UFGT8 was a truly awesome experience. Thanks to everyone involved in putting it together and staffing at the event. Shoutouts to everyone who I chilled with or played. Special shoutouts to the ST and GG communities for making those side tournaments and casuals happen.


I’ll see you at the next stop on the Road to Evo, my friends – East Coast Throwdown 4!

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the tournament. You guys helped make it all possible!

And super big thanks to everyone who purchased a Run IFD shirt. I seriously almost cried when everyone was cheering “IFD IFD IFD” when Keits called me to the stage. You are all the best.

I liked your commentary, Tubo! And congrats on a another great UFGT, Keits! Shoutouts to ChrisG for bringing it with Morrigan.

Now, the question on everyone’s minds: Will Divekick ever be made available to general public, commercially or otherwise? I could see it being available as an Indie game on XBL.

Aw man, this was TOO FUN! It’s unfortunate that I was the only one from my area that could make it, but I took enough pictures to show the others.

-Nice seeing some of the bigger names in community, especially now that I know more big names than my first major tourney.
-To Juicebox and the others who I let use my PS3 stick during KOF casuals on Thursday, you’re welcome. :smiley:
-Number1Ricky, Kabada and 1ChrisM, you were great guests and it was a pleasure letting you crash in my room, too bad that whole room key thing was annoying.
-Fubarduck…I’ll get you next time in 3S.
-Divekick was pretty fun, hope things go well on the project.
-Mystery finals were hype.
-OMG, “YES!” chants at UFGT. You guys are awesome.
-Nice having late dinner/early breakfast at Steak and Shake with the Phreak Mods crew, and Balki from Perfect Strangers!
-Shout outs to that cop laying down the LAW to that scam artist taxi driver, dude deserves jail.

Really great time, see you all next year.

Had an amazing time. Keits you really know how to put on a good show and take care of the community.


Props to all the good KOFXIII players this weekend! I had a blast playing with so many new people and seriously learning more about the game in a couple days than since I got the game.


As a stream monster this year (holy crap I’m STILL horribly sick), my shoutouts go to:

Divekick (and Sanchaz taking the tournament)
J-Money’s one-armed comeback in Real Steel
Murph for another GDLK Mystery Tournament
Wisconsin taking 5 of SC5’s top 8
Marn being put on blast HARD.

The real question is, after seeing Murph be responsible for selling a few thousand copies of Deadliest Warrior last year and a few thousand copies of Real Steel this year…what WILL he get people to buy next year?

Also, found this:


That was pretty amazing for my first marvel tournament. I’m still mad that THE EVO CHAMP outbid me on that arthur morrigan team in the auction. Ok, not really though. I’m coming back next year for sure.

If I met you for the first time at UFGT8 and we talked, you were probably awesome and somebody I’d want to run into again. If I already knew you, it was a pleasure to see you again.

If you were staff and helped put this thing together, you were all pretty much godlike.

If your last name is Heart, you either are the creator of or the father of the creator of the BEST TOURNAMENT EVER.

Sanchaz, can I have my soul back? With your gauntlet I’m sure you can pick up a few new ones.

Shout-outs to…

  1. The guys who made Divekick. Even though I was a complete fraud in that game, I still had a blast. Please consider releasing this somewhere, whether it be XBL, PSN, Steam, etc. I would be happy to pay for a copy.
  2. Alex Valle for giving me the chance to play against him in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  3. Juicebox Abel and Romance for the KOF13 panel. I recently bought the game, and loved to hear about the mechanics and depth the game offers from the pros themselves, as well as why they loved the game.
  4. Juicebox Abel for not only trying to convince me to share the pizza that I brought into the hotel Friday night, but for joining me in ripping KOF12 a new ass before his panel.
  5. Anyone and everyone that didn’t believe me when I said that I lived 15 minutes away from the event.
  6. Keits and the rest of the staff for making my first major an amazing experience. I am SO coming back next year.

Tournament was awesome and so were the people there. Midbest in the house! Too many people to name here, but y’all know if we kicked it.

Plane Tickets to UFGT9.

Shoutouts for Chris G priceless expressions during SG Final four.

Group shout outs to

  • Valle, Jebailey, Juicebox, Romance, Chris G, Dieminion, Dave Lang, Jwong, Markman, and Spooky for a great first effort with the highly entertaining panels.
  • The Old Abbot film crew for having technical issues during their film debut and it creating an impromptu sing-along of the Pokemon theme song.
  • The Focus Fire and Level Up stream crews for their efforts this weekend.
  • Team IFD for various reasons
  • Everyone who bought a Divekick shirt. You are all awesome.

Individual shout outs to

  • Jebailey for the entertainment
  • Chris G for consistently making tournaments more entertaining
  • Markman for the hat and jacket
  • Chauncy for Stroke
  • Sparkster for Horsehead
  • Dieminion for the near heart attack followed by mind-blown Dr. Strange comeback
  • Noel Brown for stepping up and offering to throw down after someone almost damaged the Focus Fire stream camera
  • Papa Keits for ballrog ball
  • Gilty for directing me to a casuals room
  • Frankie G for loaning me a TE for some matches
  • German Lugar for the compliments and Vega practice I unfortunately need
  • kappa.reddit.com for the Fraud Detected Jebailey graphic
  • Nogs/couchtech and Old Abbott for helping with the panels

And lastly, Keits, for the tournament, for gauntlets, for timely brackets, for staff prizes, for Divekick, for letting me print Divekick T-shirts, and for making me proud of being involved with an FGC event.

  • Keits good to meet you, and thank you and Max for letting me assist with running brackets, I was happy to help.
  • BurnYourEgo, fun times hanging out in the bar with 80s music. To everyone that missed it, the jukebox bar is a serious steal for songs per dollar, and free pool
  • Mario, Adam, and other Cincy people, thanks for the tips in VS
  • Guilty Gear people, glad it happened to keep the game afloat until this digital release.
  • People I ran brackets for, thanks for helping out and staying close by the whole, and it was great to meet you guys as well!

The event was great, organized well, and a great venue. Looking forward to it next year!

-Keits is #1 in my book. The book of people who I am thankful for because without him, this weekend wouldn’t have happened.
-MURPHAGATOR is #2. He spent the entire weekend running a tournament that made many people cringe, cry, and get hype. Continue to be the best at your craft sir. No doubt, you deserve a gauntlet.
-Staffers are #3. Without everyone’s participation, UFGT8 wouldn’t have been such a huge success. Other tournament threads have people complaining and asking when the money gets received. Our thread has shoutouts. I’d like to thank everyone for doing their jobs.
-Everyone else takes #4. All of you who were on time for brackets and had fun, remember this tournament was for you guys. The staff put in a lot of hard work and Keits threw a lot of money out there for everyone’s enjoyment. I want to see even more people next year!

Other stuff

-Tones, thanks for coming out and playing KoF. Wish I could’ve got more games in, but I was working extremely hard over the weekend. Try and get a group to come out to a Chicago regional tournament sometimes. We definitely love more KoF players.
-HologramGootecks, for being a worthy opponent in both mystery and skullgirls, and singlehandedly starting a new meme. Hologram Mike Ross backing you up, I don’t see how you can’t make godlike things happen.
-Vampire Savior scene, I love all you guys for making it out. The tournament was a success and a blast to run. Wish I could’ve gotten more casuals in but alas, being a staffer is hard work! Thanks for your support.
-Chauncy, STROKE. Much love man. Thanks for coming out. Come next year, I wanna see you make top 8 in Mystery. The stream needs more of your hype because I’m positive I can’t make up around 1/38th of yours.
-Fellow Gauntlet Owners, Stay powerful.

I owe you a couple giftcards. Please email me your mailing address so I can take care of that. keits at shoryuken dot com

SSF4 AE 2012 Teams- 13 Teams
1st. Coast to Coast- Valle (Ryu) Wolfkrone (Viper) Chris G (Sakura)
2nd. The Brotherhood- Dieminion (Guile) Sanford (Sagat) Hiro (Dictator)
3rd. Childs Play - CJ Truth (Fei Long) CJ Josh (Adon) KnuckleDuke (Guile)
4th. TFA/Razer- German Luger (Vega) Octopuss on Fire (Blanka) Weaponsleft (Zangief)

Thanks to everyone who helped finding people and reporting that made things run a little more smoothly as well as being patient as alot was going on.Peace and props to everyone in the tournament.