UAS yatterman #1- now featuring a girlfriend!

yatterman is very freeform and versitile because he is extremely strong at any range. his standing jab is probubly the best in the game since it is a very safe anti-air and leads into full damage combos. his whip move is extermely fast and can hit full screen away. also his air DP moves have massive hitboxes and add to his mobility, so he deals with zoning, runaway, and IAD pressure extremely well, this gives you the advantage in alot of match ups right off the bat.

from the last game his kendama spin’s got weaker and have more recovery and cause less hitstun, killing his infininte,also his 2c is harder to combo into his qcb super, but his level 3 was buffed to be among the strongest in the game and he can combo into it with or without assist fairly easily. Due to the combo’s that i discuss later his reset mixup game is now amoung the best in the game. THis is a HUGE buff, and more than makes up for the weaker kendama spins.

his main weaknesses are low health and comparatively low midscreen damage, his strengths are in just about everything else, he has pressure, mixup, zoning, and is a hell of a battery. he can push people to the corner really fast and he gets to combo into super from the corner to do extra damage

he works best with an assist that keeps them in hitstun for a long time, and characters that give him bigger damage options.
roll, chun, tekkaman, polymar, ippatsuman. Projectile assists help his pressure game the most though. if you partner has a safe super that you can dhc into his qcf super can get him out of harms way from anywhere on the screen, frank and ryu’s beams are particularly good for this.

yatterman #2 is very good with him because he builds meter for her robots and her assist works well with his resets.

with buffed crossover combos anyone who can deal good damage off of them is a good partner for him.

i will add more stuff later.

Question: How do I combo into his supers?

midscreen into dogbreath off an air combo, i havent been able too.

2c into it still works but only at closer range and for not great damage. still usefull since its off his only good low.

in the corner i think just do j.c to finish the combo either after a DP or just when you are on the way down.

into his level 3 you can do 2a5c dp a+b or 2a.5b

if you are close to them and you hit them in the air with 5b you can go into his level 3 aswell.

he lost the way i used to use assists to combo into his supers if you saw my video, tekkaman still works and maybe soem others but his 2b pushes away now so its a problem.

OK i finally discoverd some real solid BNB combos, this seems to be an extremely large buff for him as they lead into a potentially really frightening mixup and pressure game, which is really just what he needed to break into top tier i think. You can relaunch for damage, you can do double overheads, you can knockdown, you can reset and jab on either side, you can reset and call assist and walk or dash under. It is extremely frightening. apparantly this game has hitstun scaling so turning this into an infinite seems impossible, or at least extremely difficult. there is alot of room for variation and thus a ton of ways to trick your opponent into gettting hit and eating this same combo again into another mixup. also no matter what it will push your opponent much closer to the corner.

distance from the ground after launch is important. ground combo with 2b popping them up a little bit is roughly equivalent in height to hitting them with a jab in the air so all ground combos require this if you want them as low to the ground as possible for the reset.
doing this starting from the corner is much more difficult. any anti air jab into 3c will lead into the same stuff with only slight differences in height.

his basic damage on a combo has always been low

Imporant notes

to do the j.b j.b at the beggining do it as early and fast as possible

to link the DP’s in the air you must tiger knee the second motion so it is 623 a 6239c

ill start with relaunch.
2a2b3c j.b j.b dp a dp c ground dash 5a 5c 3c j.b j.b dp.c dp. c airdash j.b Or airdash j.c 17k

2a2b3c j.b j.b dp c dp c airdash j.c 13k

low reset
the gap between the dp a and dp c needs to be tighter otherwise youlll get a ground dash.
2a2b3c j.b j.b dp a dp c airdash j.b 12k

tons of possibilities off of this, alot of it depends on your assist.
mashing assist when you are about to land is a good idea, if they are this low you can call them right as you touch the ground.

yatterman #2 polymar and karas work particularly well right here, roll and any anti air assist are also excellent choices, but anyones assist could work here pretty much.

2a2b3c j.b j.b dp a dp c airdash wait for uncombo j.a

into VAR, works better if you skip the 2b at the beggining and do the j.b’s late
2a3c j.b j.b dp c dp c airdash VAR

not particularly character specific, a couple variations wont work on roll as written like the VAR variation, since they need to be higher up for that to work.

other useful combo

2c 6c lv3 or 236b bbq 3c air combo.
2a2a2c lv 3

2a2a2c6c 214a>a>j.b 5c3c into air combo of choice.

how are you linking the dp a to dp c or the dp c to dp c in the air?

oh sorry you mush tiger knee the second one. you can only do one per jump so you must press jump cancel the first one into the second one.

so it is 623 a 6239c

the timing is pretty loose on the first one but if you relaunch and try it again it is really tight.

hows yatta with zero. i know you can do whatever launcher to i think j.B,J.C, 623 B,C XX Flame super with zero ground pound( not DHC). I forgot the damage though. team seems better with zero on point as long your not calling an assit when opponent near corner better midscreen.

yatterman is good with anti air assists and you can safely dhc zero in pretty much whenever by doing his qcf super into zero’s power up.

you can use yatters assist to continue combos with zero i know, but i only messed with zero a bit day one so i dont know any other synergy.

i am not sure home much zero’s like their powerup but yatter is a insane battery so you could easily get 4 or 5 meters and dhc zero in, and you would pretty much perpetually be able to powerup.

I can’t get the 623A 6239C to allow the 5A afterwards. I can launch into the j.B j.B 623A 6239C, but when I land and dash and hit 5A, it uncombos. Any clue why? I thought the hard part was supposed to be getting used to the 6239C.

Nevermind, it’s just that the combo is all kinds of weird. Timing is really strange. Immediate jump Bs, delay from the 623A to 6239C, then you gotta dash ALL the way under instead of just outside of 5A range. Took a while to train it into muscle memory once I figured out how it worked.


videos showing the basic idea of the resets.

much tighter and stronger ones exist

I cant get the timing for the 2nd 6236C in the air. What kind of timing do I need to use and do I have to use A,B or C?

its a link so you need to wait a while before you do the jump cancel and press a button. i made a video so just try and time it like that is my best advice.

all of them will link together at different heights, so you can do alot of different variations. DP c DP C keeps them higher DP c DP a and DP a DP c work about the same but i find dp a DP c easier. DP b DP a works in the corner more reliably.

Alright awesome thank you very much!

I will give it another shot.

Gah, Yatterman is really complicated and tough to use with GC controller. I need a bit of help.

1.) What is his main launcher setup? Would it be 2A 2A 2B 3C?
2.) I can’t tiger knee worth balls. All I get after the first 623A is a j.C. Am I doing it too early? Too late? Is there an easier way to land the second 623A,B,C?
3.) Is his main aerial j.B (as an approach)? j.B seems to have a weird hitbox but places you in a good position on hit for launcher. j.C seems to have more stun but puts you in an awkward position on hit for launcher.
4.) While whiffing my second 623ABC after the first 623A I noticed that Yatterman can sometimes air-throw if he whiffs. Kinda weird.
5.) What are two main BnB’s that I need to learn with Yatterman? Any of the that don’t require double 623’s?

  1. yeah pretty much skipping the 2b puts them higher up. DP or 2c6c 236 b into baroque into launcher are also notable. 5a anti air aswell.
  2. not doing the jump cancel most likely make sure you hit the 9. need to jump cancel, no easier ways asside from baroque or something maybe.
  3. j.c and his DP moves are his approaches, airdash j.c into DP goes really far to catch them running away. there are benifits to using J.b mainly to pop them up for an air combo they are off the ground trying to air to air or something. i have no problems with j.C great hitbox tons of hitstun/blockstun.
  4. yeah he has setups for his airthrow but i can’t get any consistant results myself
  5. you only need 2 or 3 bnb’s anyway. the double DP combo ender is good, no combos taht i know of without it will give you as strong a mixup game as the reset or more damage than the relaunch. but you can play him like j.wongs Jun, and just do quick combos easy combos that don’t need notation into knockdown and chase with some success. its what i did in cgoh. the DP b into J.c works to get the extra damage of a DP and a knockdown and that is probubly pretty good. if you have a partner that gives him a good VAR know a combo that goes into that.

if you do do the reset combo you need to know a corner combo as well since the second DP will often whiff if you start in the corner.

  1. Yeah, basically.
  2. It’s hard as hell on a gc pad, I don’t even use it at all just because Kendamagic always comes out instead.
  3. j.C is a better approach in every way. You can also use 421AAC to command dash, jump, then use a J.C off of it. 421BB sends you into a long-ranged slide that you can bbq into launcher.
  4. That’s cool, might be a good way to get more damage.
  5. Basically all I do is keep the pressure on and do 2a 2b 3b j.a j.a j.b j.b j.c. Not the best ever, but it works. You can use those command dash setups for mixups, and if they start blocking your strings throw in 6C or 2C for knockdown so you can keep the pressure on. Like I said, I don’t use double 623 at all. My biggest damage comes from getting them into the corner then using air combo to firebreath.

Wow, thanks alot for this Shiki. Especially for the vid, it’s pretty intense. What’s with the music though? So eerie…

I could never do the spin repetitions very consistently in the japanese version but I know I had more success doing 923A for tigerknee kendama spins. Do you know if that would affect these combos? I’ll be practicing myself soon and see.

Without repeated spins I found the highest damage aircombo was from j.A, j.B, j.B, dj.B, 623B, C. I know I did one version with an additional jumping B after the spin and got -less- damage, which I thought was crazy (Melty Blood?).

By the way, I spent some time looking for good baroque options and came up with this:

j.C, airdash j.C, 2A, 5B, 5C, 236B baroque dashing 5B, 4[charge]6C, 2A, 2A, 2B, 3C, [aircombo]

Let me know what you think.
Thanks again.

Alright well it’s heavily based off of what shiki said, but here’s the bnb that I’ve been using for yatt1 lately.

(potential bbq string) 2a,2b,3c, j.a,j.b, 623a 623c, dash, 2a,3c, j.aabb,j.ab,623b,236a

btw, he’s really good.

interesting yatter-1 combo at the end