U.S. soldiers charged over death of 'racially-bullied' teenage Asian-American who 'committed suicide

Edit: Now they’re having doubt whether it was really suicide or he was murdered.

America’s starting to suck just as much as the UK

But he wasn’t in America, he was in Afghanistan.


your point is?

This punishing bullying thing is spreading like wildfire.

Really? The army uses cult like methods to indoctronate dudes and has severe hazing

I doubt bullying was the problem, so many asians are in the military

I don’t think it was necessarily “bullying because he was Asian” so much as “hazing because he was the new guy”. Honestly? If the kid was so fucking soft he committed suicide over VERBAL hazing, he sucks and didn’t belong in the military at all.

My father and other male relatives served in the Soviet (Red) Army. Do you have any fucking idea how much worse and crazier some of the hazing was over there? One of the things they liked to do was to have soldiers walk over the abs of new recruits. That is, guys, often weighing over 200 pounds, walking over your stomach. If your abs weren’t tough enough, you were in for serious injury.

What did this kid suffer, exactly? Supposedly, a few older soldiers made VERBAL fun of him for being Chinese? For real?! That’s IT?!

I “suffered” way worse in junior high and high school, and so did virtually all my friends.

I think it’s fucking ridiculous soldiers were charged for his suicide. However, knowing the PC culture that has infested the US like the pernicious disease that is, I’m not the least bit surprised.

I think this is a result of people getting tired of bullied kids snapping and shooting up everything.

Apparently this kid couldn’t rise above hate. How the fuck did that dude make it out of boot camp?

How are you gonna risk your life and possibly kill people if you can’t handle being called ching chong or some dumb shit? How do you even make fun of someone for being Asian anyway, it’s like making fun of someone for being white.

The bullied kid who snaps and turns a weapon on his tormentors is a myth. Let’s get that out of the way right now.

As for the soldiers, fuck them. If you’re over the age of 16 and you haven’t stopped picking on people to make yourself feel better, you’re a shithead and you don’t need to be running around with Uncle Sam’s expensive guns and ammo. You might break something.

So its cool to talk smack to people who are supposed to be holding your back? Notably they were also charged with assault so…I can’t believe that people’d support the soldiers on a kid offing himself. Christ what is thi- oh. GD. nm

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I never said tormentors.

Irrelevant, but thanks anyway.

Yeowch! Did anybody else see that video on the bottom of [LEFT]** **[/LEFT][LEFT]**Elizabeth OuYang **[/LEFT] screaming into the mic? I have the impression that she talks like that all the time; like when she greets friends or is on the phone ordering a pizza…


and the letter the brother was quoting was from almost 3 years ago; this happened 2 months ago. I’m more intrigued that the cause is “probably” suicide. Maybe he saw the end of the war coming and just couldn’t stand being away; he decided to stay?

Still can’t get over the screeching of [LEFT]Elizabeth OuYang[/LEFT]

umm…they threw rocks at him and psuedo water boarded him. i guess the uk article left that part out.

You know I read this in another article yesterday and it mentioned a LOT more than just verbal bullying. I’m looking for it now but it said they were chucking rocks at his head while they dragged him by his feet or some shit, and held him upside down while forcing him to hold water in his mouth. I don’t see any of that mentioned in the link in OP though.

Edit: Thurst beat me to it.

Way to downplay the severity of what happened to him…

Real talk. No country will ever be as bad as the UK in matters such as this. I’m proud to be British, But god damn.

This country is easily the worst country in europe right now, If this broke in the UK is would just be small news, Shit happens all the time, It’s just the media never show it.

If your above the age of 16 why would you bully someone though… real talk… and yep the uk is pretty bad Ive seen worse things living here

Hope all those guys get fucked over hard. Shit needs to stop when they are not comfortable with it - there is a big distinction between playing around and harassing another person. There isn’t any place for that in the Army.

Something needs to happen, because the last thing we need in our military is other soldiers harassing their own. This also shows that we aren’t teaching our soldiers how to deal with large amounts of stress. Im sure this hazing is nothing compared to getting shot at, but still things need to change.