Tyler Texas needs an FGC!

when and where? I’ve haven’t played soul calibur sense the dream cast so that might be fun.

We play at the house of a certain individual. Usually once during the week and again on the weekend. In the evenings.

what would one have to do to get on the good graces of said group? what days do you guys meet up, im off on sunday and monday.

anyone trying to get in some AE,SFxT or tekken 6 casuals in ?

lol you don’t need to be on good graces or anything like that, we aren’t stuck up snobs lol.

But I guess the guy whose house we play at would have to say its ok for people to come over.

I mainly play sc5 now. But before that I was hugely into tekken. Once ttt2u comes out I’ll be playing that as my main game with calibur as a close 2nd. Unless of course tag 2 turns out to be trash which I highly doubt.

Also is anyone interested in the new virtua fighter that comes out June 5? Its like the biggest game in the Japaneses arcades right now.

I’ve never played a vf game before but Ima get this one and if I like it I’ll be playing that along with ttt2u and sc5.

yeah tekkentag2 looks good . im waiting for that as well . just tryijng to see what the scene is like in tayler

yeah im down to get some games in, do you live around the tyler area? my gt on xbox is HoriMacaroni (recently changed it) but yeah im on ae right now.

ive never played vf either but it does looks pretty damn fun from that trailer they put out a month or so ago, my gt on xbox is HoriMacaroni thats pretty much the only way for me to get ahold of anyone at the moment…

ill shoot you an invite . my gt is alvarez38006 .

I’ve been wanting to meet up with a FGC in the area for a long time now. My friend Alex and I are the only people I really know who play fighting games. He plays Tekken and smashes my face in, I play Street Fighter and kick his teeth out but, we’re both far from where we should be and need more competition. We both live in Henderson but getting to tyler/longview has never proved a problem and we’ll play damned near anything. Case in point stoned out of our minds a few days ago we were smashing each other in X-men: Mutant Academy.

I live in Winnsboro. Id love to come play some games. The only people i know of are in denton. I wanna play offline more. Its so much better.

Hey there fella’s like I said in a previous post the place I had lined up to meet up has been shot down at the moment, but hopefully it should be back soon or we can put all of our heads together and come up with a spot to play, maybe rotate locations or something every week. I’m trying my best to get the hookah lounge on hwy 271 to let us play there as is my boss owns that place and has plenty of room for multiple tv’s, we have one big screen there at the moment. If i can get them to let us meet up there it would most likely be on sunday, but in the mean time my XBL is HoriMacaroni if you want to play some. My work hours are pretty weird, i go to work at noon and get home around 1 a.m. and off sundays and mondays but I’m usually on every night. thanks again everyone for all the replies! Hope we can get something started soon!

That is a really nice guitar btw! fucking rad dude, you know anyone who wants to buy a guitar? i have a schecter C1 hellraiser diamond series I’m trying to get rid of.

Fighting in a hookah bar eh? Works for me, I have a friend who lives just down the road from there. I’ve also wanted to ask the people at Gamexchange if they would ever host a fighting game tournament. Seems like it would be the perfect environment.

lol the people at gamexchange can’t even spell FGC let alone put on a tourny, this is east texas dude if its not COD they don’t know about it, but fuck it, it’s worth a shot! The only thing that I just thought of is you have to be 18 and older to be able to get into the the hookah lounge so I hope everyone is old enough lol… And if we can ever get anything started that would be my first time to ever to play someone offline, I wanna see what all the hype is about!

Heh, come on, you know that’s not true. Last time I was in there the hippie behind the counter was talking to me about old school RPGs and Fighting games. Sadly they were lacking in both. And yeah, playing offline is great because you can talk shit to the person right there. A few weeks ago my friend Alex and I were playing SSFIV the first day we were about even, the next day I won 10 fights in a row and he was still talking shit, to which I could only laugh and say “What’s high score mean? is that bad? did I break it?” It’s all in good fun. If I had a place of my own I’d say just come blow up my living room but, no such luck.

My mom lives out in Tyler, I finally went out there this past weekend. I’m not quite sure where she is in location to you guys, since she lives somewhere off of HWY 31.

It took me almost four hours to get there.

However, it doesn’t seem that far from Dallas. Highway 20 to 635. Maybe you guys should visit the Dallas FC to level up. I’m closer to Austin, so it’s a bit of a drive. If I ever go visit my mom for an extended amount of time, I’ll try to hit you guys up for some games.

eh Tyler is not that big man you can get anywhere you want in Tyler in 20 mins tops, i would love to go to the house of goons, but they only meet up on saturday’s and i have to work all day saturday, but yeah man that would be awesome, im in the works to having a nice sized venue to play, my XBL is HoriMacaroni if you wanna play some, but I am in NO WAY EVO level so imma be pretty free but maybe you could give me a tip or two lol.