Tyler Texas needs an FGC!

I am a street fighter player and have yet to run into another person in the FGC where i live (Lindale/Tyler) and i would like to get together with a bunch of good players and level up our skills and possibly put together a tournament or two if we can find the amount of people to do so. As my tag states I am not the best player in the world but it would be good to get offline and play some decent players lag free! So if anyone is interested please feel free to replay to this with your information and can get to some good old fashioned street fighting!

Thanks, Matt

I’m from Longview, but your right there needs to be something in this area going on. I posted in the Longview thread in when I first moved down here last spring, but didn’t really get any response.

I’m from Longview, but your right there needs to be something in this area going on. I posted in the Longview thread in when I first moved down here last spring, but didn’t really get any response.

man i have been to every game stop in tyler and they have no idea what im talking about, its like if its not about call of duty they’re totally oblivious… Even when i ordered my stick they didnt even know what a fight stick was! but im still on the look out for some players around here and longview isnt too far away, if you play on x box send me your gamer tag and we will run a few sets man thanks for the reply

Yeah, I found I had a decent size FGC back up in Indiana before we moved down here, and there’s really nothing…guess there’s always XBL

I live in Tyler I’m down to get games in, iv been looking for people for a while now, and this is the first iv seen in a while. Let me know if u guys every want to get some games in and level up.

hell yeah man thats awesome! do you have a x box? send me your gt if you do, mine is wishiwereahori. If yall want to get together i have a shop that has a nice big screen that we can play on, nice open room and all that. its the dragons breath on hwy 271 in Tyler if you know where that is. thanks for the reply man

Sounds good just name the time I live right near there. My gt is nicklendime510.

A lot of the old FGC has moved on. I’m still here, but I live in Longview and go to college in Marshall. At my college there’s quite a few people who play AE and UMvC3 and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get everyone together to play some games maybe once a month somewhere closeby.

sounds good, keep us updated on this, could be a lot of fun

well if we need a place to meet up i can handle that, i work at firing line tattoos in Tyler and we have a big room with a 60 inch tv we can play on so we can go there, and plenty of room for more tvs if you want to bring them so we can have multiple games going on

That sounds like a Great idea if we can get that set up

I’ve been trying to schedule a meeting with the people at my college that do the room arrangements, so I can get the big conference room that they have. If it costs money, I might have to charge a small venue fee to make up some of the costs (which I’ll waive if people bring setups and such). Problem with that is that they’re only in the office two days a week. I do plan on making progress on this next week though before I head to Dallas on Friday to prep for the D-Town Beatdown tournament on Sunday. I am one very busy dude!

Anyone going to the SFxT Gamestop tourney next saturday in Tyler? I was hoping I could run into some fgc players there more than actually winning anything. Haha.

btw im from Longview

Here’s a bit of a progress update:

I met with the person who I thought I needed to meet with about a month ago at the college, and she instead referred me up to the head of my department of studies, who also happens to be the dean of academics for the entire campus. So next week, I’ll make the initial appointment to see her and see if I can’t get the conference room after that. Sorry about taking so long to give you guys a update, but I’ve really been busy here recently.

GGs Sunday night on XBL…was fun even though it pointed out even more how much I suck! lol

yeah ggs man it was fun it sucks that getting together to play is out of the question for me, i work stupid hours, but feel free if you guys want to get together and play at the hookah lounge thats cool thats what its there for… but mike keep up the good work and keep us up to date with what you have going on man

I had a idea pop into my head recently …

I have a house that I’m living in until the end of May, when I move to Liberty City. Why not just host the get-together here at my house? People can bring setups and PS3s/360s! As long as the place is kept clean and everyone smokes outside and puts their beer cans in the recycle bin … I wouldn’t mind hosting it here. Currently eyeing up the 27th of April, as I’ll be between semesters at college after exams this next Monday & Tuesday.

hey everybody just letting everyone know that the area i had to meet up is no longer available, oh wells…

Im not much of a street fighter player but there is soul calibur V community in Tyler. We meet about twice a week to practice. We are all serious FG players to.