Tweet Ono to fix the local online teams for XB360

The article below thinks that Ono is full of SHIT, when it comes to not being able to play with 2 people on the same xbox, and i agree.

Even if you don’t care, do us 360 players a favor and tell him what you think on the matter!!/yoshi_onochin


and i know theres a thread about this but i think its a good idea for a thread with the tweet link in the OP


“Thx for many people had purchase SFxTK.r&d team will appreciate it very much. We have opinion about trouble,problem. We’ll be try to clear.” I think I’m gonna just take a gamble on the special ed 360 version.

Poison has tweeted him. Don’t worry guys, I’ve got pull with Ono.

So that means I’m safe to buy it on 360.

Haha, well I wouldn’t guarantee anything. I was kind of kidding around. Ono and I tweeted back and forth when I was campaigning for Poison to be in a SF game. It eventually happened, but I’m not sure how influential my followers and I were on him.

So was I. :stuck_out_tongue: I usually buy games depending on which console it’s best on. However, fighters on PS3 compared to XBL are ass (capcom wise)… I have just under an hour to decide which one I get Special Ed on.

Just go with PS3. I’m sure the xbox version will see more crap like this over time

[edit] On topic. Slightly

this isn’t about what system to get it on, please stay on topic and attack ono with your disaproval… and maybe even a gun… well… maybe dont go that far… maybe…

mostly mostly

I have a PS3, but I tweeted him. It’s absolute bullshit and this isn’t about system wars, it’s about fair practice and respecting your customer base. If any of us let Capcom get away with this, we’re just letting them know that they can treat customers like shit and still make a profit. Believe me, they will pull stunts like this again, for both systems, and we need to let them know it’s not gonna fly. Just because Xbox got the shaft this time doesn’t mean it won’t be PS3 the next. Lying to your customers about the product they’re buying is illegal and just plain disgusting.

I hope MadCatz sues them, too. I mean, hell they just released a new line of sticks that bond together to support a feature that Capcom told them would be in the game. It’s going to affect their sales too.

right!? tottaly agree, thanx for the tweet.

I already tweeted him this morning. I love the game but not happy about the online experience.

Guys, this is most likely a decision from Microsoft not Ono.

It’s probably on the disc, it’ll be one of the improvements for the expansions.

If that was the case, would it be possible in MK?

i hear people saying we should bug the hell out of both of them.

besides, why would it be microsofts call? its a change to the game just like balanceing, of course they could say no, but why would they?

Hmm… Good point.

I thought it was microsoft’s fault?

It happens in some game and not others. I remember Halo Reach having a Guest option.

Implementing this into the X360 would probably mean redesigning the entire architectural interface. It could take months.

Bonding the sticks together is pretty much irrelevant. It’s for a more “authentic” arcade feel.