TVC UAS Tier list speculation thread

Alright we all knew this was coming eventually. I’d like to see people’s thoughts on where they think the characters will fall as far as who’s gonna be good and who not so much.

This is by no means official but I’ll go ahead and start things off with some general impressions of what I’ve seen so far.

Tekkaman Blade: Ridiculously strong character. He can run away, close distance fast, hits SUPER hard, has great mix ups, good pokes, an amazing full screen punish super. The only thing he really lacks is a beastly assist and he’d be everything you want in a character. Definitely one of the top.

Polimar: New and improved mix ups, being able to combo off of his overhead now reliably will make him a lot better, as well as having one of the best assists in the game. With throws being improved, his command spin thing and his command grab from his stance are way more useful. I expect to see him around the top as well once things settle.

Karas: Quite a fall from grace on his part, I feel they may have nerfed him too much without much to compensate. One thing he still has though is great pokes and I think that will save him from being completely bad. I expect to see him around mid in the end, maybe lower if his health ends up killing him with no infinite to make him scary.

Yatterman-2: Mediocre damage but she makes up for it with great mixups, pokes, and screen control. Her robot is extremely annoying and creates openings for her and she has some nice ways to set up unblockable. I expect her to be A tier for sure.

Ken: Seems like his runaway potential took a hit but he’s still good. I just don’t think he’ll be top like he was before. Probably upper mid.

Joe: Lots of potential in this character and with his shuriken combos, he can hit extremely hard. He’s got good space control, fast movement, and that counter makes people second guess their IAD approaches. Probably an A or B+ tier character.

Zero: Amazing mix ups, movement, and pokes. He takes bad damage but otherwise he does everything really well. He’s difficult to get off of you once he gets going and his semi-infinite can do 30 billion with no meter in the corner. Definitely a character to look out for… difficult execution though so it may take a little while before his real potential is shown. Probably will settle towards the top.

Ryu: He took a few nerfs but overall he’s still the same old ryu. I doubt his place will move much in the tiers.

Tekkaman: Still has great cross up, good space control, and his pokes got a little faster. Was already a beast in the first one so I expect to see him doing well in this as well.

Soki: The loss of oni mode music will probably mean he’s bottom tier now. Why capcom why?! Really though he’s a bit better this time around as well being able to use cr.B more. Overall he can still do the same old stuff from before so I think he’ll be good if just for the “don’t mess up or you die” factor.

That’s mostly what I’ve messed with so far. A lot of the other characters still seem kinda eh to me but those are the ones that stood at the most.

IMO, we can’t really call a proper tier list until we learn how the changes affect the matchups.

Exactly…like keits (i think) said there are 56 characters in marvel vs capcom 2 and you can only use 6 of them competitively…there are 26 in TvC and you can use all of them competitively

Curiousity: I didn’t play CGoH, but I’ve been playing Ken since UAS came out. What happened with his runaway potential?

Karas definatly isn’t as threatening as he seemed to be in GCoH, and as far as the threatening characters, I’d say Morrigan, Joe the Condor, Souki, PTX-40A, and Polymar seem to have the most potential. Yatterman-2 is there as well, but I think like Zero, her low health puts her at a disadvantage even though her potential is hugeeee. Overall, though, this game is so balanced it’s impossible to say for sure where everyone is going to be, considering it’s only been out for less then a week.

Reasons for the characters I listed: Morrigan, great mixup game in the air and ground, can really annoy the hell out of characters with her fast projectile, and ability to close space so fast.She’s got a decent mixup game when she’s in your face, and she can build meters fast enough to make her low damage combos turn into beast combos with that level 3 super. Speaking of which, she’s got a great level 3 super, which kind of offsets her terrible level 1 super, and her launcher is badass. +1 for her just because of that move.

Joe has alot of things going for him. He’s the drunken master of UaS. With the right assist he can combo like a madman through usage of his sparta kick, and he’s got great supers and some nice ranged attacks that come out fast and let him again, combo even more.

Souki has range. Alot of it. Pressuring someone from the entire screen away is fun. And the fact that he can take 75% of your life away before you can blink is no joke. Only big downfall I see is he can’t stand up too well against Saki and the other good keep away characters. He’s got manueverability issues, but again, he’s got crazy range and hurts like hell once he lands a hit. Definatly a battery character.

PTX-40A. Not sure why I said him but, he’s a wildcard as far as I’m concerned. With luck, getting a second rocket means death to your first character, and once he has you in a corner, you’re screwed. Alas he has alot of issues dealing with characters like Casshern and Polymar though, so, as I said. Wildcard character. I’m sure in the right hands he’ll be a walking, flying tank though and we’ll see alot more of them.

Polymar is just… Polymar. Great mixup/ mindgames with his counterstance and command grabs, he’s got one of the best assists in the game, arguably the best, he hits freakin hard, and he can really use his meters to rip you apart. It’s not hard to tell he’s good.

Yatterman-2 is a mixed bag I think. She’s got stage control with her electric hearts, the most annoying special in the game imo, and a great moveset overall. I think her hp is her biggest offset, like Karas, in that you get yourself into a bad combo without enough for a mega crash and she’s dead. Though she has the tools to avoid that situation completely.

Zero is the same deal. He’s got a pretty useful level 1 super that allows him to throw out more projectiles then anyone in the game, he’s got several options to close space and make him difficult to read, and he’s fairly hard to catch in anything really, since he’ll most likely always have a mega crash available and he can play keepway the whole time. His biggest issues are his damage output and low health, but overall, he’s a great character.

Would also like to point out that Morrigan’s good assist, ability to launch off a low hit, comboing into a command grab and ability to do her level 3 super in the air (Unscaled off Vair raid anyone?) may also help her get pretty high up there.

Think her mobility might let her down a bit though, I mean whilst her dash does allow for really quick overheads it also seems slower than a lot of character’s regular ground dashs and both of her air dashs cause her to lose height, it also means that if you want to get in with a low or throw you have to walk in so it could make actualy getting close enough to the opponent to start mixing him up a little hard.

I’m going to guess for mid, wouldn’t normaly post on stuff like this but since this is a speculation thread on a week old version of the game I’m guessing it doesn’t matter if any old noob like me makes a comment.

Tekkaman Blade’s mobility is his biggest problem.

People are sleeping on Karas too soon. Nobody knows how to play him anymore now that he became hard. That wallbounce overhead combo does work even if it is very difficult. His chain into wall kick is easier and yet nobody uses that either.

Personally I like it when anyone throws in their opinions, that’s how new information gets circulated within the community anyway as long as it doesn’t turn out to be a flame war haha. Walking in to land that command grab is an issue, but, I think against most of the cast Morrigan has the option to force your opponent to approach. I think that’s what makes her so versatile. And yeah, her air dash is awkward. Not Tekkaman Blade awkward, but just like his, it has uses, especially in retreating, since she can float upwards and fire off a soul shot if your opponent gets aggressive and attempts to chase/ punish. And if not, she’s just a jump away from being able to fire off a fast then slow soul shot anyway, and rush right back in. It works pretty well if they try to guard the second, slower soul shot, and you can grab them. >:D

I’m finding it really hard to find a reason not to use Casshan. For now it looks like he has the overall highest damage potential in the game. With the ability to do around 32-35K without even using a meter, or 100% most of the cast if he’s willing to burn one or two. And it’s not like he has real big weaknesses to counteract the damage potential either. He has a good assist, friender is an overall great move, etc.

For assists though, I still think the big 3 are Tekkaman/Chun/Polymar They are just far and away more useful, and universally helpful to almost every character in the game.

Soki is my character of choice, and I think he’s good but not great. He’s very partner dependent. If he’s paired with the right assist to counteract his weaknesses then he can do well, but he has really limited team options. Still though, he has only slightly less damage output than Casshan, but with way more range. Losing over half your health from 3/4 a screen away is a big threat.

I’m having the same issue with Casshern lol. I spent a few hours in training mode trying to figure out a way to use his chop assist with Soki to… minimal succes. Regardless though, Casshern can almost 0-death people with Soki as a partner, which makes it even better having him. And Soki is so freakin powerful, he can get away without needing a partner assist imo. Though that would be limiting him, he’s kinda like Tekkaman. Oh, and his counter crumbles. Awesome much?

Don’t sleep on Doronjo… she’s still assist dependent to combo into the two trolls but with an assist like Polimar or Karas she can be very very annoying… example: 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, Karas assist, 623AT, 421AT, dash, juggle 5B,5C,3C >bnb or dash 5B, 5C, 236B or C baroque dash and so on… she still lacks a decent gtfoff me move but with space and a good assist she’s an annoying force

I also agree on how its too early but…

Yatterman 2 and Saki are gonna be up there.

honestly, ai-chan’s projectiles seem to take too long to get any good “setups” or “space control;” honestly if the opponent rushes your shit down, it seems there’s not too much she can do.

That being said, robohonda is the sauce, so I’m kinda curious to see how she ends up ultimately (but for what it’s worth i don’t think she should be near the top).

Yatterman #1 is great in this game.

his basic moveset is insanely versatile he can do anything. standing jab, j.c, his dp’s and his kendama whip, each is able to control space an a certain section of the screen, and he does each better than most of the cast. he can chase people down, pressure, mixup, zone, runaway, build meter, he is naturally very fast and with his Dp moves he is one of the most mobile characters in the game.

and now he has extremely good resets and with Var combos being buffed he can get some really good damage off of alot of situations, which would have been a weakness after loosing his infinite.

so he lost his in infinite like everyone else and his DP moves leave them in less stun when they are on the ground and are unsafe on the ground, but he gained loopable resets, a way to get big damage with a partner, without loseing his important tools, since with baroque you can still use his ground dp’s.

he is an extremely strong candidate for top tier.

roll got buffed a tier i think, still annoying now with better damage and improved airdash, still needs certain partners though.

I think this game will have very big A and B-tiers, since so many characters are very good. So far I’d put everyone somewhere like this (in no particular order):

Tekka Blade

Mega Man

Gold Lightan
V. Joe

Frank West, right now he looks like C-tier, but we still haven’t figured out his tricks
PTX, he wasn’t terrific in CGoH but he looks to be a lot better now
Joe the Condor, looks to be definitely at least B-tier, not sure if he’s good enough to be at the top yet

Souki, Roll, VJ, and Alex all have tons of buffs this time around. You probably just haven’t played against good ones. I picked up Roll for 20 minutes and I figured out a 20k bar-less baroque-less BnB, and I have similar 22k BnBs with VJ. Batsu, on the other hand, I find underwhelming at best due to his unnecessary nerfs. But he’s still a decent character (with one of the worst assists in the game).

I will agree with Lightan being low, though. He had several problems that don’t seem to be fixed, and people can still tech out of his manual grab easily, so he’s probably not gonna go very high.

So far the only characters I think I can say with any sort of confidence are worthy of being high tiers would be Saki, Ryu, and Chun-Li. Zero/TBlade are gimmicky so we’ll have to see how effective they are when people figure them out.

Just for reference, I called this a speculation thread since, yeah, we don’t really know everything about the game yet, but to be fair a lot of us did play the first one a ton and it’s not so early to guess at who’s good and who’s not. I just wanted to see people’s input and get some different point of views, and maybe see if everyone agrees on something. If we’re all saying different characters are good / broke then that means we got a balanced game :lol:

Funny that samuraipanda said t-blade and zero are gimmicky since that’s my team right now. I don’t think they are really though. They do have gimmicks to abuse but there’s also some solid stuff to them. I hated T-Blade’s dash at first but it’s actually really good just for closing distance and runaway, and once you get the timing down you can pretty much pick what side and where you want to hit at with a jump in.

I personally think Zero could reach the top of the list. He’s got a ton of options to deal with just about every other character, he has very fast attacks and has no trouble moving around a stage quickly, and his low damage output can add up to be big damage fast if you put him with a good assist character like Polymar.

In response to your speculation list jmcrofts, I don’t think Tekkaman Blade will be quite that high up. His slow ground movement and his laggy dashes hold him back a bit, and once people get over the “How do I block Falchion?” hurdle, I think that’ll really hurt his ability to approach.

People thinking Yatterman-2 isn’t very good are silly.
She’s an amazing character - yeah, her projectiles are sluggish, but she is quick, has a good spacing, great mixups, strong damage output, her combo-abilities are amazing, she makes a very good assist and her supers are just ridiculous. Her only weakpoint are, as mentioned, the fact she has low health and has trouble getting out of a combo if she happens to be in one. The projectiles’ speed even can be used to an advantage. But if she wasn’t weak in some parts, she’d be overpowered.

I think this game is very well balanced, to be honest. I haven’t found any character standing out to be extremely over- or underpowered.

edit: latenight posts whee. Forgot to add something.

I think you guys are largely underestimating roll