TvC To 360 Mod..

Okay so i have everything i need for this mod i just wanted to double check with everybody before i start.
I got the Wii TvC Stick for super cheap and had a madcatz fight pad already, so my plan is to replace the insides with the fightpad PCB i dont need any Wii functionality since i dont have one.
from what i understand the fightpad pcb is common ground and i can just daisy chain it.
inside the TvC was a smaller PCB with quick connects that then went to all of the buttons picture below

what i want to do is use the pcb the same was they did and just daisychain the ground on there i put together an image to make sure my plan works

will using that quick connect pcb work? i think it will make things a lot easier and more organized…
thanks in adance.

The Ground is all connected already.

okay so there’s no reason to daisychain that original pcb just connect the first ground from the fightpad to any ground point and there all good to go…awesome thanks for the reply.

Yup, that’s it.

does anybody have the pcb layout(picture) of the turbo/home button panel so i know where to solder for my guide button i already soldered it to the fightpad guide button…

i see the one already posted in this thread

but mine doesn’t look like that probably because its the TvC stick here is a picture of mine…

okay so i just linked the guide button to the select button for now…I have all buttons working but I cannot for the life of me get the stick to work I linked the grou d from the stick to the ground on the fightpad and followed the diagrAms for the direction inputs but im getting no response at all…any idea?

don’t follow diagrams
use your multimeter and test out yourself whether you have the right signals mapped out

also that’s for a PS3 TE/SE
like i said, use your multimeter and find out yourself

if you don’t have one, I’ll find it

unfortunately i don’t have a multimeter…i just went by the diagrams online and neither worked.

Also for the points i went straight from the xbox 360 fightpad pcb to the 5-pin plug that goes into the stick, should i have went into the original pcb where the turbo/guide buttons are for that?

Well im going to pick up a multimeter later…so i will fill everybody in, in the meantime if anybody has an idea feel free to ask…

you can always be mad ghetto like I was, someone who didn’t know how to use the PCB that was already there, and just put in your own buttons :V

hey did you change your stick or is that the stock one, right now the buttons can wait, i just wanted to get my stick working, do you remember the layout for your stick ground,up,down,left and right?

You can use these buttons on the TvC panel for guide and turbo. You can glue them in with hot glue.

I don’t know if this will help, but here is the joystick wiring diagram for a sanwa JLF. TVC is same as JLF as far as wiring goes.

well i have pretty much tried everything to get the stick to work but im getting no where and in the process I enddd up soldering off the main contact for the right on the fightpad pcb so if anybody knows an alternate point for the right direction please let me know and I will give it a go…other than that anybody know of any games I can play without pressing any directions lol

so does anybody know an alternate right Dpad contact on the madcatz fightpad pcb?? that would be a huuuge help right now lol

thats a nice stick

follow the trace and scrape off some copper, look up the thread “dual modding 101”

thanks i didnt even think of that lol…

alrght so i fixed the missing contact thanks to Vicko and rewired everything…but still no luck when i use my multimeter and touch the ground and any direction im getting power but the stick still isn’t working. below is a pic of how i have them wired yes i soldered them directly to the stick dont ask…i just dont understand why it wont work…any help at all is appreciated.

What’s the other end look like

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are you using a madcatz fight pad pcb? Check the LS-DP-RS switch on the back. Make sure it is set in the middle.