TVC at Evo

I know there is a ruling out about wireless controller…And after buying the tvc stick it occurred to me. I might not be able to use this at evo.

Has there been any ruling on this?

I heard Mr. Wizard saying there would be an exception for the Wii…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Wii sync the wiimotes to the console with some sort of procedure? Like holding a button on both the Wii and the mote at the same time. Maybe that prevents the problems with wireless?

If you follow proper procedures with the Wii remote, you’ll never get an accidental connection.

Best way is to use the reconnect menu to both enable and disable controllers, and when you are done, pull out the batteries.

I hope EVO agrees to this idea if they can enforce battery removal.

Why even move around wiimotes. All they’re going to be used for is as connectors to classic controller or hori/madcatz stick. Just keep two wiimotes at every station, and let them stay there. Sounds really messy and time intensive to connect/disconnect peoples wiimotes all the time.

…Do you think Gamecube sticks will work? There are Gamecube controller slots…

Yes, the gamecube slots work. Many players buy PS2 to GC converters since they already have PS2 sticks.

Does anyone know if there any XBox360 or PS3 to GC converters? The game looks like it might be fun, but I don’t want to have to get a new stick just to try it out.

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing that fits either of those bills. (by the way hey dude)

You can get PS2-Cube converters hella cheap though, if you have a PS2 stick at all.

Everyone that’s going to Evo needs to enter TvC, make this shit mad hype. I wish I could go, so badly.

I just hope they soft-ban the Burning Ruins stage. That stage is an attack on people with eyes everywhere. (Especially colorblind folk, which is 10+% of us!)

Well maybe instead of using the “random” stage select, they can choose to play certain stages?

I hope every match takes place in Orbital Ring so everyone dances!

Nigga plz, Daigo Temple at night is the true techno shizz.

Unfortunately at this point a lot of players (myself included) no longer have ps2 sticks or they’re not in good enough condition to use. On the other hand I do have TEs for both ps3 and 360. Both because I have no interest in buying another stick for one(!) game, and also because at this point I’m totally used to the size and feel of the TE, the day that there’s an adapter for either ps3 or 360 to wii/gc is the day I’ll play tvc. Capcom’s decision to put it on the wii exclusively may have made sense for them financially, but it’s not a great one for the community at large, especially a lot of newer players who just got into the scene with sf4 or mvc2 for ps3/360.

oh for fucks sake^ do you own a wii? if not, who gives a shit. if you do, a brand new stick is like 70 bucks, and im sure you could find a ps2 stick for 20 bucks less or more, and the converter is 6 bucks, or make a stick for cheap. please stop bringing up this whole shit about tvc being wii exclusive, and people cant afford 70 dollars out their pocket, when we all waste hundreds of dollars a month on overpriced carryout food, and shit we just dont need in general. to be honest, times are hard for all kinds of regular folks across the country, and i cant speak on anyones bills, but these sticks arent 300 dollars. 50-70 bucks and your rockin. not to mention people have known this shit was gonna be released for months now. if you wanted to play it, you would find a way, considering again, we all have known about the game being released in the u.s for like half a year before its release. save ya cash and get the shit, or fucking stop complaining. im sorry. shits just old.

if you own a wii, but dont want to spend 50 on the game, rent the bitch online from one of those online game rental providers, and keep it movin. i dont know, get creative on finding ways to play it, or save ya cash and go buy what you need, and stop complaining. im not trying to be a dick, but complaining never gets us anywhere in life, no matter how much we do it.

If people weren’t allowed to complain on srk there wouldn’t be any posts. The fact is that (forewarned or not) there are roadblocks to playing tvc that aren’t there for most other modern fighting games. I really think tvc looks cool, but it’s just easier to play games I can easily play. In fact I don’t own a wii, and I’m not going to buy one just for this game either. I laid out good money for top of the line sticks for modern systems and they’re all I want to use. Yes, the wii is a modern system too, but going exclusive on it was just a bad idea, from a competitive standpoint.

Uh, doesn’t other games have pretty much the same “roadblocks” for people who only own a Wii?
Or in the case of UMK3 and Senko No Ronde, for people who don’t own a 360… :shake:

If you complain like that it just comes of as “this case is worse, because it affects me”.

Anyway… Just play on Classic Controller then. It has a very nice d-pad actually. But owning a PS2 stick is handy, because there’s really converters for everything with them.

Bottom line is that 4 out of 5 of the other evo games are on ps3/360. The most popular of those by far is sf4. The vast majority of players are able to easily play a game on those systems. Having a game on a different system (especially one with no way to even use the same controllers) is going to limit the growth of that game’s scene, period. Yeah it affects me, but it affects a lot of other people too.

Maybe you should be writing a petition/request to an accessory company to make a ps3/360 to gamecube/wii adaptor.

I was browsing 2ch and they posted a lot of converters, but I am not too sure if it’s PS2 >Wii or PS3>Wii.