Turtle Complex

I’ve been playing SSF4 for a while now maining Ryu and learning how to use a fightstick for the first time in the process. Lately, win or lose, I’ve been getting hate mail after matches saying I’m boring, a camper or I ‘turtle like a little bitch!’ Am I missing something? I thought I was playing Ryu the way he was meant to be played - zoning out the opponent with fireballs, anit-airing with mp.SRK [fadc into Ultra etc] and generally being patient until you get that opening. Difficult to explain without vids but how else should I be playing this character?


My guess is that you Hadouken all day, hit 'em with a Shoryuken when they jump towards you, low guard all day when they get close and counter them when they leave an opening then back to step one. I’m not much of a Ryu player but try approaching them every after Hadouken, try to poke them with normals even when they are guarding just to let them know you are fighting back without being a turtle. Try grabbing them given the chance to. Turtling isn’t all bad but at least after countering them lead it into combos and other mix-ups.

That’s pretty much just how a lot of low to mid level players are. You’re doing nothing wrong.

Establishing a solid offense is the hardest thing to learn, since playing randoms on XBL/PSN teaches you that the best way to win is to wait for your opponent to fuck up.

You’re doing good work so far.

In general, if you are getting hate mail for winning, you’re doing something right. Don’t worry about getting hated on for being boring. It’s not your job to entertain your opponent.

However, if you are getting advice from people who beat you saying you aren’t offensive enough, then perhaps you should consider changing up a bit.

Thanks for all the respones. Just been playing some Endless and came across another Ryu who I thought was a lot more offensive than me. The only difference I noticed between them and me was that he walked forward a lot. I dont have many tricks with Ryu, I play him pretty straight forwardly. I go for throws when my jump-ins/cross-ups/hit-confirms are blocked and try to remember if the player likes to tech or reversal. Once I have 2 bars I’m just fishing for that fadc into ultra!


More forward movement is definitely a good thing to implement into your game, even if you’re interested in zoning. A mistake I see a lot from shotos looking to zone is immediately when the round starts jumping back or backdashing, then throwing a fireball. Don’t give up that space if you don’t have to! Make them walk back. Being in or close to the corner is not where you want to be. Don’t put yourself there.

Thanks again Starcade. I’ll definitley incorporate this movement into my game.


are you winning? if you are you are doing nothing wrong

and what starcade said

Def ignore those hate mail. or mess with them and reply “I win. QQ More.” lol. There is nothing that validates hate mail in your game play.

This may be off topic, and many have covered it, but you will probably want to develop some offense and counter attacks for when you start facing tougher opponents who can dissect your turtle tactics. Remember, once you proved you can go on offense your footsies open up dramatically because they will now get scared when you do tap front.

But never ever worry about someone who is complaining about your style. Only listen if it comes with constructive criticism on how to improve your game, not on how to make the game better for them.

sounds like you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing(winning)/ignore the hate mail.
did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

People get mad when they can’t get around projectiles because they don’t try any new tactics. They just constantly repeat their mistake and their brains are like, “THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY TO AVOID THIS. THERE IS NO SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM. MUST BE RIGGED /hatemail!.” Don’t worry about it.

Yeah I got it, thanks for the additional info.


Having patience is a skill that many players do not have. You do, and that will serve you well in learning any fighting game. Don’t listen to the hate mail, they just can’t figure out a way through your defense. Some matchups are frustrating just by design (like playing Gief against Seth) and you just have to work through it. Keep at it and slowly ratchet up your offense as you become more comfortable and this will improve your short-mid range game and footsies.

as charlie sheen would say… Winning is winning

other players just give you hatemail because your winning easily. Even I get fustrated at times when someone is repeating an attack.
It basically is just showing that you or they have developed a strategy that is more productive than theirs.

turtleing is a legit tactic, but a lame one, i can get by turtle ryus just fine, even when im not playing seth.

turtleing is just lame and boring, i don’t get how people can play like that, oh well, if you have fun, do whats fun for you.

Zoning is fun for me, doubly so when it breaks the other player’s will.

This has all been gold fellas!

Took some of the advice on here [particularly Starcade’s] and even my opponents seem different to me now. Other than just zoning them out I’m systematically shutting them into the corner. Ironically, I got into an Endless Battle today against the absolute definition of a turtle Ryu. I mean this guy literally only threw fireballs from full screen and whenever I moved into about mid screen he would just hold down-back and wait for me. I’ve never played like THAT myself and at first I wasn’t sure how to get round him. He would anti-air my jump-ins with cr.hp and stick out a poke if I got close enough but he would NEVER move. In the end I started dancing in and out of his cr.mk range and tagged him with f.mp and throws. Now that I’ve been on both sides I can see when and where to apply this tactic. Man I’m loving this game right now!


There is nothing wrong with playing defensively. They’re not upset at how you played the game, they’re upset you won.

You could answer them honestly and tell them you’re not playing to entertain them, just to kick their asses. It’s sort of pointless though, since they’re not honestly upset as you “boring” them, they’re upset at you beating them.

That would be amazing. There are so many characters I have fought only a handful of times.