Turtle akuma is this the best way to play

I figure since he takes so much stun and damage, should i just concentrate on landing cr. mk -> lk. hurricane -> lp -> hp shor.
and teleporting to safety… when it’s safe of course. should i save the super to keep people off of me, (sa1 of course)or just do it after the cr. mk? any other ideas on a turtle akuma. his kara throw is good so that helps.

finally if some one thinks i should just rush post valid reasons, but i believe until my execution/mind games is amazing i should turtle.

You can’t afford to play Akuma turtle, he has the WORST defense in the game. No matter how amazing your execution/mind games are, all it takes is ONE mistake from Akuma, and he’ll be at a disadvantage health wise. You can play turtle Ken, because he can afford to make 2, maybe even 3 mistakes while still having the advantage. As a human being, you WILL end up making mistakes every now and then, and inconsequential damage added up actually is pretty significant when you’re dealing with Akuma’s short life. Use your excellent execution to suffocate your opponent with Akuma’s superior mobility options, only back off if you’re certain that he’s tired of wake up kara throw games and finally decided to SRK. IIRC, lk hurricane will whiff on more than half of the cast if they are simply crouching, so that’s too unreliable.

Akuma is easily the fastest character in the game. good enuf reason?

If you like turtle style play Chun- much more effective.

Learn to hit with things like (d.short, d.jab -> forward hurricane or d.forward -> forward hurricane) -> strong dp on the characters it works on (shotos, twins, a few others).

And yes, you can’t afford to be on the defensive, although attacking all the time isn’t a great idea either. Sometimes it pays off to be tricky by using the demon flip (dp+k), and running away isn’t bad if the alternative is getting put in a corner by a character like Ken or Yun.

His kara-throw is among the best in the game, learn it well. And don’t scoff at the damage from hitting f+strong, throw that in sometimes when they start teching throws. On the arcade version, f+strong is an unthrowable animation, so they will get hit for trying to tech, there is no way for them to throw you for screwing up kara throw.

But don’t play Akuma defensively. If you’re going to play him, keep the pressure on the opponent and don’t let up. He takes horrible damage, and dishes it out with equal harshness, so there’s no reason to turtle, just keep hitting them until they die and you win.

I usually use about 70% offense 30% defense. I was at a friends house and he was using chun li (whores back-HP) and I was playing defensively and got my ass handed to me. about 10 rounds into it I was just “screw his lame strategy” and just hit him with an all out offense and I destroyed him. long story short,akuma NEEDS to be offensive,unless youre a parry master then I guess its worth a shot.

thanks guys for the feed back, yeah i do need to rush more, but i play a guy who plays urien really solid, and i hate eating a 15 hit aegis juggle. also play a good Q player, and a good oro/necro player.

If you play an Aegis urien, whore the HK Tatsumaki (with just a little mixup like crouching short x Tatsumaki). whore it NONSTOP. It works too beautifully.

As for Q, just jump around a lot.

For Oro I have no tips for you since I’ve never had that match up. But as an oro player I’d say simply stay the fark away from the close.mp range.

Vs. Necro : random jab shoryukens from half a screen away

whoring tatsumakis will get you crushed by a decent Urien, if it’s done with any amount of predictability it’s easily full parried. Just use your normal Akuma pressure game, but be careful of mp spheres.

Oro, you’ll need to watch out for his high damage+high stun pokes. His standing HK is ridiculously strong, and I THINK it trades with srk(not sure), but be careful of it. Oro doesn’t take damage that well either, so bring it to him either way.

yeah his hk is awesome! (for him)
what about against makoto?


whore it. trust me.

not like HK tastumakis one after another

example: cr.short > HK tastumaki, hesitate, MK tastumaki, whiff grab > kara demon.

edit: o and if he jumps and escapes your kara demon… tastumaki!!!

nanitaberu is right

Unlike what ramza said, decent Uriens won’t do shit about you doing hurricane all over their ass, as long as you don’t do anything that’s horribly predictable. Urien really can’t do a lot against it without using SA1 or red parrying. And merely decent players won’t red parry, at least not very well. Throwing HK hurricane out is only dangerous against the really good players, or Urien with meter for SA1 so that he actually has an option after blocking.

EDIT: Also, after the first time they jump out of the whiff throw -> demon trick, try whiff throw, block low, and if they jumped to avoid getting grabbed, do demon as they’re coming down. Guaranteed. Verified RD is too good.

Or to be a real bitch, throw out far stand roundhouse after the whiffed throw, and learn to verify RD on seeing them get hit standing. You have a decent amount of time to see it, not too much though. That’s what training mode is for.

rh into demon is too good!! i love doing that but even better is when u predict a poke and just bust it out. very risky but so top-tier.

finally some agrees with me. random raging demon IS top tier.

you’ll have better luck baiting them with Cr.HK xx raging demon. too evil.

ok, better description next time, “whoring rh hurricane” sounded different than what you described in the second post, that definitely sounds much more effective. I was just pointing that out, because most decent Uriens know there’s not much else they can do when they’re cornered by Akuma- -

well yea
because dumb uriens who try to full parry an hk tastumaki will get hit by low attacks and kara throws and my sick kara demon as well.

same thing can be said about parrying ANYTHING… try to parry high you’d get high by low attacks/throw etc… but we still see a lot of parrying in 3s no?

'cause jab shoryu is invincible on recovery?

no, 'cause it works.

and if you want to attack my statement regarding Urien vs. tatsumaki use a Urien vs. tatsumaki situation.

Parrying high because you anticipate a HK Tatsumaki then eating low attack means you’re being OUTSMARTED by your akuma opponent.

Parrying a full screen fireball =/= Parrying under pressure in the corner against Tatsumaki

it works? Necro wants to get close to you, not play keep away. Urien parries in these corner situations because there are literally no other options outside of rh knee drop that will get him out of it. Even his jabs and shorts/jab & EX headbutt/throws aren’t fast enough to counter tatsumaki recoveries, they get srk’d. He could throw out a 1 frame EX Aegis to get some breathing room, but that’s a terrible waste of meter. If a “dumb” Urien is one who attempts parrying, then please tell me what a smart Urien does in those situations. Don’t really understand your point, you’re just repeating what HugoLizard said.

A smart Urien would block and red parry third hit of tatsumaki, tap forward again to check whether it was fw or rh, then either parry a third time or punish accordingly if no 2nd parry happens. That’s the only totally safe option he has to deal with an Akuma that tries to lock him down in the corner like that. Trust me, people here do that shit to me all the time because that’s the only way for taller characters to do anything about it without risking big damage for a bad guess.

Really, Urien players should just pick SA1 against Akuma, especially with Aegis setups not being guaranteed against him at all.

Also, Necro only wants to be close while he has meter. Ignore how PinoAB7 plays, that fool is crazy, and it works, but only because he’s crazy. Necro really isn’t that big of a threat to Akuma until he has enough meter to combo into Electric Snake.