TTT2U Questions and Complaints

There’s a lot of rumors floating around that there are even MORE characters in TTT2. Includes:

Can anyone with an advance copy of the game verify any of this?


Same, I’d LOVE to know.

Seems legit.

There was a lot more evidence on NeoGAF that strongly suggests they are just DLC palette swaps. All good since they are likely to be free but I was hoping for Dr. B to play like he did in T3 and for Slim Bob to have some move differences between his fatter self.

But Dr. B’s stance seems unique. Who is he copying?

I really want to learn this game, but if the online isn’t good I won’t have a legit way to practice.
Can anyone share some feedback about it?
How does it feel compared to other games like SF4, UMVC3, or Skullgirls?

It’s good. If you have played SC5, I think it’s even better cuz I tried some NYC to United Kingdom test and I had 4 bar. It’s pretty playable to me but I don’t know the punishes enough. I’ve just sat in training mode for a while and gotten a good feel for some of the moves for the characters I’m learning.

No matter how good a netcode is, it won’t help save shitty ISP connections though.

which console?

From what I can tell, the netcode is great. WOOOOOOOOOORLDS better than T6 netcode, which was on par with MK9 netcode.

I tried it on the PS3 version that I had since friday. My 360 version is lost in the mail somewhere (GG Newegg) so I can’t test that.

360 side is perfect. had nothing but 5 bars within the U.S. to Canada.

I will attest to same, 4-5 bar connections constantly and only had ONE odd slow moment (but…it only lasted a moment).
Otherwise I was pulling dumb crap off like silk…until I screw up, heheh.

I played on 4-5 bar connections for about 2 hours today. No crazy lag or input delay that I could tell. I had a moment or two of slight pause but nothing crazy. I think they has some damn good netcode.

I got the game on Friday and I have to say that this game has the best netcode I’ve ever played. Better than SSFIVAE and much better than KOFXIII. I have no problem getting my combos and juggles working. All around great job

If anyone’s played VF5:FS, how does this netcode compare to that?

:eek: The difference between the pace of the two games makes that a difficult call.

I guess just rest assured that the netcode is good and that you won’t have to resort to “online tactics” to get things done online; the game is perfectly playable.

In terms of latency, they are similar in that it’s nearly non-existent.

FS netcode has latency, but it’s sometimes hard to tell because of the huge buffer.

Sounds reasuring so far. I guess i should go pickup a copy. thx for the input everyone!

Well now that I’ve seen videos, I’m wrong. Everyone seems to have either unique moves or very similar moves but with different properties.