Ok it’s starting now on HBO. MUST WATCH!!

The sex scenes were funny as hell. I couldn’t stop laughing at the tape of that vampire fucking that women. So far; my favorite character is Tara. “Look at you…scaring that white boy!” Funniest line in the show. I can’t wait for next week.

My friend works at Comcast and he showed me an episode of a vampire show, I think it was that one, but by the time it was half done, we had to stop it because we both fell asleep.

Can’t wait for next week. What sucks is the time slot. It’s direct competition with Sunday Night Football, so is Entourage.

what the fuck, that’s a guy?

A good premiere for a new show. Alan Ball can do no wrong. American Beauty is an all-time classic. I never saw Six Feet Under, but that show gets plenty of love.

Rogue looked hot. So did the other waitress. Intriguing story, interesting locale and Rogue’s in it, how can you go wrong?

Top it off with profanity and hot nudity and this could be a winner.

Just started watching this show last night on On Demand up to episode 3. Man I love this show, it’s my new favorite at the moment. Too many funny moments. I had to rewind the part where Sookie sneaks up on Bill at his crib and he jumps up flicker vampire like hissing cause he got startled. :rofl:

Tara is by far the funniest though.

Awwww Sookie Sookie now! Yeah i watched all 3 episodes too…I find all the characters interesting…Sookie & Bill though seems like they are dragging it out a bit…Hopefully they start talking about her powers more…I really like how they show vampires powers & weakness…My fav so far is Sookie’s bro that fucker is horndog but very likeable/funny…

All the black guys are gay…weird. Except that dude who tried to hit on Tara.

They aren’t gay. They are on the down low.

This show is pretty sweet. I’m really digging Tara.

Niggas on here are always trippin’. Lafayette got dat V Juice for $600 a pop though, I want some.

Gay or not, the black people on this show make it even more interesting. Lafayette is a pretty fun character, so is Tara. I really liked the scene with her and her mom, with the wakeup alcohol bottle super.

why they killed the hot chick ;/

Did anyone else think about furiously masturbating when Tara was about to get down with her boss?

I mean, damn, those tittays, I was hoping for them to get released and then I would have stroked it and shot to the moon.

Although this is a good show I hope it doesn’t suffer from the non-Sopranos-like ratings its getting.

New episode is on tonight, west coast 6:00pm. I want to see what Sookie looks like w/o those damn clothes.

Episode 4- Really funny episode, lack of strong sexual content though… No nude sookie sookie either!:arazz::tdown:

Lafayette ftw. This show is funny as fuck.

If you read the book then yeah, there are stuff about Sam that kinda makes things a little more understandable… I guess.

Great fucken show though.

I gave this show a chance. I had to stop watching halfway through episode 3. The only interesting characters are Tara and Lafayette.

And them alone is not enough to watch.