Tri-City/Walla Walla Fight Club

Lets get this going. Only know one person I’m able to play with locally on SSF4 other than that is all online training. If your in the area post your shit and lets start gettin together.

Come together everybody and try to love one another.

I hella missed this thread somehow. Sup. I got some more ppl to make srk accounts. Lets get this going. This scene is really in need of a revival.

Info on me:
Name: Mike Sitth.
Chars: Ryu then everyone else
PSN: YabukiStyle

Info on me:
Name: Aroun
Chars: Dudley/Rufus
XBL: myleftsh0e

damn i need to train more

heres my info

man i need to get a stick so i can practice

People hatin but I’m hyped on Yun and Yang for Super. I’m biased on this though cuz I played them in 3S. I wanna use teleport mixups again.

i think its kool they put them in to i used them alittle bit so i might now how to use them in super

Hell yeah this game needs more dive kicks! Can’t really cry about genei jin being too buff, its not like you can build meter for another one quickly like in 3S.

I dont get why people hate on dive kicks either. Its an offensive tool to use. I guess people really wanna just hold down-back and cr fierce jump ins all day.

Hopefully gonna be teachin some new players at 1 AM. Gotta figure out what to do before then though. Kinda want to watch a movie but not sure which one.

cant stop thinking about this game…spent all night going over tons of block strings and testing theories…

Adam, I’d say get at me on xbl but my connection lately is nasty


Im on Yabuki.

Hella Hector.

Just keep practicing Aroun. You’ve got your links down better. Its all matchup exp from there.

So I been watchin Japanese player sunset01. His Sagat is soo freakin gdlk. I swear it has to be ojiisanboy. Same rush that shit down style.

[media=youtube]coIsG1RLzH0]YouTube - YHCmochi [Dhalsim] vs sunset01 [Sagat[/media]

that sucks

Name: Kalvin
Area: Pasco
Characters: Chun Li
PSN: Kalvin17_

Been working on my AA game, I was seriously lacking there. Chun has a lot of options, but she’s very situational. Also playing around with some piano techniques and finding some useful strings for plinkin.

I’m gonna be using traditional SF terminology (Jab/lp, strong/mp, fierce/hp, short/lk, forward/mk, roundhouse/hk) since I’m so used to it

One of Chuns good bread and butter links to use is crouching jab, crouching jab, crouching jab, standing fierce. You can plink the fierce with strong so it’ll look like this in training mode…


And you can cut down the cr. jabs to just one or two of them if you want. Good thing to do is watch some vids to see what her good moves are.

shizza’s (usa) got a good chun

so does nemo (Japan)
[media=youtube]pyaJO1luBFQ]YouTube - [2010/08/08[/media]

That’s actually the exact chain I’ve been working on. You can super after st. fp without cancel too, but the timing on that throws me off because I’m so used to cancelling into super, so I do it way too early. I got it off a few times though. Just gotta keep practicing.

Also playing with fadc forward into ultra 1. A nice little trick to have handy when you are full screen from your opponent but anticipating a fireball. Closes some distance to ensure you don’t whiff your ultra, and its something you don’t see coming.

I’m not finding piano techniques that important to my game. I don’t have troubles getting into ex legs from just about any situation with my normal method. So I don’t think I’m gonna keep working on that.

One thing I just can’t seem to get to work with any kind of consistency is hazan shu into cr. mk. That would add so many options…I just can’t get the timing down, even with plinking.

@kalvin i can hear you mashing lightning legs tho…lol

when are you guys gonna session next?

It’s called technique. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I get it off every time I try. I mash a lot of things though. Like jab to try to break up a string of attacks, or throw, which sometimes unintentionally results in lightning legs. Bad habit. I know.

Yoo…cravin an offline session. I get off of work at 9:30 tonight but don’t work til late tomorrow. Lets get something goin. Need to bust out Soul Satellite shenanigans.

I’d be down, but I don’t have a place. TJ works a retarded shift, so hes asleep now and goes to work at 3am. Get off at midnight, hopefully.

Ah. Damn. I’d get a thing going here but people gotta sleep. Maybe end up being an online night then.