Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (AKA WFC2)

Get Hype!

This is the cover art for the magazine. The Transformers Game FB page is supposed to have an announcement today as well.

This is going to be a definite buy. All it needs are some tweaks to the first game and it’s good.

HYPE!!! Grimlock son!!!

You should still have enough space to write War for Cybertron, lol.
Will def. get this when it’s out =)

I saw that too. Grimlock a T-Rex on Cybertron. I argued with myself on that

My Mind - That’s not logical, they’re on Cybertron
My Mind - Nor is a 30 ft. tall robot turning into a handgun


Wasn’t Trypticon in WfC?

He was, Trypticon was a reptillian like monster. Grimlock is clearly based off of his G1 incarnation. While I would prefer his War Within Version in this case, I am not complaining about it. Frankly, I think it’s going to be used to add another class of player (Scout, Leader, Soldier, Engineer). Probably add Brute in there.

However, the WFC version was pretty slick as well

Hype as fuck. I absolutely loved the first game. These games are in the same continuity as Transformers Prime, correct? I hope this game can tighten it up a bit


This almost means more toys…heres wishing for deluxe BARRICADE!

Loved the first game, will definitely be playing the second.

The “New” Optimus Prime

He’s massive. I like and hate it at the same time.

Yeah i saw this earlier, not a fan of Optimus Prime but his new design looks great.

“Fist with wheels” lol

I’m liking the new design. The newly added bulk fits him well

I fucking love WFC, do want nao.

Most anticipated sequel? Yeah, pretty close.

I’m hype as fuck for this game. Just give me Wheeljack.

LOL, that about sums it up. I love how the new head and chest design are. They are more inline with the G1 continuity. The stuff that I don’t like are the shoulder and the legs. They look waaaaaaaay out of proportion. If they tweak the chest, arm, and leg proportions, it will be a winner. Otherwise, it reminds me of . . . .

Energon Optimus Prime

Since it’s Pre-Alpha build of the game, there are a whoooole lot of changes that can be made. I think they’ll fix it so Prime can stand straight up with out his calves touching.

…so Grimlock won’t have a dinosaur form? Fuck :frowning:

I still will get this game day one. I need to play the first one again. I downloaded the DLC, then never played again :frowning:

Well on one of the covers he is in Dino form…so unless it’s the ultimate rick roll I’d say he is a go.

Hope they embelish their Horde mode some more and give a few exotic locales this time. Oh and make the Scientist/Jet have just a taaad more health. Maybe some new classes and I am good, oh and weapons…I am greedy damn it.

Yeah yeah blah blah, bring on Megatron!

Hopefully the online community will embrace this game unlike WFC.