Tourney worthy 3D's

iyo what 3-D fighters do you consider worthy, and what was just obviously not to be taken serious.
it does not matter if old or not just explain why.
Bloody Roar 1-2: it just did not seem broken to me. i dunno why.
BA Toshinden 2: after 2 it just went down hill
SSB/M: i just love the scene now. i use to despise smash bros. lot of different character usage in competition. well its not really 3-D. but ya know what i mean.
SFEX: of course.
Tekken Tag/5: all the other tekken games can go to hell.
Naruto GNT 4: The Chakra system really adds a little bit of depth to the whole game. Counter/Escapes out of deadly combos. its really fun and hectic. It makes every character just about useful in some way.
Virtual On

all other 3ds to me were just fun button mashers:looney: . if you have a different opinions on my choices or have your own lets here it.

senko no ronde looks fun but thats more a vs shmup

SFEX is not a 3D fighter.

Ttt Vf4

i loved the virtual on series and i saw some vids of virtual on 4 from sone random jap site
and i love the game even more. I wish and hope it comes out here.

This is a great comment Jester! Your posts continue to enlighten me and I enjoy reading your responses :slight_smile:

What about Soul Calibur 1,2, and 3?

I haven’t seen too much bs from characters other than created ones and “guests”.

Naruto? It plays like a wrestling game.

But hes right. EX3 is a 2d fighter. Just like Project justice.

Speaking of Bloody Roar, was Fox broken? I heard he was removed because he was deemed broken.

What about Tekken 3?


IMO, Ganesha is more broken but they’re from two different games in the series, so…

I remember one tourney where Ganeshas pretty much dominated…anyone have those vids?

Yes please do provide some BR vids i loved the series and ponder was there possible semi-serious play?

Tobal No.1, Tobal No.2 and Ehrgeiz. Tobal is probably the more practical choice though, although Ehrgeiz can be alot of fun.

I’m going to second Tekken 3. It is my favorite 3D fighter of all time. I haven’t played it in years, but I’ve been jonesing to get back to it in recent times.

As for EX, certain characters do have moves with 3D movement. They’re not extraordinarily crucial to the gameplay, but they are in there. (The first one that comes to mind is the ashura senkuu, but I’m sure there are others.)

IS that why they replaced him with Jenny? And how the hell does naruto play like a wrestling game?! Thats boulderdash, and it makes no sense.:rolleyes:

Outside of random corner combos and those teleports (which were only in the first two games anyway (SFEX and SFEX2), such moves were taken out of SFEX2+ and EX3. Though an occassional camera turn may occur by accident, its still 2D.

your mom



I second Virtua Fighter 4: Evo, Tekken 3, and Soul Calibur.

I’m going to second Virtual On…that was a really good series…it went to hell with Virtual On-Marz…really going away from what made Oratorio Tangram excellent…