Tournament Blackheart

Hey Folks,

     I was checking the threads and even though there is a ton of info on blackheart,  there is not enough info of tournament tested teams where blackheart is a PLAYABLE(not only for assisst) character. 

Team watts===> it’s a well known tournament ready team which is well
known for it’s defense and turtling abilities. It’s a solid
team which uses blackheart as it’s main character.
However, it is incredibly weak against Team Scrub, and
sadly enough team Scrub It’s one of the most popular
Torney team out there.

    Anyone that wants to add to it can, or if you know of any other torney tested teams please post it with some comments on its abilities and weakness. For those of you who wonder what's the use for this thread, well it is to instruct people on how to choose their blackheart teams correctly, i am tired of seeing people getting owned by Damned scrubs just because they didn't think before choosing the correct team for team they were up against. 

Ex. Team watts vs. Team scrub

this is a terrible choice, on the part of the blackheart player, Team Watts it’s an at terrible Disadvantage here. But if The player were to choose:

Blackheart/Sentinel(cable?)/ DOOM vs. Scrub

This is a good choice to make if you are facing scrub. You should start with sentinel Rush cable with doom, don’t worry about the AHVB at the start of the fight he’ll only have one so even if you eat it you’ll be ok. Get on top of cable as soon as possible call doom as many time as possible and ship cable to death.
Even if thing don’t go they way you want this team has enough DEFENSE to withstand a couple of AHVBs without fear of loosing the character. Blackheart can also turtle very well with doom and sentinel backing him up.

Well, there you go if anyone has any insight on tournament tested team with blackheart in it please post it with some info on how to use it ( like i did above)

and what tournament did you test this team out at?

blackheart is weak against cable period, so why not start off with sent.

local tourneys mainly, im from NY so now days the competitions is held elsewhere
mainly NJ.

Also i did say that you need to start sentinel with this team( read the bottom portion of my previous post). Since what you want to do is fly above cable while calling doom. That way you prevent capcom from hitting you thus creating space between you and calble, and that is something you don’t want.

Also a good Blackheart can OWN any cable at any time. Quite frankly the only time cable has the upper hand against MY blackheart, is when he has Sentinel And Capcom backing him up.

although a lot of people are not interested in this thread :sad:. i Still want to give it some sort of finish since i am the kind of guy that doesn’t like to leave things unfinished.

There are a couple of team that can be tourney ready, although they are kind of cookie-cutter. But they actually work quite well.


-> It doesn’t get any cookier than this, Quite frankly if you play this team in a tournament people will quickly put you in the NOOB section. But believe it or not this team is nasty when played against team SCRUB. Cammy/Tron is a very hard to deal with duo, then put black heart in the mix to stop all those flying sentinel. Simply put, team Scrub have very little options as to what they can do to stop it.
Take My word for and try it!!!


-> A Well known team for all blackheart players, Is an exellent all around team. It can hold it’s own against santhrax, Scrub, RowTron, Etc. However it has an terrible weakness against MSP. So if you think an msp player is playing you next you might want to use another team.


-> This team is practically unknown, But believe it or not it’s actually very effective and all around. This team has no weakness, mags./blackheart have a bunch of easy cross ups, also black heart AAA slows down your opponent making it easy for magneto to rushdown. If you are tired of the constant rushdown then try this team and join all those infinite friendly bastard!!


-> The little brother of team watts! It may be so but this team can give all of those TRON B. AND DOOM based team a run for their money,It can also be effective against MSP. However it shares team Watts weakness, Team Scrub!

What about BlackHeart (AAA)/ Cable (AAA)/ Sentinel (RocketPunch)?
Pros and cons of using this team? Bad match ups? I used it occasionally back then against this one guy, but he sucked. It was almost free wins for me, lol. Maybe you can test it out against real comp, since I don’t have any.

No reason why Spiral/BH/xx can’t last in a tournament setting. See Vidness’ BH/Spiral teams.

BH Guile Sent, BH Guile Doom, BH Sent Capcom…Pretty Bh with any Anti Air assist is pretty good …

hey i was just thinking about that Mag/BH/Cyke team that team could be nasty. I have played with Storm/BH/Cyke or Commando even though i think cyke would be better. Cyke sets up so much for storm and BH. Im getting tired of the same teams all the time santhax, m/s/s, rowtron etc.

ok, well concerning the question about BLACKHEART(AAA)/SENTINEL(DRONES)**** )/ CABLE(AAA), well i have personally used this team. I actually played it against sanford and i think on justing wong once, however it didn’t go so well. Blackheart can hold his on against mags. but in the end you’ll end up using your assisst to much and loose a character in the proccess. Sentinel is actually the star in this team, you should be constantly calling drones with balckheart’s AAA. Detain your opponent fly, stomp,…etc. kind of an very annoying game but with a crap load of chip damage. It works excelently agains slow characters (scrub!!) how ever it kind of looses against MSP, Santhrax, Rowtron, etc… Not a Bad team but you really need to work hard to rack up the wins with this team especially if there are a lot of msp players

also BLACKHEART(AAA)/SPIRAL(PROJ.)/CAPCOM(AAA), it’s a fun team for sure but it is not a tournament team at all. It has too many opening, and spiral can’t really do a trap with blackheart. Well at least not a very effective one.

Also sentinel cheese it is true that blackheart can do well with most AAA in the game but if you don’t choose the other to characters carefully you’ll endup loosing in no time. Blackheart is a good character but it uses a lot of assissts so making him your main character for doing damage is very risky

im thinking about playing BH/Storm/Cammy. I know everyone is gonna say put in commando put he sucks when its time to play with him. Cyclops is good too but sometimes he doesnt cut it. ive heard that BH/Guile works real good too. anyone know anything about it

agreed with Cyke on the team, my main team is pretty much BH/Storm/Cyke or Capcom, pends on who im facin really, if i gotta change it i change it up but even Cable can work in place of capcom and cyke so u always got a few choices really.

yeah i never tried cable i might have to try that.

hey guys, i actually tried BLACKHEART(AAA)/STORM®/CABLE(AAA) for a while and well…All i have to say about this team is that it work on paper like a charm but in real life you really have to work for a win. I mean a cable is not a bad AAA but he doesn’t do that much damage and he goes way to fast to be able to combo off him effectively. So if you guy want a better suggestion use BLACKHEART(AAA)/STORM®/CAPCOM. NOw this team does a good amount of damage and if you are really good with storm you can rack up the wins very easily and constantly. Trust me i’ve played it against really good tournament players.

i think ima stick with BH/Storm/Cyke becuz commando just plain sucks on point and i hate picking a person just for an assist. Then Cyke keeps a person is block stun longer too giving BH/storm more time to get back on the attack. Cammy is a good assist, but its harder to connect the InfernoxxHOD with her than commando or cyke. Ima experiment with Bh/Cable/Cyke too i didnt realize how good this team could be till recently. BH builds meter faster than storm, mag, hell maybe even spiral that could be instant death for any team including MSP

well, if you feel more comfortable with cyc., well then go ahead you might actually do more damage with cyc. then with capcom. I seen people pick capcom as an assisst and totally suck with him yet pick cyc. and they do a ton of shit. so if cyc works better for you then go ahead man!

By the way becareful with balckheart/cable/cyclops this team tends to deceive a lot of people. This team works great on scrubs but when you get to the upper level game this team sucks! so unless you are like a upper level Blackheart player i sugest you stay clear of this team or you’ll be up for a rude awakening:looney:


Even Storm/BH dhc into geddon with storms air combo. But ill agree a little with bh/storm/cable u gotta work for a win but u can still do it , even if u battery 5 bars and toss in cable u can take them down a bit with ahvb. If u stick to Bh/storm/cyke u got x2 batteries and 3 abusers of supers. if u got Bh/storm/Cable u got just basically 3 super whores, and x1 batteries, There are alot of things to do it’s just up to who u can use id say and if u can use all the teams just use ur judgement then i guess.

hey guys I have another tournament Blackheart team (tested) ready. Drum Roll please…,


This team is simply put SICKKKKK!!! We all ready know how nasty can sentinel/tron combo can be, now add BLACKHEART/TRON B. to the equation. How ever i will add that i seemed to have found a problem in dealing with STORM/SENTINEL/CAPCOM but it can be dealt with, you just need to have a lot of skill. So that is it, try it and post what you guys think about the team.:wgrin:

i was thinking about that team, but i think bh/sent kinda needs an aaa against mag, storm, and sent just for more breathing room. but yeah that team is nasty especially bh/tron. just assist straight into HOD is at least half life most of the time.

i think you’re missing the best bh team in the game (only one that I think is legitimately tourney worthy): bh/cable/cyc

those assists are the 2 best assists cable can ask for in the game. bh assist forces you to move, cyc assist penalizes you for moving in on cable.

straight up nasty.