TOTAL BARNAGE! Official Results

I want to thank everyone for coming down to the barn. It ran amazingly smooth for our first tourny, so I want to thank everyone for being cool the whole time and making this thing fun. Now for the results.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  1. Tony (SRK name unknown to me)
  2. Moeun (Megetta)
  3. Josh (A Minor Threat)
  4. Ralph (Rusheddown)
    tie for 6th. Dave (Ryoma) and Clayton (no SRK name)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

  1. James (AmakusaShiroTokisada)
  2. Moeun (Megetta)
  3. Josh (A Minor Threat)
  4. Rich (Onionkid)
    tie for 6th. Ralph (Rusheddown) and Stu (trashbear)
    tie for 9th. Matt (Trevor Chan), Joe (no SRK name), and Dwayne (Amefall)
    tie for 12th. Frank (Xer), Isaac (no SRK name), Jay (RabidWombat)

3rd Strike

  1. James (AmakusaShiroTokisada)
  2. Dave (Ryoma)
  3. Josh (A Minor Threat)
  4. Rich (Onionkid)
    tie for 6th. Sean (SRK name unknown to me), and Ralph (Rusheddown)
  5. Joe
    tie for 10th. Matt (Trevor Chan), Tony, and Jay (RabidWombat)

Capcom vs. SNK 2

  1. James (AmakusaShiroTokisada)
  2. Tony
  3. Rich (Onionkid)
  4. Josh (A Minor Threat)
    tie for 6th. Joe (no SRK name), and Kang (kcxj)
  5. Dwayne (Amefall)
    tie for 10th. Isaac (no SRK name), Ralph (Rusheddown), and Sean

Guilty Gear XX

  1. What a shock…James (AmakusaShiroTokisada)
  2. Rich (Onionkid)
  3. Josh (A Minor Threat)
  4. Moeun (Megetta)
    tie for 6th. Tony and Joe (no SRK name)
    tie for 9th. Matt (Trevor Chan), Frank (Xer), and Dwayne (Amefall)
    tie for 12th. Ralph (Rusheddown), Stu (Trashbear), and Isaac (no SRK name.

Once again I want to thank everyone for coming. All placements for all tournies are now posted. Thanks again everyone. Peace


Wow 3rd in everything except cvs2 which i got 4th in :P. Maybe next time I will move up to 2nd place in everything :). Had alot of fun, I need to improve on my ggxx and cvs2, also I want to get better in 3s. We gotta have more of these tourneys this was the best console tourney ive been to yet!

List format would probably be the best way of doing this.

#1 First and foremost, thanks to Matt for basically running the entire tournament, Stu for the help setting up, and Jay for letting us hold it. The Barnage wouldn’t have been Total without your help.

#2 To any GGXX players reading this outside of those who came, fear and respect James’ Po “The Man” Temkin. I know what you’re thinking, because it’s what I thought. The answer is no. No, you can’t rush him down and no, you can’t zone him out. The Man will cook your unborn children over the fire he just set to your house. The Man will destroy you all.

#3 Props to Dwayne for TMNT: the idea, the Raphael figure, and the participation. You got infinitely better since Fall River, your Dizzy is a fucking threat.

#4 The Man should’ve been cast as Hulk in the new movie.


#6 The Man just fucked your girlfriend while you were reading this post.



Amakusa dat shit! LOL!!!

Nice work CT peeps!!! (yes, you too Frodo, Baggins dat shite!)


Oh shite! 9th in GGXX, thats hell of alot better then i was expecting. This was fun for my first tourny, you will all definalty see me more at the next ones… and I will be ready this time, and no pad either… just wait and see…

Well, I played like total ass in GGXX yesterday, no excuse for that shit. Still, it was all mad crazy silly fresh Gumby-Gold cool to just hang out. I can’t believe everything went smooth and was done before midnight. I would’ve like to stay until the end, but I had some uh…business to attend to (business = sex). And to James…wow. That Potemkin is no joke. I was laughing and stuff, and then I was like “Damn, this shit ain’t funny.” You can’t rush, hide, or anything, except maybe cry and itch…props big time. Well, at least I did ok in TMNT. That shit was hot to the MaXx.


P.S.- Josh, you’re crazy cool dude.

Next time I come down Joe wil have to show me some top tier phone booth pissing. Im a scrub when it comes to that :(.

i knew i shoulda went, i think me and tony woulda went at it for 1st in marvel. wow, looks like all those hours of practicing really payed off for james. According to you james, didnt u say that you were better than everyone in mvc2 in waterford, even tony? i think he just proved u wrong. see u at ecc peeps.

tony said that he needed the money and i didn’t bother to enter mvc2

These are the saddest results I’ve ever seen in my life. And I’ve seen some sad results…I’ve seen Nightmare James win tournaments before.

So let me get this straight…if I went, I would have gotten 1st/2nd in MvC2, 2nd in CvS2, 1st in 3s, probably first in TMNT even though I haven’t played the game since it was released, and probably 2nd/3rd in GGXX, because I’ve only touched the game twice. Fucking sad.

Next time you guys decide to throw a tournament, try being good at one of the games in the tourney beforehand.

who in the fuck is this ass hammer?

hey dip shit…the next tourny i throw…if you show up how about i beat the shit out of your face for about 3 hours?

go fuck yourself.

it’s pretty easy to talk shit when you didn’t even show up. you pussy

…So is an RI player threatening to beat the shit out of a CT player going to be some kind of Barnage tradition or what.

I’ve seen a vagina. I think I have one-up on you, there.


I’ve been in one. Now who’s on top???

Trust me son, you can’t one-up me on anything, you don’t know me lol.

damn phil
just show up next time and show them what you got

actually phil you would be wise NOT to show up at my house

Well folks, we knew it had to happen. I have to weigh in with my thoughts. I’ll be brief. Phil, I’m begging you to show up. Please, please, show up. I so badly need someone to beat the ever loving shit out of. You wanna know how serious I can get? Ask James.

Maximum Barnage Game Poll :





I am so scared that big tall bald guys and other random fools want to beat me up. Get in line, children. It still stands that nothing I said in my post is false, and you’re all just pissed off that I spoke the truth, because it hurt. Grow up.

They’re just games, ladies. If someone is actually willing to throw fists with some foreskin from CT over a poor performance in a videogame marketed towards preteen boys with nary a pube on their virgin sacs…THEN LETS DO IT!

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Ignore that marvel scrub ppl he just wants to get attention. :lol: