Toronto Lovegety GGXX 2008

welcome. strats /sessions / tournaments / rides since this place is so far away.

whats hot? 5 buttons.


I think I’m picking up Sauga Crew tomorrow. I’m taking

I believe Hayvren wanted a spot and I’ll hold the last one for either Matt or Yuhin (whoever wants it and is actually entering the tournament). If you’re not entering SFIV then respectfully don’t waste all of our time. We want to get lots of exposure for this game and a big first turnout is important.

Gas is $5/person

that was pretty fast…
anyways I think i’ll be heading down maybe ~2 tomorrow (Saturday). I don’t know how much to charge for gas, but does $5 from yorkdale sound fair? My car can fit 3 other people comfortably.

If nobody’s taken that spot by Saturday afternoon (unlikely), i’ll take it.

Faisal, I hope they’re all girls. The place needs an upgrade in THE TITS FACTOR.

Doesnt the place not open till 3?

Why would Capcom make a fighting game with only 5 buttons? It totally blows my mind. They could of had a really good game here, but they blew it.

I’d rather play the console version, because I hear one of the features is 6 buttons.

5 buttons = too beast… gotta shut down justin’s air grabbing.

Unfortunately can’t make it tmr afternoon cause I’m golfing… but if it rains I’ll be there most likely :slight_smile:

Also, links for ken’s ultra are appreciated :smiley: as blank jump in ultras dont work after the 1st time. =) One of the more comprehensive guides I’ve seen so far.

Does the cabinet have 6 buttons yet?

SF4? I’d be down to play if NAGATEH LOCK would be down to lock in some freeeeshness. And as a bonus, i’ll wear deodarent.


I’m pretty sure i’ve waited all day to make that post.

Any cars with open spots for the tourney?

Also, that arcade owner dude randomly started talking to me today. He’s actually a really nice guy.

Which reminds me, CYRUS IS A BEAST AT SFIV.

I’m sure the arcade opens earlier on weekends.

Damn see me there I think.

Cyrus is a beast already? HOWZORZ SIV ONLINE TRAINING!?!?!

boxer is too good. honda ex grab will destroy all.

ryu dp into ulti = wtf

sagat is wtf good.

not feeling new chars yet but I didn’t try abel or viper either.

not coming early anymore, all played out ! (unless i get 3 other people cuz gas ia bitch)

what time does lovegetty open on weekends?

I’m gonna start posting here since it’s the Lovegety GGXX 2008 Thread YEAAH!!

Wow.Just wow.Because your “LG SF IV” thread didn’t work as well as you expected,you decided to jack the LG thread instead and throw a curveball to the GG players into using this thread by renaming it?This clearly shows how much respect you have for others.