Toronto June Thread

First off even I will congratulate Marvin for an excellent placing at ECC. Although I stopped playing long ago he deserves all the praise he has earned.

On a side note I leave you with a picture of a Korean celebrity

You may recognize her, I believe someone here said it was his “gf” when asked about his avatar.

j.hs is max cheese for sure. I think I’ll give js the BBTO title now cuz im just gonna focus on jam/anotha, maybe faust. Once gordon is done school we’ll all do some hardcore training. FOR REAL

But it’s not June yet. who’s girlfriend is that?

Yeah, I don’t get it…

T4 is coming.

yes its june and im officially part time at my job, so more time to train for t6 who wants to train wit me

i think barry’s talking about Jay

-so it’s time to eat more break steaks. I eat one right when I get there. I also have another combo like 2 hours later. No joke. These things are huge and I can eat a lot. Everyone knows it. I know these things are gonna give me problems later on, but I don’t care. Later that night, Jiggabry comes in to beg to use our washroom. I know he’s gonna shit a monster in there. And I’m thinking “no fucking way he’s shitting a beast in my washroom before I do” so i reject his ass. Right when he leaves, I fucking own up that toilet, no mercy. Double perfect.

-3s singles time. Or at least I thought so. Pool 1 fires off and I’m standing there watching. Boom there’s Pool 2. OH shit Adam got owned. Boom there’s Pool 3…4…5…6…okay where the fuck am I? Somewhere in there, Stephen was up for 3s. I didn’t even know he joined. Anyway, he fucking owned up that bracket. Good job NIgga. I walk over to Phi to ask whem i’m up. I’m in pool 8. It’s been 7 hours. Jeeeze… okay pool 7. Almost time for me. It’s Gerjay vs KO Fiend time. Poor poor Grejay. He won’t be able to deal with KO Fiend’s Rushdown Yang…wha what? Gerjay won? GERJAY WON!! booo and then he lost to someone else. And then he lost to KO Fiend in losers finals. But still, great job, typhoon.

-Pool 8 is up. Time for me to play. I win my matches 3-4 straight. I win. I just waited over 8 hours to play for 20 minutes. Oh well, C-Royd Qualifies for 3rd Strike.

-wtf it’s Eddie Lee playing Alpha 2. I fucking hate you Eddie Lee. I’m good in Alpha 2 i’m going to kick you off that machine. 10 quarters later, Eddie is still laughing at me. I hate you eddie lee. At one point, iwas doing really well and then the Alpha 2 machine shut right off. I hate you Eddie Lee.

-oh shit i have a call. brb

nice, Jay is dating a Korean celeb!

C Royd

The reason the first thing out of my mouth was “money match” is because around here when i play people in Tekken 5, no one wants to show their best but instead pick #2 and #3 characters because they dont want to show their stuff, or they dont wanna get owned using their #1’s. only time people will go serious is when cash is on the line.

i didnt think i would win or anything i just knew that you wouldnt mess around with 10 dollars hangin in the balance. of course u owned me and then sanbagged me the rest of the tourney afterwards. was fun.

For the record, i’m not finishing my log. I’ve always hated doing them. I’m instead going to post my game-play analysis. Cuz that’s what I like to talk about. You can find your funny ecc moments from everyone else’s logs. I alreayd posted my funny ones. Except for Matt being a huge fucking idiot. I’ll post that later.

3s Teams

This took place on Friday night. KO Fiend was my partner. Our team name: Team Canada. Yes. Canada. Take note that KO Fiend is a tiny korean dude from New Jersey. Why Team Canada? Well, first of all, I’m C-Royd. He’s on MY team. jk. Basically they asked me for a team name and said “team…Canada?” i’m like “nah KO Fiend isnt even From Team Canada”. So I said “…Team C-Royd is more like it… just kidding. Okay Team Canada is funnier”

-We played a lot of teams. KO Fiend went first for most matches because I am confident enough in him that he can OCV teams. I mean most of the people playing 3s casuals were shit anyway. And honestly, i didn’t want to play. The 3s team tournament started too late and I was genuinely fucking pissed off because of how long I waited. At one point, i said to KO Fiend “You have to OCV this team beause I’m too tired and I don’t want to play”. Thank God he OCV’d the team cuz right after that, I passed out on the dining table for an hour and woke up refreshed. Then it was time for beasting. Well, guess what? there’s no one to beast. Most of the teams in the team tournament were shit. Whatever. We win our way to play Arturo and Eddie Lee. KO Fiend says he can take Arturo but he gets owned up somehow. Couple wrong guesses, probably.

My opinion of KO Fiend vs Arturo (Yang vs Alex) is biased towards Alex. I just fucking love that character. I think Alex should own up everyone in the game, but he doesn’t. Anyway, KO Fiend’s Yang is one of the Rushdown style. I personally don’t think it works well against Alex because one parry results in alex dealing a combo that deals a crazy amount of stun. So eventually, Arturo stunned KO Fiend and beat him. But no worries KO Fiend because you played well and I can’t let you have all the fun in this team tournament.

So now it’s my turn to fight Arturo. I know i’m gonna beat him, but I still can’t underestimate Arturo. So I play it safe till i get meter and then I stunned him and comboed him for the win. It was cake, really. But why? lemmie explain. When I am playing, I take note of every advantage I have: Ryu against Alex, I know that I have faster pokes, I have projectiles, I have [cr short,cr short/cr jab, ex SRK], I can ground cross, i can knock him down with [cr MK, lk hurricane kick] if he’s crouching, he has a shitty anti air, a slow overhead, a huge hitbox, I’ll get Denjin (maybe 2) before he even gets a super, and much more. And then i take into consideration that Arturo loves to mass that ex elbowcharge which I love to parry. That’s why the match was so easy.

bla this is boring to regular shmucks like you, but I love talking about my matches. I cant wait till i get to my match with Eddie Lee

i love reading game analysis…
lookin forward to read about c-royd vs jwong

Alex bestman, wtf, why you gotta make Alex sound so shitty :sad: . Oh, and C-Royd is the best 3s player in America. Get off me C-Royd. :tup:

Anyone have a dreamcast ps2 adapter? I need to use my dreamcast stick on my ps2 system.

It doesn’t exist. Marvin’s been looking for one for as long as I can remember this subject.

nigga what are you talkinga bout i said Alex should beast everyone in the game. But he doesnt cuz he sucks. I told you at ecc that he sucks no matter how cool we think he is

good fucking luck. That shit doesn’t exist.

Marvin vs Eddie Lee: 3s Team Tournament
-Eddie was Arturo’s partner. I was at an automatic disadvantage because I am forced to use the same character throughout the whole tournament (i knew this going into the team tournament but i want to use ryu because my ryu is better than my ken). It’s single match so I have to beat him two rounds and it’s over. Like I did with alex, let’s look at what advantages I have over Chun Li. I’m using Shinku Hadouken (SA1) btw:
-cr short, cr jab, ex srk
-I can mass my ex fireballs if Chun doesn’t have meter
-my kara throw is better than Chun’s
-f+mp will beat out ex bird kick
-jump MP owns chun if she decides to take it to the air
-Chun always loses first round
…that’s about it

okay so I have my work cut out for me. The first round I simply owned eddie up. It wasnt close. Ryu’s cr HK is an amazing tool against Chun Li (better than Ken’s) when he doesn’t have meter because if it’s great speed and reach. I threw Eddie left and right and didnt give him any chance to gain any extra “run away and whiff fierce” meter. So I pretty much played the first round with my best efforts.

The 2nd Round was different. It wasnt absolute ownage but I wasclearly beating Eddie. Eddie is such a solid player that he can link that low MK without problems. There were a few times where he landed the low MK and didn’t super. I sensed a pattern so i walked right up to her low MK range and parried it when he threw it. He decided to super (which is what i wanted) wihch I blocked and then dashed up with a fierce into roundhouse hurricane kick. At tihs point in the game, I am down to less than 1/2 life and eddie is down to literally no health. What finisher am i going to use? My personal favourite is low short into jab fireball because it’s unparriable. He’s dead no matter what. But he has meter. So I’m going to do low LK into ex SRK. If he parries it all, good for him. But Eddie Lee doesn’t multi parry so it’s in the bag

low short
chun li parries low short
chun li does low KM
chun li does super
C-Royd is dead

what happened?!? my ex SRK didn’t come out. Why? Because of the stupid tight ass sticks. I wasn’t having that much of a problem with them in casual play (even though I knew my play on those sticks was problematic for the last xxx hours). So pretty much gave the round away because I knew that I couldn’t execute everything at 100% on those sticks. Stupid me. 3rd round, Eddie beats me because I’ve now got no meter (i think my ex DP came out as an ex fireball) and Chun li has none also. But i’m on tilt so I lost it. Totally wrong way of playing

so let’s play the whole game over again. The first round I owned up. Flawless, i guess. The 2nd round, I choked and it cost me. But why did I let Chun Li take me down to such a low amount of health? Because I was jumping around like an idiot. Sure, I dealt a lot of damage to her because i parried her anti airs without any problems sometimes, and 4 seconds before the endof the match, I had 20x the life that she did, but look how it ended. I still lost.

In 3rd Strike, you’re not supposed to jump around like an idiot (like me). I do it because I parry like a maniac and because i have a good sense of what anti-air my opponent will choose to use. Stay on the ground and zone it out. The only people that NEED to jump are Yun, Yang, and usually Dudley (although I personally think Dudley doesn’t need to jump forward as much as most Dudley players do. But i’m not a Dudley master). Let’s take a look why jumping forward doesn’t work

in a ground to ground game, you can do the following:
dash forward
dash back
jump forward
jump back
tech throw

-I didn’t say “super” because it would be the same as “attack”, or “throw” in some cases (hugo SA1, Raging Demon, etc…) and “parry” (Remy SA3)
-Parry and Block, which many people may consider the same thing in this situation, are two very different things. Only in some other situations are parrying and blocking the ssme thing

now let’s look at what you can do wehn you’re in the air and your opponent is on the ground

Okay does anyone see a flaw with this? When you jump, you can’t block. This means if you’re fighting Ken, moves which you would normally be able to block (and sometimes even punish) and take zero damage like his stand MK, you will be forced to take that damage beause you can’t guard against it. So you’re options are limited to parrying and attacking.

Okay, you parried his stand MK. You can combo him now. You parried one attack so you can deal a multi hit combo. That’s an awesome payout. Right? Of course it is. But what if he doesn’t do stand MK? WHat if he does a stand jab? You can’t punish that after you parry it. Ken can keep jabbing and you have to keep parrying until you hit the ground. You can parry five of those jabs and try to punish it only to get hit by the 6th jab. You just parried five times only to get hit in the end. Great. You’re lucky ken didn’t do three jabs and then eventually do cr short short super, since you’re auto forward parrying.

dont jump.

my match vs justin won in 3s teams is next. To be continued.

Wow Marvin, these are really good to read. Wish my memory was even decent.

“Matt is a fucking idiot”

so we’re driving home from NJ. THis is after the car accident which we had. THe car accident wasnt very comedic except for the conversation
Royd: "do you check your blindspots?"
Darko:“if i did, we wouldnt be in this predicament right now”

But the most hilarious thing about the car ride home isn’t the accident, it isn’t the fact that there were 20+ dead deer at the side of the road, it was Matt’s stupidity after we crossed the canadian/american border

So we get passed the border. I bought two cartons of smokes and Matt bought alcohol and a box of Colts (mini Cigars). Matt and I light one up cuz I never had one before. We’re smoking and smoking and I give the rest to him because I dont want any more. I just dont like the taste of it and the fact that i can’t inhale them just ruins the point.

The window is rolled down a slight bit (because when you roll the window down, it creates a vaccuum and the smoke in the car gets sucked outside. If i were to open the window all the way, it’d be way too loud as we’re driving 140 on the highway and the wind would be annoying. So that’s how i had the windows the whole trip if i was smoking. Matt is pretty much done his cigar and i see him lean towards me. I thought he was gonna kiss me at first and i was highly disappointed when he didn’t do so. Anyway, he looks behind the car and he’s holding the cigar. I thought he was giving it to me but he wasnt looking at me or saying anything. Or i thought he was showing me something. But nope. None of that. AFter about 4 seconds of looking around, gerjay, who is sitting in the front seat, turns around. One second after that, Matt decides to dash the cigar right in the fucking window. Sparks fly everywhere, and the cigar butt is lost somewhere on the ground. I can’t do aynthing but stare blankly at Matt for 5 seconds. After the shock clears, Gerjay and I yell nothing but “WHAT THE FUCK?!” over and over again and the whole car goes crzy with laughter at the skinny white boy for the next two hours.

Matt’s logic, “I thought it was open. The window is so clean”

okay guys, time to ask Matt questions.

-edit: Gerjay was probably yelling “what the Fudge”

without going into strategy, i just wanna say croyd’s ryu is very experienced.


btw- i should just find someone to apologize to before every match lol

i liked our hotel matches better, i don t pick too many characters sorry