Toronto Brawl Results

16 Teams and the tournament lasted atleast 5-6 hours.

1: Team STC (Team STC)
2: Team Girth, Wind, & Fire (Team Girth, Wind, & Fire)
3: Team Discovery Channel (Team Discovery Channel)
4: Team Shoto (Team Shoto)
5: Team Namco (Team Namco)
5: Team PBS (Team PBS)
7: Team Buddha Catastrophe (Team Buddha Catastrophe)
7: Team Sumtinwong (Team Sumtinwong)
9: Team Fried Chicken (Team Fried Chicken)
9: Team Jihad (Team Jihad)
9: Team djAdverb (Team djAdverb)
9: Team Immigrants (Team Immigrants)
13: Team JKD (Team JKD)
13: Team Love Crusaders (Team Love Crusaders)
13: Team SC4 (Team SC4)
13: Team Late As Fuck (Team Late As Fuck)

Comments guys.
Dino was in charge of this tournament so let’s congratulate him for the tourny.

Post up your Tournament experience.


if you could post the players too beside the team name that would be good!

thanks again for everyone coming out!

bleecker does it better!

1st: Wing (sagat) /JS Master (rog) /Arcade Legend (blanka)
2nd: Teddy (sagat) /CQ (rog) /Gerjay (sim)
3rd: MrTrite (honda) /BlitzmanG (rufus) /JayWang (rog)
4th: Hisham (bison) /Anant (abel) /Kymah (gen)
5th: Russel (vega) /? (sagat) /? (cammy)
7th: Noodle (sagat) /YellowS4 (ryu) /Dice01 (rufus)

sorry that’s all i know

more to come later:

Team Late as fuck was Amordien, Proteus/Deathaxiom/Tatenda, and Nguman

Dino has that list. He said he will post that up later.


Me and Anant are kings of freeloading.

i’m pretty sure anant actually won matches.

Most inconsistent performance by myself. Nice meeting everyone both old and new. Also; thanks for the tips Gerjay. GGs to all.

ggs to everyone. Good shit to Team STC for taking this tourny down.

GGs guys. That was my first ever gaming tournament i’ve ever been in and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Thanks to Dino and Russell for organizing the event. Thanks again Dino for choosing to be on my team (I was the floating Gouken player)

just some shout outs

I have to say dis is the best organized team tournament that i’ve joined for a long time. I had alot of fun today and reminded everyone dat STC is always gonna be the best team in SF games :smile:

First i gotta thank my team mates; Arcade Legend + Flightwing, even wen we were down to last match before losing the whole tournament, u guys still had faith dat we were going to win. Making various comebacks and OWNING up sauga felt really nice.

Jay wang: it was nice finally playing u, it was a great experience

Blitzman: Finally beat u dis tourney! learned to out turtle u!

Sauga: better luck next time :smokin:

Kymah: i’ll get revenge next time

Noodlen00b: stop dodging my MMs

finally thanks again to the directors who worked hard to keep dis tournament running and organized.

Great tournament. Thanks to Dinoz and Neo for running it. The DJ was a nice touch. Lots of crazy matches and cool ppl there. Good shit STC. Steak in the morning was the key for the win.

man i thought the trash talking was funny as hell last time, this time it was even better due to the “team” aspect of it.
too bad my brain didnt show up for this tourney at all :frowning:


I called it!!

Adding this guy right now.

And Desi took out my Honda so he wasn’t completely useless guys. He beat the hands down BEST Honda at the tourney

Hey, I won matches and OCV’d a team.

I would have also beat the blitzman except.

“JUMP”. :rofl:

But yeah, major props to Kin for pretty much getting us to 4th place by himself. Gen is fucking ridiculous.

GGs to everyone.

Manila555 would have OCV’ed Team Girth if he knew that backwards throw connected to Ultra. :frowning:

GGs to all. Sorry we didn’t end up using the blurry TV or my TV. Although near the end it wouldn’t have made a difference.

Thanks to Russel for the Laptop, Jay Wang for the TV/PS3, DJkn for PS3, Buffalo for PS3, page and kyper for recording and (uploading) vids. Thanks to Russ/Jaywang fro helping move the brackets and matches Along.

Good shit To Team STC, you guys came and backed up all that smack. Now you guys just gotta go 1-2-3 in Singles!!

Thanks to DJ Adverb for spinning tunes. SF4 music loses its touch after the first few hours…

Thanks Jay Wang for the extra USB you donated. This will come in handy :slight_smile:

And sorry to everyone for being Late and not being able Run singles. You guys REALLY used up those TWO SETS in all WF/LF/GF. Tournament went from 3.5 to 5 hours. What can I say…

Anyways guys the Next one should likely be on June 20th.

Good times! Props to Ian for crazy adaptation and Wing for his godly uppercuts.

Good shit STC. You guys deserved it.

Props to Ian for going nuts in GF, and Wing for being the sickest uppercutter on the face of the earth.

Once Wing learns the engine he’s gonna be really really good at this game.

And props to the Gouken player who almost knocked us out first round.

Thanks Dinoz and Russell for running this shit.

Oh yeah, Wing has the best fucking uppercuts in the world.

Nobody else compares.

Once they become FADC’s into ultras, it’s gg.

GGs to all today.

Ninja Edit - Props to MY TEAM for holding it down in clutch moments. I may talk trash on my team, but I know CQ will never lose a Rog vs. Rog mirror and I know Teddy will never lose… … … if he hits his combos. I’m looking forward to bringing this team back to the next team tourney, you guys better be ready for girth, wind, and fire 2.0!

Biggest props go to Ian, you adapted like MAD during this tourney. Very good stuff. Wing, those tiger uppers were on point today, if only you knew how to connect all of them to ultra I don’t think anybody would be able to touch you. JS… good work talking trash all day? But honestly, gs with rog, only other person to take me out today. I know you picked him specifically aiming to win the team tourney. I owe you 5 dollars.