Top Tier Stigma?

I’m just curious how others feel, cause there seems to be a distinct split.

I’ve always been the type where I play whoever I enjoy or feel I naturally do well with, and for the most part ignore tier listings when deciding who I play. That said however, I have chosen not to play certain characters, knowing full well how the general public views them. i.e. I’ve been less likely to play a top tier character in the past because some looked down on it.

So the poll is simple. Do you let tiers dictate your choice in any way when choosing characters? Or do you play whoever you damn well feel like playing, regardless of the tier listings?

This applies to all games, and by all means, explain your vote if you want.

What brought this on for me is something rather stupid/petty really lol. In Virtua Fighter I recently decided to start playing Jacky. A character often regarded as a higher tiered character, and a rather basic character compared to some others. At first I kinda felt bad about the idea, but friends helped me realize I shouldn’t let tiers dictate who I play. I mean, I knew this, but I still worried people thought I was “selling out” or something to that sort.

At first I cared,but lately not so much.

Irregardless of how good the best guys are,if they can play with Top Tiers to give themselves better chances to win,then I will do the same.

Besides that alot of Tp Tiers are fun to play with

Yeah, I find that to be true a lot of times. Especially in the KoF series.

I use to make it a reason I didn’t select people but nowadays it doesn’t matter to me. I like playing as Tira in SC3 because I enjoy her despite her gawd awful damage. In Tekken 5 I like Anna just cause I’ve liked her since T3. But I wouldn’t choose a top tier thinking that I suddenly got better at the game.

Play to win.

I have a tendancy to sometimes choose the right characters for the wrong reasons. In CvS 2 I choose Hibiki because she is an iaido chick(I like iaido chicks in games) and she seemed innocent to me. I had no clue that she was high tier. I choose Millia in GG because she had the lust shaker(that was before I started trying to play competitivly) also not really knowing that she is high. I dealt with the trash of Isuka because I liked the premise of ABA and I cant wait for Accent Core to drop in the states. I chose Makoto because I thought her sprite was pretty.

The point I’m trying to make is simply to play who you like and deal with their shortcomings and you might just get good with your character and win. No one will make fun of you unless you make excuses for getting beasted.

its always sad to see a newer player in any game limit themselves to a low tier because they think they have some silly honor system or somthing.

everyone has access to the same characters, if you choose to limit yourself don’t bitch about people who don’t :slight_smile:

I don’t care if a character’s top tier, all that matters to me is that they’re solid and can manage in various situations. Well-roundedness is what I like I guess. Characters like this are usually AT LEAST mid it seems, so I tend to end up playing pretty decent characters.

I choose whoever I feel like it, whether I can relate or associate with the character, for fun, sex appeal, or anything in between. I completely ignore the tier list. I then play the heck out of the game. I will eventually check a tier list, to see If my chances of being competative are good with that character. Some characters are just much better than others. So I play to win, but that doesn’t affect my initial decision on characters. For example in MVC2 I like Morrigan, Rogue and Sakura as a team. I don’t think them together are uber tier, but they are my preference, and I will always use them. Its also fun winning with a lower tier char, because it has a sense of accomplishment. Winning with a high tier char, then maybe you can beast them. At least your chances are higher. In the end, pick what you feel is right.

Not so much tier lists, but match-up charts, but since they’re closely related, I will count them as one and the same.

When I’m just fucking around, anything goes, but if I’m actually playing to train and compete (i.e. playing for real), then yeah, I study match-ups and use them to help me choose characters. I like to know that I’m playing characters who can compensate for my natural weaknesses by negating the opponents who give my style the most trouble.

I believe that if you’re going to get serious, then–short of cheating–you should take advantage of all the help you can get. These are competitive games, and competitors don’t hang themselves with a ridiculous set of arbitrary and unnecessary personal restrictions. If you honestly don’t find tiers or match-ups helpful, good for you, but if you refuse to use them because you somehow find it unfair or dishonorable, then have fun losing for no good reason.

i think most people don’t care about the tiers itself, but the way the character actually plays. like… in many cases top tier character have some overpowered properties and abusable gimmicks in their playstyle that makes many match ups linear and the game less fun. so in many cases, i think that’s the reason why people tend to avoid top tiers. they’re not avoiding top tier characters but rather, avoiding stupid characters.

so yea, i will say that tiers do indirectly affect who i play.

I pick whoever fits my style the best. . .which is top tier.

In games that I don’t play seriously (GG, ST, whatever), I pick whoever I want. Although, I tend to stick to characters that are easy to learn.

In games that I (attempt to) play seriously (Marvel), it’s all business. I picked Team Scrub against a 10 year old girl at the arcade once.

I really appreciate your guys’ honesty on this, it’s helping the polls nicely.

Some good points made about how people may not directly think of tiers, but rather matchups or just the tools characters have. Like orka and goodm0urning mentioned.

And awesome answer Mr PH lol…

I’ve always picked characters I feel comfortable with mainly because when I was younger I never really looked up much information on the fighting games I played, I just played them. Even now when I know tier listings, I still go for a character I feel comfortable with; I’d rather play with a character and feel comfortable playing them rather than force myself to play with someone just because they’re top tier.

Who gives a fuck what you choose but it’s nice to know the automatic handicap/advantage you get when choosing a character. I never choose a character thats bottom tier that’s my only restriction.

I play whoever as long as they are fun to play with. Yun is just fun with SA3 that i dont think about tiers, Im just trying to land a hit for a juggle. thats my view on it.

I play to win but at the same time if my style doesnt fit a character I DONT PLAY THEM.

Take for example my team in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum of Tung-Athena…at the beginning they were considered bottom tier…

Now things have changed…

Rofl, funny how that happens. It’s tight to see games evolve though. Like Marvel, or even 3S, when they first came out, tier lists were way crazy compared to now.

I thought that’s how it was supposed to work.

Play to win… with the character you like. Fun is fun, but does anybody really play to lose?