Top Tier causes Guilt?

At least this is true for me. In AE, I felt bad going with Yun or Fei, because I knew they were way too good compared to everyone else. Same thing goes for Ultimate Marvel; I try to stay away from Wesker, Phoenix and the like, and go for the more uncommon characters. In AE, I went with Cody and Balrog. And in Ultimate, I roll Chris/Trish/Deadpool.

And now with 2012 patched in, I’m interested in the twins and Fei again, because they were scaled down and not made so overpowered.

I’m just curious; Do you guys ever feel bad or guilty, for picking characters that you know are top tier or have been proven to be really powerful against nearly the entire cast?

Man up and play who you like, tiers change like seasons.

I’d only feel guilty if I went to the character because they are good, not because I take interest in the character.

Often times the characters I take interest in fall into the lower end of the tier list. I’ve never been fortunate enough to get a high placing character,

Except for Wesker who I really don’t think is OP.

Though Sakura in SSF4 was a turn for something new, but I did that one because I didn’t agree with Makoto getting buffed up like she did.

No. Never.

Tier whore all day err day!

What if I feel like punishing myself?

You can’t get cool points with the top tiers.

Play who you like. Nobody should feel guilty over who works best for them.

Picking a top tier character because he’s top tier and picking a top tier character because you have some sort of liking to them (For example Wesker, you are a big RE fan) are two different things!

Just because a characters top tier doesn’t mean they’re easy to use. For example, you can’t just pick any of the 4 god in MvC2 and expect to win of the bat. It takes tons of dedication, training and experience to actually win with them. You don’t see no nubs doing Sent fly/unfly or Mags ROM on the first day alone - shit takes practice.

That just means you’re not good enough with the top tiers.

I could do AHVB first day. What else is there?

Well, I guess 2 more characters is what else.

Top tier doesn’t cause guilt.

It causes binocular sales, cold hot dogs, and nose bleeds.

Play who you like. Judging by your avatar, you’re a Yang fan; play him and enjoy the character.

I play characters I like. I like MODOK, Firebrand, Magneto, Sentinel, Doctor Doom, and Dormammu. Luckily, only one of those isn’t high tier, but it still doesn’t stop me from playing Mr. Big Head for fun.

I feel the same, I felt bad in all games if characters I liked ended up being top tier and tried to not use them. Even when playing with friends I would avoid my mains. Its more of a bad habit now that I definitely need to break. I try to stick to characters I like and if they end up being high tier or overpowered… so be it. But I might not pick them in casual play.


They say you shouldn’t but a lot of people do. Case in point, apparently at Canada Cup Kazunoko was apologizing to people after bodying them. Though now that I think of it, that might have just been to FChamp because that match was like 13 - -3 in Yun’s favor.

no, and I dont give a shit what people think about top tiers, I fucking hate all scrubs and people who complain about tiers, hope you all die, better yet get a stick and fuck your self with the stick

Fun fact the people who complain most about tiers, arent top players/ suck at the games they complain about the top tiers in.

Apollo Creed probably trained his ass off to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

But who do people root for?

The short, Italian guy that picked up the sport a day ago and chases chickens around.

It doesn’t even matter if you lose, you’re a winner for trying.

Eff that, play to win.

To quote Sirlin (who wrote the book on this).

Some people aren’t born with Sirlin’s level of Yomi.

My yomi levels are low, so I compensate by playing low tiers.

I’ll always have the moral high ground even if I lose.