Top 6 characters from kof 2002?

In all seriousness, the top 6 list I posted was pretty accurate, right?

he has

-rekka move with frame advantage that can easily buffered from anything
-tons of rekka followups
-command grab that you can follow up
-fast ass teleports with no startup and hardly any recovery
-deep hitting jump ins like vega
-invincible super
-a ground move that targets the opponent from any angle and can follow up (sorta like omega red’s burrowing coil)

Yeah Orange, yours was pretty accurate.

Team Asshole-Bitch-Cunt aka ABC is top of course

Then there’s Iori, Vanessa, and then 6th… I guess Chris.

To answer Higher-Jin’s question, Duolon is pretty much a faggot in every way possible. Retarded Teleport, COMPLETELY safe B&B, post-tagin infinite, FULL fucking invincibility on his supers, Crouching B = THE NEW c.Fierce, easy juggles. He even gets a command throw wtf.

O. Yashiro
Chris/O. Chris

Gotta go with OMS’s list as well.

I wouldn’t put Shermie on the top ten. Second tier at best. Try Ramon or Clark, better grapplers overall/in this game from experience and watching vids and others. O.Yashiro isn’t as good as 97/98 either, but with the Armageddon being the best HSDM in the game IMO, he’s scraping the bottom of the top tier/top of the second as well.

Yeah. I thought my list was fairly accurate, and it is. Thanks.
I was sort of thinking that since I haven’t even really touched the game again until recently, which before that was about 9 months ago so I thought that maybe there were some serious changes.

Last time I followed the game, it was debateable about Angel, Vanessa, and Ramon being top tier aswell.

I was thinking that maybe they moved further up, that’s why I wondered if my list was accurate.

And btw, hanz0 has more than likely never seen or played kof 2002 in his/her life.

Its billy athena vanessa angel orochi chris and yuri. After that id put kula yama iori kyo leona and shermie.

Hahahaha, christ.
Another list without Choi, and with Kyo. Will people never learn.

If you want some character analysis, go to Orochinagi. Here in fact.

Fuck choi. And I have seen some mean kyo players.

What exactly makes Orochi Yashiro so powerful? His grabs are pretty good, but I have somewhat of a hard time getting in on people. QCB + P is decent, but can be countered fairly easily (same with HCF + K). Can anyone elaborate on the things that make him respectable?

HSDM. Good damage, good range, can be setup after a throw. Aside from command grabs galore.

Orochinagi is a great forum, but one problem… It’s always a ghost town. Not only that, those posts are nearly 2 years old. It’s too bad that that forum isn’t very active though, I would actually use my account there I got a loong time ago.

Do you have any tournament footage of Kyo just straight dominating? If so, post it and shut everyone up. Until then, he’s still not near top 6 in the slightest. And just cause you fucking hate Choi, you decide not to put him in a tier list, even though he’s one of the best in the entire game?

I’m not even trying to be mean.
Credibility shot, if there was even a target to bullseye in the first place.

I’m not a super player AT ALL. But Choi being at the top is a no brainer, even for the silliest of players. Choi is in just about every tournament vid i’ve seen. Winning.

I appreciate your posts.

i should mention omega red’s coil don’t track the opponent down.

There are just 3 variations of the move, down back, down, and down foward each make the coil come out at a diff distance.

But man that really really sounds gay,

is he st akuma dominating?.. would they ban him or is he not worthy?

It’s true, it’s true. It’s only good for when a new KOF game comes out and uhhh…yeah it’s pretty dead. My guess is it’ll heat up again when NGBC comes out.

Damn, word.

“Choi is ugly, so he’s scrub tier!”

It’s thinking like that that gets people owned. You will fear teh Choi, because he’s a fast little bastard, and he will rape your ass.

Kyo has been weakened, SO much in 2k2 it hurts. It hurts so bad. Kusanagi is even better than him. Sure, a few players may still use him, and get lucky sometimes, because, well, people aren’t used to playing against Kyo again, cause no one uses him anymore. So, he’ll win a round, and then his opponent gets their Athena to just whoop on his candy ass.

Yashiro is just strong. Literally. He HURTS. And O.Yash hurts more, and all his moves are unblockable. Add to that he has a better punch than the Galactica Phantom (:wow:) and he’s just that good.

And does anyone else notice TLK taking over this thread? >.>


it’s vega incarnate!

thanks for the info. I was experimenting with Athena, Choi, and Billy.

To me, it’s pretty damn obvious why Choi and Athena are top tier, but I don’t get Billy just yet. I guess maybe because I’ve yet to see tourney vids to demonstrate how they’re used exactly. Oh well.

where can I get tourney vids from?

Also, what’s the most abuseable move for Billy? What’s his most reliable standing anti air?

fwd+a is his most abusable normal by far, unless you’re a small fuck like Choi…

c.A 4 lyfe.

As for anti-airs, c.C and qcb+P work pretty well. His DMs are also fairly decent to keep people out of the air.

the top 6 are
because she boxes hot fire