Top 6 characters from kof 2002?

top 6 characters from kof 2002?

General consensus is that there is a top 3 of Athena, Billy, and Choi.

if I was to give a next 3, probably Iori, Vanessa, and Kusanagi, but it would be debated.

kula’s definitely in the top 6. maybe chris also.


Billy, Athena, Choi, Shermie, Kim, Iori.

Iori is probably the best, he’s like godlike in 2k2. other top characters are:

athena, billy, choi, yuri, yashiro, chris, vanessa

What I’ve gathered for top 6 is:


That’s based off of other ppl opinion, and tournament footage of characters being used the most… and winning.

top 3:shin rugal,geese(didnt they leave the SvC inf?),& evil kyo :cool:
whats the top 6 for 2k3? beside duo!

Everyone is top tier in this game :pleased:

But it would go like this

1 - Iori
2 - kyo
3 - yamazaki
4 - O. yashiro
5 - Clark
6 - Chris
7 - Shermie
8 - Vice
9 - Mature
10 - Kusanagi
11 - Athena
12 - billy

my personal low tier would probably be May lee & Angel i dont know why but those 2 used to be good in 2001 but in 2002 they suck. also Seth was only good in 2000 hes ok in this one.

Scrub friendly here in Mexico is:

O. Yashiro, RALF, VANESSA. aslo these fuckers where i go at all love to play the cheap ass KOF2002 PLUS with infinite suppers and easy Hidden SUper Desperations moves can be done wiht HALF LIFE. i am sorry to say that all if not all the people here in mexico think they are good, but when reality checks in when they are playing the NORMAL version they get pissed and offended, why cause they got no SkillZ.

las week this one kid was beating down everyone with his O.YAshiro, IORI and RALF, he was playing the PLUS version of the game, i was just watching while playing PUMP IT, they i say to my self, what the heck go challenge him, so i go and challenge him without realizing that it was the PLUS version of the game so the first round i got owned by his cheap ass, reling on IORIS HSDM everytime he got a chance, that pissed me off so much when i saw that, so i calmed down and concentrated, so next round starts and i start ruching his Iori with my IOri he quickly started realizing that my IORI skillz were far more superior that his cause i had him cornered in no time and was doin 25 hit combos on his candy ass, he got very pissed when i beat him, so hes mas and waiting for the next round to start, with O. Yashiro all i can say is that he used O.Yashiros HSDM like more than 12 times in that match just to show you guys that its not even funny playing this cheap gay ass bootleg PLUS version, well as for that Kid he felt like crying cause he realized that he wasnt all that and he was even more pissed cause i did not even use any DMs or SDM on him. :rolleyes:

I wonder if they will ever tone down Iori.

Iori was toned down in 2k3. He’s not top tier in that but still a good character, 2k3 tier list is boring, duolon (duh!!!), benimaru, king, malin, goro, ash

what makes duo lon so top tier?

and on top of that what makes all the people mentioned top tier if you have the time to say so

Omega Rugal
you cant lose, thats top tier for ya.

I don’t even play the game and I can say that a character with a move that launches you plus a quick teleport (not to mention a rekka ken type move with frame advantage) is too cool for school.

Good to see people who know nothing about the game.

Kyo is absolute shit in this game, much less 2nd. Mature is arguably one of the worst in the game. And wow, you say the characters that are hardest to use are the worst. Big surprise there.

And Yamazaki? :yawn: Wow, he has some long arms. Big deal. He’s slow, and Billy’s stick is longer. Yama’s just not very strong in 2k2. He’s fine and good, but Billy and Athena do so much better at ranging than he does.

no fool’s it’s like this


i’ve seen some nasty angel mixup games.

god tier:

Man, people really have to stop listing shitty character “for comedy”. Even worse is listing Kyo, Yamazaki, Kusanagi and Mature with a straight face.

All youre doing is confusing Mr_Anderson. If hes asking, its because hes not sure and wants a serious answer.

I appreciate dasrik’s awnser.

but does duo long have a infinite or something or some kind of insane damage off his launcher or something?

What makes him such a whore?

Is he a Storm whore (too good even though there’s no real glitch/technicality that made him better (Like sf3 ken)

Or a cable whore (technicality/glitch passed by designers and that makes him good) (like A-Sak with roll cancelling and dp guard crushes which prolly weren’t foreseen to be used in that fashion)

He’s a whore in the sense that he’s just ridiculously overpowered as opposed to the rest of the cast, and just such a bitch to deal with. If he gets close to you, which is pretty easy to do, since he has teleport, he basically puts you on defensive the entire time, and he leaves himself very few openings to be attacked. He has ridiculous juggles, basically it all comes down to that damn teleport. It’s too fast, recovers too fast, and is broken as hell.