Top 3 Fighting Games

Hey guys, I’m pretty new to Street Fighter and pretty much any fighting game in terms of playing competitively. I’ve recently gotten into Third Strike because my buddies have also been playing it recently, so we’re always having some friendly competition. Still, I’d like to know what everyone’s top three all-time favourite fighting games are, this way I have a better idea of which fighting games are the next best ones to check out. Not the most original topic, and probably done before, but I searched and couldn’t find one.

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  1. Fatman
  2. Pit fighter
  3. Battle Raper

My personal favorite is Capcom vs SNK 2, don’t really have any others, recommendations include Guilty Gear 2 Accent Core, Third Strike, Street Fighter 2, Marvel vs Capcom, the King of Fighters Series, and Garou mark of the Wolves.

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1.) Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style
2.) Shaq Fu
3.) Virtua Fighter 5

are the fever.

Just don’t ever play Marvel vs Capcom.
It’s like testicular cancer in an arcade cabinet.

The most popular fighting games in America are Third Strike, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Tekken 5.


are my 3 games of choice

If you’re looking for tactical, balanced, strategic play, don’t even bother with MVC :confused:

My personal recommendations are 3rd strike, SF2, KOF 98 DM, and KOF 2002.

Garou MOTW is brilliant also.

hey youre admittedly new to the scene so i wont be too hard on you but maybe you should shut up when you obviously dont know what youre talking about at least until youve attended a tournament

You don’t think that several of the characters have a noticeably large advantage over some of the others? ( I say noticeably as all games are going to have this variation to some degree)

I don’t intend to play MVC at tournament level, at least not in the immediate future.

Yes, in all games there are characters who are much better than others. You proved your own point wrong.

If ur not old as balls, and u can chew gum and walk at the same time, u gotta go with MVC2…


ggxx can be nice until u find out ur nearest comp is like 700 miles away…

vampire saviour is wuts up… ur nearest comp is even farther than ggxx…

where’s the CVS2 love? best game for teaching basics while still giving room to learn crazy technical/advanced execution

what the hell does that have to do with tactics and strategy?

and it doesnt matter that you don’t plan to play MVC at a tournament level, my point is someone with no high-level experience at all in any fighting game isn’t qualified to make judgments regarding what is tactical, strategic and balanced in any fighting game.

I like how all the '08 members posted serious replies to an otherwise mediocre thread, made me lol.

We have any cool '08 members yet?

I’ll let you know after I find a cool 2007 member.

edit: to clarify - stop fucking making these sorts of comments. every year is “SRK’s worst year for new members”

My post was serious?
Wow, here I was fooling and under my nose a huge Shaolin Style and Shaq Fu scene has been brewing, crazy shit.

Also, what’s with the pussing around about Mahvel?
Yes it’s a shitty game with a shitty scene but people still enjoy it and are still good at it.
No need to get your ass in a knot over either side of the spectrum.

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Yes, but it’s to a playable degree.
The presence of a “god” tier in a game is enough for it to be classed as unbalanced in my opinion.