Top 10 Capcom Mistakes

I disagree that the original Live Action SF movie was a mistake. Legend of Chun Li was far worse.

Capcom’s 10 biggest recent mistakes and no mention of DmC?

Too be fair…DmC hasn’t been released yet.

I would rather watch Street Fighter: The Movie than watch two nerdy homosexuals make fun of Street Fighter: The Movie.

I like that they approached it with the “we have no idea what we’re talking about” mentality.

However, you gotta be pretty dumb not to get the whole on-disc DLC thing, I like that Capcom didn’t patronize me by making me download it.

Capcom’s mistake with on disk DLC was having bad foresight. All they had to do was purposefully hold back just a few bits of info to make it seem incomplete when it actually isn’t. For instance if they’d have put Blanka on SFxT sans his electricity animation, or some of the Tekken characters with missing textures they could have given the appearance of incomplete content.

Exactly, it’s only a mistake because of stupid reactionary people. It’s not an actual mistake.

To paraphrase Dave Chappelle: “Damn, Capcom is fucking up!”

The absence of Legend of Chun-Li from that list makes me unhappy, just like the movie itself did. As far as I’m concerned though, the mistreatment of Mega Man should have been number one.

The issue with it is timing. Had the DLC been available within the release month, then it could have been justified as them not wanting to have people download shit. The fact that it was held back for months smells of sucking Sony’s dick too much.

“Releasing fighting games on console first/only” Should be top 5. Just sayin.

Why the fuck are “gamers” so goddamn annoying? I don’t know what’s the biggest joke: the industry or its consumers.

This…it’s not like SFxT is the first game to have on disc DLC, it just got hacked.

See? Those are some much higher marquee titles in there with on Disc DLC…

Just a few in my opinon. Making me buy one game twice in the same year. Making me buy another game three times in a row. SFxT.

No new Gargoyle’s Quest entry.
Or remaster of the 3 entries.
Step up, Capcom

No CVS3… but it takes two to tango… yes im talking about you SNKplaymore!!

No new power stone!!

no marvel update is a pretty big f’ing mistake. killing bionic commando with that reboot is another.

oh and no Monster Hunter in US. and SF4 having shitty hitboxes and shortcut motions.

driving seth away. Thinking it was a good idea to delay SFxT DLC because of the Vita version.

SFxT promoting jab lockdowns and timeouts. Anything Mega Man.

Farming out IPs to random “western” teams.

Forgetting Alpha games were apart of the SF collection and trying to sell some BS overpriced boxed set.

I guess I could keep going…

I forgot all of those disney games were from capcom, I played them all,lol.

Pretty spot on
All the re-hashes and doing what you can for a buck in these economic times instead of delivering quality product to increase repeat customers :(…
I hear they are making a 2-player dragons dog-ma soon… lol
All of it is crap.
The simplification of games.

The only thing I kind of disagree with is the resident evil stuff. Its like they should introduce new characters and make the old ones legends because UNLIKE a DMC or GOW, the characters actually retain knowledge of fighting their enemies, AND get stronger as the series goes on.
-They chould have added them as an unlock to make their status better… dunno.

I thought RE4 handled horror and action pretty well. No desire to play 5 or 6. 6 doesn’t even look like RE anymore.

I honestly think the Van Damme SF movie is a little underrated. it’s cheesy as hell but entertaining and got a few laughs. Legend of Chun Li tried to be realistic but completely fucked up. Though, I did like the guy who played Bison and the punching bag scene. I think it’s because he didn’t look like Bison or displayed anything remotely similar to the character in the games. But he looked more like Geese Howard.

The idea of not putting the characters from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 into Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3