Toon Link (and maybe Link too)

I don’t really have much to contribute yet, but it seems like people say he’s good.

So here’s a thread for him. And maybe for Link too.

Double Arrows learn it!

Can you spike with his dair?
I would assume so because of how quickly he withdrawls his sword, but I never tried it…

Is it just me, or TL just really powerful in general?

With Toon Link, you can do ANYTHING!

Toon Link is so much better than Link it’s almost ridiculous. Metaknight has a lot of combos but TL’s combos kill you. Almost everything about him is good and, the only flaw I can find with him so far is that he’s very light.

I think dair can spike. but if you miss you pretty much fall to your death.

And even that is negated by the floatiness of the game in general and his decent recovery.

can someone explain what dare is sry im noob

**Toon Link Dair Combo **- Check this out!
44% damage in a matter of seconds, ends with a meteror smash straight down (dont think you can DI out of that!?). Also for the third Dair, anybody know how that was done? looks like after the 2nd D-AIR, double jump, fastfall cancel into 3rd D-AIR?


Godly stuff :smokin: He’s definitely gonna be top tier. a ton of people at smashboards / brawlcentral are talking highly of him. Also i heard he has bomb jumping but sadly Link does not. Very, very big dissapointment to a lot of main-linkers… just having that extra option, extra way of recovery (from far away) using bomb jumps was so important. They shouldve left that in… I’ve been maining link ever since SSB64, but it looks this time i’ll be maining him still… but not as much. Toon Link will be the other choice :smokin:

U, D, F, B are just initials for Up, Down, Forward, Back

So UAir means Up attack in the air. Same with DAir, FAir, BAir. In Toon Link’s case, UAir would be that move where Toon Link holds his sword pointing up while jumping.

NeutralAir would be an attack in the air without any direction.

Tilts are attacks you do on the ground where you hold down a direction + A. Its different from a Smash attack where you tap the direction + A.

Someone should make a jargon thread.

And yeah Toon Link is a beast. Definately top tier if not the best character in the game. The fact that you can be both an aggressor and camper is pretty ridiculous.

he’s got decent keep away aswell, bomb throwing while sheilding, you could also throw a bomb while dodging in the first few frames, i don’t know if you get the invincible frames while throwing the bomb, i have not checked that out yet.

Yes, you can spike with Dair. It sends its target straight down if it hits. But if you miss, you die.

I’m finding him a little overated so far. But still good.

Up smash is sick, bair is insane, dair spikes EASILY, down smash is great, n air is alright.

He has good keepaway with shorthopped arrows, rangs and bombs.

The problem with him is that his reach and priority ratio is wack. Meta beats him on the ground, marth destroys him on the ground.
he has to bati IKE imo.

Link is seriously getting overlooked. Nair is just as good as it ever was, f-air was buffed…I like the new spin attack. N-A is really good for interruptions, d-smash is a good ko move.

If you’re trying to combo with Link, you’re not playing him right. Play him like Ike, go for knockback.

I agree. No one has even beat me with Toon Link yet.

:u: Ahem :bluu:

Ok, you have. But it won’t happen again!

Clears throat

If Toon Link camps majority of the game, its very hard to beat him. Its harder to get past his defenses than most characters imo.

His defense isn’t even that great ,but it’s better than some characters. It’s the fact that he has more options than most of the cast. He could be a offensive threat or defensive theat. He can combo into his dair, short hop arrows, attach bombs onto his arrows, or just rush you down. It’s pretty nuts, but he’s not invincible. He can still be killed, it may just take more effort.