Tony Stark's House of Ribs|Combo, Q&A Thread

i feel like i should say some stuff to contribute cause i love ironman.
jump :h: fly :h: unfly :h: is so good for space control. can set up some box dash fly mix ups similar to sentinel.just cause it tri dash is so slow.
smart bomb reset. j :h: fly :l::m::d::h:ad:df: :l::m::d::h::s: land c.:m: blahh blahh. you can take them Lights out for more damage or add a jump loop. i guess its a option select reset.

For the smart bomb reset, you do that sequence right after ending a combo in the corner with OTG Smart Bomb? I’ve been looking for stuff to do besides air throw.

yup works for both front and back techs for neutral tech you have to start with some Ms

Very nice! Thanks.

Anyhow u guys have notations for TAC infinite i saved the above video on Youtube but some help would be nice?

hey can I combo smart bombs, into r.blast, into lvl 3?

What do you guys feel like Iron Man’s best air to air combos are? It seems like you have to convert off one of three air normals, far j.H, close j.H, or j.S, so you need an air to air combo for all of those situations.

Mine are: far j.H ADF j.H xx Fly, j.H, j.dH xx ADDF j.dH xx ADDF j.dH xx Unfly j.H, j.M, j.M, j.dH, j.S, c.M, S air series etc

Close j.H or j.S xx ADDF j.H xx Fly, j.H, j.dH xx ADDF j.dH Unfly j.H, j.M, j.M, j.dH, j.S, c.M, S

You can also do Repulsor Blast instead of a jump loop if you notice they are too high, and cancel that into Iron Avenger or Proton Cannon, or if close to corner, dash, H Smart Bombs and then Hyper.

I think Iron Man’s air to airs are good in the sense that with his limited skill set hitting someone in the air with a big ass air normal is one of the only ways you have to kill them. Air to airs do really good damage, both of the ones I listed do more than your bnb. You can also get that first combo off an air to air Smart Bombs hit although damage will be scaled pretty badly. Magneto and Doom both have better/easier air to air conversions but Iron Man’s are decent. It seems like j.S is the best for stuffing air to air stuff.

can you get into the jump loops in xfc from a normal move hit confirm without using flight? What is a good xfc3 combo from a hitconfirm normal?

sick p. gorath playing some ironman. um xf3 jump loop i do j.:m::d::h::s: land j:m::d::h::s: land c.:m: . i just do 2 jump loops. im more consistent with the fly hit confirm just cause you dont realy need to worry about timing and spacing… its j:m::h: fly :m::d::h: ad:df::m::d::h::s: land c.:m:…i think thats what your talking about?

thank fucking god for this thread


Cool video with cool shit. Maybe add it to the OP?


Duck Strong’s corner throw combo. Its the most damaging one Iron Man can do.

for everyone here, what would make Tone Starks a bit more viable without making him OP in you guys opinion ?

what do you mean like buffs?

yes sir

i would like his ground dash to be better and even make all his Hs kill projectiles like dorms Ms. he still wouldnt be OP.

Iron Man needs an entire laundry list of buffs to be good, but since its been confirmed multiple times there won’t be a patch it something I’d rather not think about. :frowning:

He would need a complete overhaul but a better ground dash would probably be the first thing to get fixed.

Great stuff guys, i think we still need some vids and combos off of his aa repulsar blast. Does he have a combo he can do off of RB when he catches someone that is behind him ( such as a teleported or a cross up)?

adding now.

i’ll work on finding some to add to the op if no one finds any. i know there are some out there right now just gotta dig through some of the crap that’s around here lol

Midscreen Repuslor Blast combo is decent but its not surefire and even when you Spread and can hit the opponent with dash L Smart Bombs, dash c.M, s.H, sometimes launcher will whiff, and you need to be able to eyeball it and cancel s.H into Repulsor Blast xx Spread if its going to whiff.

Cancelling straight into Spread the Proton Cannon or Iron Avenger is your best bet.

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I dont quite understand the combo. You have to dash after you land L smart bombs? Also is there a specific spot that they have to be while you are doing Repulsar Blast so that you can land this more effectively?