Tony Stark's House of Ribs|Combo, Q&A Thread

Keeping it short and simple for those of you who can’t use the search function.

“Warning: Some combo videos/clips may or may not already have input notation.”

Universal Combo/Hit Confirm



“Other” combos and Confirms, including Air-to-Air and Anti-air’s and now XFactor loops






@Duck Strong



@Duck Strong 800k corner throw setup



some more TACs (good, efficient stuff here)





Kusoru infinite (ain’t long at all)



Great combo video featuring practical setups and some good block strings



Incoming Mix-up situations






this is a god-send. thank you

ADDF at the ground, when you land Iron Man will enter a sort of sliding state at which point you delay a repulsar blast for when they are coming in. This is incredibly ambiguous and will either cross up or not, leading to a combo in both cases.

If anyone feels I’m missing anything important, then don’t hesitate to let me know so that I may go and look for whatever it is.

What do you guys think is the most solid Bread n’ Butter for Iron Man? I usually go with Joker’s combo but sometimes launcher whiffs. And when I use Krispy Kream’s combo, characters with fast standing As immediately jab me out of flight cancel and open me up.

The most solid, consistent bnb for iron man is the krispy kream combo. Everyone here worth their salt that uses Ironman will tell you that. Joker’s combo is some good damage but not as consistent as the KK. There’s a thread with some match footage of almost everyone who’s worth a shit. If you’ve got anymore questions bro feel free to ask!

-do the Krispy Kreme bnb and not c.M, S junk
-Unibeam xx Proton Cannon as a blockstring/fullscreen does nothing you will die really fast and badly
-Try to play space control and less shit Magneto
-End all combos with H Smart Bombs OTG before cancelling into hyper, L Smart Smart Bombs OTG is for pickups when hitstun is low (Like after Repulsor Spread or Unibeam into Iron Avenger)
-If you’re cancelling into level 3 wait a lot after a j.S knockdown until the opponent is in hard knockdown before doing H Smart Bomb OTG xx Iron Avenger
-After a big combo into level 3 you can either do a mario kart 7 dash or ADDF and do H Smart Bombs, Proton Cannon for a lotsa damage, a lot of the time H Smart Bombs will get you over a million damage so wait before cancelling! Don’t spend extra meter
-ADD j.H is a good thing to do
-Repulsor Blast is your best move, try to find a way to kill off it or at least reset your positioning
-Iron Man is really bad anyone who says otherwise is a liar

thank you but are you talking about addf with iron man or dorm and calling the r.blast assist. and what is the notation for the kk bnb? because I’m just doing the basic llmsh mmhs combo right now.

and another thing guys, if I hit with r.blast, what combo can I do?

Do what you feel comfortable with that gets result, I myself do the joker combo, Krispy Kreme or Cr.m, Sh-H xx fly L,M,J-H, S, Jm, Jm, Jdh, S … which i found to be more reliable under pressure with about the same damage as Krispy Kreme IMO.

thank you. also a question for any one here, full bleed said iron man is really bad…why is that?

dash up l smart bomb cr.m h s Can work midscreen if you spread while the opponent is behind you and add a dash between the smart bomb and cr.m

r.blast xx hyber does a lot of damage about 400k or more / don’t spread unless in corner or whiff repulsar
r.blast xx sm launcher …
I don’t think iron man is bad but its hard work to use until you learn his SH xx repulsar not beam, box dash m, h, (all focus shot) JH F, Cr.L, [S]quick BDD and vertical[/S] for light or crouching attack, S is actually a good anti-air but i will not recommend it can beat wolverine dive kick or trade also box dash m m against armour characters hulk is tricky though.
A good trick I usually do and open up 70-90% player is L air smart bomb ADDF Cr.l and there is a lot of tricks but I will stfu now because I know I will get slay by the other members I can see them shaking their heads lol.

Again do what you feel comfortable with that gets result.

You can do Repulsor Blast xx Spread, Dash L Smart Bombs, c.M, (s.H) S but its kind of inconsistent. Fortunately, its easy to see if the launcher is going to whiff and you can just do c.M, s.H xx L Repulsor Blast xx Spread xx Proton Cannon. Near the corner this is guaranteed. Spread xx Proton Cannon or Iron Avenger are your best options. Linking normals off RB is inconsistent and not worth it.

what’s box dash? Jh f ?

Also air unibeam to keep opponent grounded for ADDF Cr.l or dash forward for air normals or dash back down with unibeam
iron man as JH-UF, JH-F or B, Jh-D
Nova box dash all day
Another good zoning tool C H because it can be cancelled to any specials

Well for the most part he’s bad now for several reasons;

  1. Sluggish air dash movement
  2. Combos have been limited somewhat from vanilla
  3. Poor start up on PC

oh ok I see. I also must ask my main goal with iron man should be what besides the incoming r.blast gimmick lol? also anyone care to explain certain notations? such as what it is to box dash, JH-UF, JH-F , Jh-D?