TONIGHT! Nov 1st SCR SSF4 5on5 Team Qualifier

There will be a Norcal vs Socal 5on5 exhibition for SSF4 taking place at both SCR and NCR. SCR will take place first on Nov 6th weekend. SoCal Regionals

The winning side will take home a championship trophy that will be up for grabs again at NCR 2 weeks later on Nov 20th weekend. NorCal Regionals

Like a returning championship belt, this will hopefully be the first of many more events where the trophy is up for grabs.

I will be overseeing the Norcal team selection for both events. I’ll post up later separately regarding NCR selection. This thread is specifically for the SCR event.


The team quals for SCR will now take place in at Hiro’s pad in East Bay on Mon night Nov 1st. If you are attending SCR and trying out for Norcal team, PM me for address and to confirm your attendance. If you do not PM me and confirm by Saturday Oct 30th, you will not be allowed to join.

Format is round robin 2of3 game sets. Character lock in effect. Maximum of 20 players can enter. Ricky Ortiz is now given auto spot. So top 4 will earn the right to be on the team. Cost is $2 to enter, all of the pot goes to the house for hosting the event.

NCR Quals will be held at the NCR venue on Friday night, Nov 19th. I’ll follow up with details after SCR.

i’m going and i’m only interested if there isn’t some financial mumbo jumbo like there were for the other event. :wink:

I’m only in if the “funny business” is in my favor. :smiley:

I should be attending and want to try and qualify.

There will be no financial gain from qualifying on the team. I’m leaning towards making it $1 entry with all the proceeds going to the venue. So hopefully this eliminates any funny business. Just good fun and Norcal pride.

Dizz and anybody else: As noted, I won’t register you unless you are going 100% and want to try out.

Put me up = )
Vincent Bettex
Eastbay ( brentwood )

Wow, i wonder why more NorCal players haven’t posted yet, SCR is right around the corner :sweat:

… just pick a team don’t need bums in the team
Bring on the flame I need more drama haters

i like how you cried on stream btw

i like how you cried on stream btw

Please stay on topic.

I’ve updated the list with names that communicated to me their intention to join through other means.

North Bay

why you hating on me john. i’m in.

i could compete but at the moment im not 100% sure if i can even go to SCR

hell, i’ll enter, why the hell not. I’m already set to go to SCR anyways.


I’m going to SCR.


Put me in coach!

fresno snubbed from this one as well?

Fresno is kind of on borderline but as stated, if your normal training grounds is Norcal, you may try out.

Note that due to popular request, the quals may be held at the Keystone event at San Jose Bar and Grill this Saturday the 23rd. It appears most of the team hopefuls will be attending that event. I spoke to Albert and received his blessing to host the qualifiers there. With the competitors present and plenty of setups to use, this should be a great opportunity to run it.

I’ll finalize by tomorrow Wednesday and post up.